The Plague Doctor Saves Earth From Aliens!

The Plague Doctor, aka Dr. Darius “Death” Maximilian, is a notorious supernatural criminal who works to spread disease around the world. His dream is to see the planet pounded into a paranormal pandemic! His endgame is to shape this reality in his sick image that includes him being the God of a new monstrous race of microbes, viruses, and bacteria in a sapient humanoid form! We now know that sometime in mid-July 2019 he sort of got his wish. However, wishes that seem too good to be true can often turn out to be unexpected nightmares.

Earth Gets Its First Visit From Intelligent Virus Based Extraterrestrials

While sacrificing disease-ridden humans to his God Pestilence, one of the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, the Plague Doctor accidentally aided in the opening of a portal to a perplexing planet in the Triangulum Galaxy. Aliens from that world were experimenting with the folding of space-time in conjunction with a location mechanism that sought out conscious life in the Universe. It’s plausible they would have eventually found Earth but in this case, they sensed the dark supernatural presence of a sick puppy who literally loves deadly microbes. Not surprising for a guy who can never be affected by any disease and is instead the ultimate asymptomatic carrier. The dastardly Doctor’s microbial love was important because the extraterrestrials in question were a species of humanoid viruses from a planet ripe with animals directly evolved from viruses, bacteria, and other macabre microbes.

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The Plague Doctor Attempts To Make Peace With His Dream Aliens

The viral aliens had never seen anything like humans before. Despite their grotesque appearance the Plague Doctor removed his iconic bird’s beak mask and greeted them with a warm smile. His right-hand woman Typhoid Mary smiled nervously and put forth a brave greeting. Mary might not be as far into the Plague Doctor’s vision as she once thought? The Doctors normally malevolent minions tried not to let their trepidation show as they stood among the human sacrifices. The Plague Doctor sensed fear among his people and tried to assure them they were all among friends. As he was a master of Disease Manipulation, aka Virokinesis, he was able to communicate and calm the virus aliens natural aggression. Their instinct was to devour or assimilate all life into its viral form. The Doctor offered them his sacrifices for dinner. It was a most horrifying vision as the alien slurped up the dead humans. Some of the Doctors minions were said to have puked thus embarrassing him. He then offered them up for assimilation.

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Doctor Death And His Dark Denizens Ironically Attempt To Save Earth

The Plague Doctor quickly realized his paranormal powers of disease weren’t enough to control their intelligent minds. They began quickly multiplying as he sensed their intent to take over the planet. Something that could have easily happened within days due to their rapid exponential growth and assimilation of all life! His Lord Pestilence telepathically commanded him to stop these abominations and their interference of Armageddon prophesy. Doctor Death hesitated a bit as this was his dream. Once they made a move on his dark love Typhoid Mary he sprang into action! He might not have much control of their minds but his virus manipulation could wreak some havoc on their disgusting bodies!

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The Asymptomatically Diseased Body Of The Plague Doctor Eradicates The Virus ET’s

The Plague Doctor used his unique psychokinetic abilities amid supernatural strength, speed, and agility to battle these bastards! As his eyes glowed with a toxic brown color, he yelled to Mary and his minions to enter the portal to find the device that created it. They would need to destroy it and get back through it somehow. They all donned their biowarfare masks and entered an alien world over 2 million light-years away in an instant! The Doctor went against every fiber of his being and systematically killed the alarming aliens. As he committed what he believed were heinous acts he felt sorrow for the loss of the beautiful blasphemous behemoths. The final horde of the virus ET’s pounced on the Plague master all at once and began to assimilate him. Upon doing so they ingested virtually every disease that has existed on this Earth since the immortal Doctors birth in 1313. The viral extraterrestrials were ironically overwhelmed by Earth’s finest viruses and other diseases. They promptly perished!

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The Paranormal Portal To A Hell World Is Closed By The Plague Doctor Cult

Doctor Death raced to the portal and stepped foot on to the most hellish looking planet ever. To him, it was a vision of perfection that made a tear stream from his eye. All animal life was monstrous macro microbes and the plants were mostly fungi and algae based. A rotten stink hung in the putrid air as their sun shined down through green skies. Typhoid Mary ran toward the Doctor screaming, “Help! They’re after us!” The chaotic couple embraced as she declared explosives were about to destroy the portal creation device. His minions were bellowing for help as an epidemic of virus aliens was chasing them. The Doctor and Mary came back to Earth along with a few minions before the portal collapsed trapping the rest in a living nightmare! All data about Earth’s location was eradicated with the destruction of the space-time warping device. Amazingly the Plague Doctor is a hero and Earth’s savior in this one isolated instance. Oh, the humanity!

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We Salute A Former Plague Doctor Cult Member For Finding Salvation!

This story came to us courtesy of a former Plague Doctor Cult member who was shaken from her misguided path by this horrifying incident. She informed Mystic Investigations that the Plague Doctor saved the alien corpses and is using them in his experiments to create the perfect pandemic disease! He’s also studying them to make his dream of humanoid viruses become a reality on Earth. Monsters he has 100% control over! Pray this never comes to pass!

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