December 7, 2022

7 thoughts on “Does The Illuminati Exist?

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  2. I know the scales of Good & Evil has been tipping more and more towards Evil. It’s in our lives everywhere we look! From commercials, to cartoons etc. I wonder if there will ever be peace or a happy medium between Good & Evil. Simply can’t have one without the other. As our great sun sets,.. the power of the moon rises. Pulling the tides throughout time. We need both to co- exist! How long will it take for everyone on both sides to realize we can never have one without the other.

  3. Replace Illuminati with “The Market”
    And replace New World Order with Old World Order.
    “The Market” is behind everything that ‘Conspiracy Theories’ talks about not the Illuminati, most conspiracy theories are a facade of lies, the market has taken advantage of them particularly the ones that say they are from CIA secret documents stating that martial law is coming in a month on someday then the editor who posted it says to go out and by as much food and get out the country before its to late, those help the markets profits. It’s quite obvious most conspiracy theories are fake.

    Read “The God Game” by Mike Hockney. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

    1. “The Market” sounds like the corporatist level of the Illuminati. They are the plutocracy that plays chess with the world. The Corporatist economy, and political system are the means by which they can control things by owning stock in various corporations. Corporations that infest the governments, control the markets courtesy of the governments, and control the media on all levels. Corporatism is a corrupt form of Capitalism called Crony Capitalism. The agenda of the Illuminati can be seen in corporations that will mysteriously give up profits to forge forth to shape the social culture through corporatism. Usually an insane liberal agenda. These corporations also do the Illuminati’s bidding when it comes to their plans for reducing the population through genetically modified foods, chemicals in foods, and the toxic allopathic prescription drug medical system with dangerous vaccines. All of which are to sterilize, dumb down, and kill the populace.

      Since the Illuminati is so well insulated some people will only see “The Market” rather than the real puppet masters pulling the strings. The royalty, international bankers, and top .0001% billionaires. Or it’s just more propaganda to take the spotlight away from the Illuminati who could easily be arrested, tried for crimes against humanity, and executed thereby cutting the head of the New World Order beast.

      What is the Old World Order? What we call the New World Order is made up of the same royalty that’s been enslaving humankind since the dawn of civilization. The same people who see themselves as Gods who look upon the common man, and woman with disdain as their slaves. Elite scum who would love to eradicate the entire populace if they could so only their bloodlines will inherit the Earth. With the advent of robotic technologies they will no longer need a slave class, and they can go ahead with their diabolical de-population plans full steam ahead!

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