Devil Ousted From Hell In First Battle Of Armageddon!


Devil LoserOn the night of Halloween Eve a group of nefarious supernatural figures, including sorcerers, witches, warlocks, vampires, werewolves, zombies, and other entities of evil, with allegiances to the Devil gathered at the infamous Devil’s Pentagram near Tobol, Kazakhstan to perform an unholy ritual.  A ritual to resurrect the Devil in a pure Demonic biological form so that he could directly father the prophesied Anti-Christ with a specially chosen mother.  We had naturally assumed it would be a dark witch but in a shocking turn of events it was the mysterious Halloween Hybrid.  The only known Angel-Demon Hybrid who rules Halloween behind the scenes keeping a fair balance between good, and evil on All Hallows Eve.  In an extensive plan that took place over decades the Devil himself orchestrated the kidnapping of what we now know to be the female leader of Halloween who is named Shala.  Her abduction is what disrupted the Spirit Of Halloween, and made the joyous celebrations in some areas in the world seem lackluster.  Our investigation revealed it took several of the Devil’s Earthly magical minions, and a great deal of dastardly deception to capture Shala. Deception that included infiltrating the secret inter-dimensional Halloween haven of Shala.  This Halloween Island is slightly out of phase with this reality that’s in a constant state of nocturnal Autumn.  A place constantly teaming with gleeful trick o treating ghost children, and scary, yet harmless, paranormal entities as well.  Some kids who haven’t crossed into Heaven yet, and others who cross back to trick o treat.  Unfortunately it was a demonic minion, most likely the Anti-Claus, that kidnapped Shala after avoiding both Angels, and Demons for many centuries since both see her as an abomination.  Although the Devil wanted her powerful genes contributed to his Earthly son the Anti-Christ.

The Mystic Investigations team, along with almost 500 other paranormal professionals, and practitioners of magic, arrived at the dark ceremony as it was commencing.   The masters of ceremony were a Sorcerer now identified as Brimstone, a one time apprentice of the notorious Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo, and the Sorceress Aurorafax.  Then the Sorcerer Brimstone bellowed forth,”You pathetic fools are no match for the dark master! You have chosen the wrong side! Darkness will prevail, and the Universe will be ours! Pater nocti voco. Praesidio satanica pallium.” At that point an eerie green fog rose from the ground accompanied by the oddest guttural sound ever heard.  As the fog was magically cleared by the surrounding forces of good the entire ritual site, including the participants, torches, stage,  and alter had vanished.  This included the 13 hand picked human sacrifices that would begin to open a porthole to Hell.  Generally Angels actively stop Demons from rising directly from Hell into a biological form while taking a non-intervention stance on a plethora of other issues.  However it seems the forces of evil had enough mojo to avert them, or they were told to stand down by God for whatever reason.  Such resurrections also take an amazing amount of dark energy.  Energy that was directed to the Pentagram site by simultaneous dark magical rituals that took place around the world on Halloween morning.  This is why the usual horrors of Halloween were much less this year.

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The greatest Sorcerer known to fight against evil, Ian McTavish, lead the charge to neutralize what turned out to be a cloaking spell as the Halloween witching hour approached.  He organized the practitioners of white magic in the drawing of a Wicca Pentagram over the Devil’s Pentagram not only to break the spell but to disturb the ceremony in general.  Despite the best efforts of the magnificent men, and women of the supernatural community the dark magic was extremely unbreakable. At that point Saint Nicholas, aka Santa Claus, the Angel-Human Hybrid leader of goodness on Earth, appeared from a teleportation field.  The Great Claus lets the Spirit Of Christmas do the holiday gift giving via family, and friends while he directly rewards those of us in the supernatural community for our heroism in the face of evil. He channeled his own Angelic energy with that of sympathetic Angels invisibly on the scene who don’t agree with Heavens usual non-interventionism policies when it comes to Humans.  Some white witches practicing Enochian Angel Magic worked with Santa, Ian McTavish, our very own white witch Rebecca Abernathy, and other fine Sorcerers, Wizards, and Witches to finally cause the dark ritual site to reappear.  Although we later realized that we phased into their cloaked sphere where time moved differently which accounted for over three days passing in the course of a three hour battle. The Sorcerer Brimstone was quite angered as he, and Aurorafax were about to sacrifice the first human victim with a black knife made of Obsidian that came from an Underworld Hell fire lava flows.  Santa then screamed,”Nooooooo!”, and shot some type of mystical white energy, imbued with what appeared to be tiny crystal snow flakes, from his hands knocking Brimstone on his rank rear.  That’s when all hell broke loose, and all manner of iridescent sparkling rays of light volleyed about in this historic magical battle.  Those without mystical powers got in on the action as well which included a number of ninja commandos clad in black garb with Satanic symbols on it.  There were also plenty of vampires, rabid werewolves, zombies, and other ferocious figures.

