What Are Zombies?

ZombiesZombies are former humans who have become members of the living dead courtesy of the notorious zombie virus! They are mindless cannibalistic killing machines without a human soul. Naturally this frees the former human soul that inhabited the body from any moral repercussions of the zombies murderous actions! Zombies are merely rotting human corpses with just an inkling of instinct to drive their horrifying existence onward. Like vampires they are composed out of a unique type of paranormal cancer like cell which is the main reason for their immortality, or rather their potential immortality since their flesh decays to nothing in a matter of years. In the case of zombies their cells are closer to actual human cancer which causes cellular necrosis. This makes their biological structures unstable as opposed to a vampire’s stable cell matrix. Both supernatural beings are powered by a virus. In the cases of vampires they require blood to quell the viruses negative effects while zombies require fresh human flesh! The virus then rewards them with a surge of metaphysical energy when properly fueled. Read The Rest Of The Horrifying Story On Our Main Website…

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    • The Zombie Virus makes their cells something similar to cancer. As you may know human cancer cells are immortal. So zombies would be immortal if not for their simultaneous rotting flesh. A process that can be halted for years as long as they feed the zombie virus with human flesh. In addition powerful practitioners of magic have fueled the zombie virus with paranormal energies permanently halting their necrosis.

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