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The Great Claus immediately whisked the innocent human sacrifices away into his holy portal, powered by the Star Of Anti-ClausBethlehem, that went directly to his North Pole Village.  As he was closing it a mysterious figure stepped from the shadows, and skewered Santa through his back into his holy heart with an unidentified flaming sword.  The material is unknown but the flames were unholy in nature lit ablaze with unholy oil.  The one wielding this deadly weapon was Santa’s evil twin brother the Anti-Claus who was last seen trapped in the Underworld.  The Anti-Claus has always been a Devil worshiper, and is the only one who ever vanquished Santa several centuries ago.  Thankfully Saint Nick was resurrected back then.  Mystic Investigations Xavier Remington wielding the Sword Of Judgement let forth a battle cry as he came at the Anti-Claus which forced him to remove the flaming sword from Santa’s heart.  Santa was clearly weakened, and stumbled into his porthole which promptly closed.  Remington, a human, valiantly engaged in an epic sword fight with the Demi-Demon Claus but the supernatural being was quite powerful.  Thankfully another Mystic Investigations associate, the vampire Drake Alexander, entered the fray with his own Sword Of Dagon.  Both Drake, and Xavier’s swords were destined to be acquired to avert the 2012 Winter Solstice disaster.  Both men simultaneously defeated the Anti-Claus with extreme prejudice as the part human demonic entity spilled blood, and stumbled over to a gold Satanic seal in front of the altar where Shala was tied up.  She had been covered in a purple cloth but it was pulled away by someone.  The Anti-Claus fell near the seal, and mumbled,”My blood, and the blood of my brother for you my dark Lord!”  Apparently he had some of Santa’s blood on his hands as well. An unholy violet light began to come from the seal.  Drake, and Xavier quickly pushed the Dark Claus from the stage the altar was on but it was too late.  The ritual of Devilish resurrection was underway.  The men attempted to free Shala but were quickly outnumber by a hoard of zombies and werewolves.

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Mystic Investigations Rebecca Abernathy, and her mentor Sorcerer Ian McTavish were the closest to her as they fought past the hoards of evil minions with their powerful magic.  Unfortunately Brimstone came from behind Shala, and beheaded her as a sacrifice.  Her blood upon the unholy seal caused flames to erupt from it along with an indescribable plethora of shrill screams, and diabolical laughter happening simultaneously.   At that point Shala’s head popped back on her head, and she was totally healed.  It seems an Angel-Demon Hybrid has self-resurrection powers.  She struggled to free herself from her magical binds as Brimstone engaged Rebecca, and Ian in a magical fight.  He was seriously juiced up from dark magic directed at the Devil’s Pentagram from around the world.  Suddenly what appeared to be a small nuclear explosive mushroom cloud knocked everyone to the group as the Devil rose from the seal thanks to the blood of a Demi-Demon, a Demi-Angel, and a Demon-Angel Hybrid.  Could this have been the plan all along?  To lure three special supernatural entities to one location?

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Nuclear DevilThe Devil was a dark crimson entity with flaming orange eyes, and large horns coming out of his head.  He looked reptile like as he waved his hand over the entire battlefield, and roared,”I your Dark Lord command you to cease hostilities, and bow before me!” He then turned to wink at Shala, and said,”I’ll get to you later my dear.”  She looked clearly disgusted.  Some form of magical dampening field cut off everyone’s magic as the denizens of darkness bowed before their dark master.  Some of the human paranormal professionals were forced to the ground by his sheer will while most of the magically gifted remained standing.  Ian McTavish walked over to the 9 foot tall Devil, and said,”I will never bow before your despicable darkness you son of a bitch!”  The Devil then screamed in a rage,”You insolent little insignificant twit!”  He then shot an unholy violet colored light from his hand as Ian who in kind shot blue energy from both of his hands.  Rebecca Abernathy, and the other practitioners of magic joined in.  It’s assumed that the Angels present lent their energy to unbind magical powers. The Devil’s minions wanted to help but he was determined to defeat everyone on site by himself.  Several dozens of various colored magical rays directed at the Devil never reached him as his violet ray held all back.  However he began raising his other hand to intensify his deadly demon rays which then turned a blood red.  His dark energy was pushing back everyone’s power as he laughed with a sinister delight.  Just as it appeared the Devil was about to defeat everyone a demon defector from Hell named Dagon now inhabiting the body of the vampire Meistiensos, vampire grandfather of Drake Alexander, shows up holding Drake’s sword which was originally his in ancient times when he posed a Babylonian God.  It seems he worked out a deal to channel the energies of some of the Earthly Gods through his sword.  He the yells,”Go back to Hell you sickening pile of refuse!”  Dagon then lifts his sword in front of the Devils ray while the other rays from the forces of good go around him, and almost hit the Devil yet are stopped by some manner of dark force field.

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The Devil clearly looked slightly worried, and ordered his minions to commence full attack.  The Fireworks of unholy battle exploded across the Devil’s Pentagram, and even into dark skies above.  The Devil concentrated all this energy on Dagon while he straining to keep his mystical demonic godly energies at bay.  After several minutes he growled like a demonic dinosaur, and spewed forth a unholy ultra burst of energy, that was pitch black in color, sending Dagon flying into the ground to form a long ditch across the Pentagram grounds. Unfortunately for the weakened Devil he didn’t notice the most powerful Sorcerer on Earth, the extremely evil yet independent Dimitri Diablo, who briefly ousted the Devil from Hell in the summer of 2012.  At that time he turned the Devil over to the Jinn who loath him.  During that time he reigned over Hell as he looked to completely overhaul the entire Underworld regime.  Diablo has made it no secret that he wishes to single handedly take over not only Hell but the entire Universe with his master plan to possess the mind of God.  Since the Devil re-took his throne in the bowels of Hell Diablo has been amassing power in parallel Universes, and even Multiverses by possessing his parallel selves in those Universes.  The Devil turned to see Diablo right next to him, and hellish fright went across his reptilian face as Dimitri smugly said,”I want my throne back bitch!”  He instantly released some mega burst of green energy that engulfed both evil entities in the shape of the infinity symbol.  The Devil began screaming like a baby,”Noooooooo!”  Diablo grinned with glee, and began laughing maniacally.  He then bellowed,”Oh yes you overrated piece of sulfur smelling crap! I’m going to piggy back on your dark soul, and reclaim what is rightfully mine you bastard!”  The Devil struggled under what was some type of amazing binding, and transference spell.  Diablo’s  apprentice Brimstone sneaked up behind him with the obsidian dagger but Shala broke free from her binds, and totally turned him to ashes with a magical orange hued energy burst of her own.  Diablo turned to her, and said,”Thank you sweetheart!  Once I reign over Hell the bounty on your head will be rescinded!”  Shala then said,”Use my power to end his disruptive influence upon the Earth!”  She then placed her hands upon Diablo’s shoulders, and the Devil screamed,”You’ll all pay for this!  I will have my revenge on you if it’s the last thing I….”

Diablo vanished in a flash of flaming red light as Shala was knocked off the stage, and the Devil surrounded by a cloud of black flaming smoke as he fell to the stage before the unholy altar. Diablo reappeared in a flash of flames demanding the battle end.  Everyone stopped, and stared as he declared, “I am the undisputed King Of Hell.  All those with allegiance to the Devil will now worship me or face my wrath.  Those who fight on the side of good best stay out of my way as I begin the process of consolidating power for my eventual rise to the Heavenly throne of the Omniverse God.  Leave me alone, and I will leave you in peace.  I now have some unruly demons to discipline.  Ah yes the Devil.  We can’t have him roaming the Earth looking like such a silly freak can we?”  He then shot an energy beam at the black cloud of flaming smoke around the Devil, and it cleared to reveal a human looking male with flaming orange eyes.  Diablo then said,”Enjoy your new life on Earth as a pathetic little human!”  His maniacal laugh then traveled across the large field as he teleported back to Hell in a ball of unholy fire.  The Devil then looked at the crowd as if he was about to cry as he uttered a silent,”Oh sh*t!”  Ian McTavish then shouted,”Vanquish the Devil!  We’ll never have a better chance!  This can all end tonight!”  The visibly shaken Devils minions did nothing as everyone converged on the roughly 6′ 2″ tall man with black hair, and a muscular build.  It’s been suggested the Devil is now at least a demi-demon since the fallen Anti-Claus’s DNA was probably used to give him his current form.  It’s also interesting that the Dark Claus’s body disappeared as the Devils new body reappeared. Certainly he wasn’t a human since he had the power to shoot off a blinding light burst, and fly high into the clouds above.  Some who had flight ability, including the Sorcerer Ian McTavish, and Mystic Investigations Rebecca Abernathy, went after him but never found him.  At this time the Devil is loose on Earth!  He is considered magically armed, and beyond dangerous! Word from above is that Angel bounty hunters have been given the go ahead to take him into Heavenly custody if they can.

Most paranormal professionals, including top psychic, seers, and mystics, agree that this was the opening battle in the Halloween Hybridgreater war of Armageddon.  The Satanic seal opened by the blood of three angelic demonic entities with human mixed in was the first Armageddon seal broken.  Thankfully loss of life, and injuries were at a minimum as many malicious minions were locked away in mystical locations around the globe, or stripped of their powers.  Despite not preventing the resurrection of the Devil he has been ousted from power, and was unable to father the Anti-Christ which requires special mystical conditions.  Santa Claus is in fair condition, and resting from his injuries.  He’s expected to make a full recovery long before Christmas.  Meistiensos is back to being in control of his mind after the Devil shot Dagon from his body.  It’s thought that the demon Dagon is now in the Underworld which is a purgatory of sorts for dark paranormal beings.  It also seems that the King of the vampire kingdom Dagan, no relation to Dagon, and his Prince Dracula were coincidentally delayed from arriving by Drake Alexanders vampire mother Duanna Sargon a Princess in the vampire kingdom.  The Sorceress Aurorafax managed to escape.  No addition word has been heard from the new King Of Hell Dimitri Diablo.  Several curious, and mesmerized people on both the sides of good, and evil approached the Halloween Hybrid Shala who got up after the Devil flew away.  She stopped any further fighting from ensuing, and exclaimed,”This battle is done my friends.  Lets now work to restore balance to the supernatural world.  I wish no harm to come upon anyone, and I hope that the forces of Heaven, and Hell will cease their centuries old pursuit of me.  My name is Shala, and Halloween is my domain.  I will hide from you no longer.  I now leave you in peace.”  Mystic Investigations attempted to speak with her but she disappeared in a flash of bright silver light.  Thankfully our gifted psychic Julia Hathaway was able to gleam some facts from her mind which aided in the writing of this article.  The entire Mystic Investigations team is now back at home in Woodland Springs, Colorado resting from their minor injuries, and the power drain of the most epic battle seen thus far on Earth!

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