Can Families, Homes, Businesses, And Governments Form Spirits?

The Human Collective Consciousness is inadvertently responsible for a great many things including the formation of sub-conscious like spirits. These are mainly non-sapient spirits such as the Spirit Of Christmas and other Holiday Spirits. The metaphysical and non-corporeal energies of intelligent beings often coalesce into a plethora of perplexing patterns for various reasons. This forms a spontaneous spirit created by us the unknowing programmers. Often when concentrating on things we have in common. This especially makes sense in the case of families who share a long lineage of genes vibrating in the same general frequency range.

The Family Spirit

Individual families living under one roof can form a spirit that binds them together metaphysically. In turn, their relatives both living and deceased throughout history do the same creating many levels of Family Spirits. Ultimately this creates a grand Human Collective Consciousness that stretches back to the origin of our species. This even includes the pets who reside with us. These Spirits create an unseen connection and may allow one to feel when another person in their family is in danger. It also creates a communications and tracking conduit in the higher dimensional Heavenly afterlife where physical appearance is no longer a factor.

The Power Of A Families Spirit

These Family Spirits provide a certain level of protection against the forces of darkness. This is why we don’t see millions of haunted houses nor widespread invasion of homes by criminal elements. However, these spirits can be twisted by dark magicians in the process of perpetuating diabolical family curses passed down to each successive generation. Probably the most famous of Family Curses is the Kennedy Curse. In addition, one especially evil relative can taint their families spirit for centuries until an exceptionally good individual cleanses it. Most famously would be the Hitler clan. It’s said Adolph’s evil was so strong that it pre-cursed his family hundreds of years in the past thereby doubly cursing him!

Groups Spirits And Magic

As mentioned above, Practitioners Of Magic may utilize spirits in their mystical arts. Whether in service of their families, friends, and covens who all form their own supernatural spirits. These spirits are also used in various spells including protection of individuals and homes. This also includes Sealing Spells. In some cases, marvelous magic has actually given these spirits life as self-aware Gods or Goddesses! Although, this usually goes wrong as the metaphysical experiment quickly turns chaotic and eventually self-destructs due to being so directly beholden to a limited number of human minds. Some nature deities have been created in this way but it requires an enormous group of people to believe in said entity to ensure permanent stability.

The Spirits Of Buildings And Businesses

Homes and buildings may find their structures imbued with the spirit of a family or multiple families. The residents of apartment buildings and other types of shared housing form a spiritual entity as well. Every building, in fact, has a collective spirit attached to it based on those who have lived and worked there. Unless these people are really friendly with each other the spirit remains with the building’s walls rather than becoming a family like spirit free in the world. Businesses can also form a spirit that generally sticks with the building it’s housed in. Large corporations with multiple locations and a multitude of employees may develop a free-ranging spirit. This spirit may account for financial success to some extent. Especially when it grows exponentially due to mass media awareness amid the human collective consciousness. Certainly, the spirits of Amazon, Microsoft, and General Electric are strong in this world! We here at Mystic Investigations headquarters magically invoke and stoke our company and facilities spirit on a regular basis. In addition, Cyber-Spirits can form on company websites that may become the target of Cyber-Demons looking to feed off its enchanted energy.

The Spirit Of A Nation

Even greater than a business spirit is the spirit of a nation. The collective consciousness of citizens and the government that is the structure of any given nation. Interestingly enough these national spirits are often born from citizens coming together in war rather than peace. In some cases, a character of national personification is created fictionally. The belief in said character by the masses then merges with the spirit to breath life into a God-like entity. In the case of the United States Of America, it turns out Uncle Sam is a very real entity who was at his height of power during World War II. Lady Liberty is another spirit who in essence became an American Goddess with so many focusing on her Statue Of Liberty. She may, in fact, be entangled with, or the child of the Roman Goddesses Libertas. Like the world of business, the spirits of nations may play a role in their success in both war and peace. Strong support for these characters may account for the United States phenomenal success over the past two centuries.

The Statues Of Historical Figures And Their Spirits

The Spirits of individual historical figures are interwoven into the greater fabric of a nations spirit. This is most often displayed via statues and monuments erected in their honor. This can even include fictional ones such as the aforementioned Lady Liberty that often come alive due to the belief of the human collective consciousness. Those visiting these sites often stoke the figures spirit along with the nations as well. However, when that attention is negative and cumulative it can eat away at the very soul of the individuals and the counties as well.

2020 Mass Statue Eradication

The 2020 mass protests and violence sparked by the Death Of George Floyd by the knee of police has also lead to the tearing down of statues by angry mobs or voluntarily by local communities. These statues are of those thought to be members of The Confederacy, anyone who owned slaves or was involved in genocide of indigenous people. Christopher Columbus is the individual with the most statues eradicated due to actually being quite a wretched bastard rather than the saint who supposedly discovered America. In some cases US Presidents and Union heroes of the Civil War have been targeted due to owning slaves at some point in their lives.

The Danger Of Mob Rule To A Nations Spirit!

On one hand it’s good to have the real history of these people revealed yet celebrate their accomplishments for the greater good. Also learning from the mistakes of history so we don’t repeat them. This attempted erasure of history can be quite dangerous! Especially when directed by mob rule. This can lead to monuments being destroyed due to misinformation. For instance a statue of a heroic Union Colonel and Abolitionist was torn down due to his mere relation to the Civil War! The destruction of history can create an imbalance between good and evil. It also ultimately weakens the nations spirit while rewriting a false historical narrative. Although, if the individual in question was truly evil then casting them to the shadows is the best option since odds are they may be rotting in Hell!

The Spirit Of Religions

Probably the most powerful of Spirits would be that of the various religions. Especially the big three religions of Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. These holy spirits form into Gods if said God(s) a religion worships didn’t actually exist. However, a non-sapient spirit continues to exist. If the God(s) already existed then the spirit is used as a conduit for prayer and communion between deity and believers. Churches and other places of worship are strong with the holy spirits. This is what makes these places hallowed grounds and havens of sanctuary from denizens of darkness.

What Are Spirits?

What Are Dark And Light Spirits?

Informally the term Spirits can be used for virtually any metaphysical or non-corporeal entity. Usually for something that doesn’t fall into another category such as ghosts, poltergeists, demons, etc. Other times it indicates a deceased human who isn’t technically a ghost nor an afterlife angel. Rather than being called a soul they are known as a spirit. Particularly if they have amassed some extraordinary power. Often they have returned from somewhere in between this world and the afterlife to exact revenge as a Dark Spirit. In some cases, an Earthborn curse can become a Dark Spirit all its own that continues its diabolical mission long past the expiration of the curse itself. Often when it comes to curses these spirits tend not to be conscious intelligent beings.

Light Spirits are often the deceased who will themselves to stay behind and watch over their people. They resisted the pull of the heavenly white light by calling upon Mother Nature and other Earthly Gods for shelter. They, in essence, create their own Heaven on Earth and may reside in the Paradise Plane. Often they may work together as a collective entity that is somewhat the opposite of a poltergeist. Dark Spirits may join together as well to form a powerful poltergeist. Often these type of Spirits have been born in the world of Native aboriginals.

What Is The Holy Spirit?

The term Spirit is most often used in the supernatural world to describe something that isn’t quite conscious or self-aware. An entity directly or indirectly guided by one or more higher dimensional beings and even living people. For instance, the infamous Holy Spirit is an invisible interaction conduit between a God and their faithful believers. It allows them to feel the Lord’s power, emotion, and intent within them. It guides their mind subconsciously on the path of wise peaceful enlightenment. A God or Goddess sends forth the Spirit to absorb into the mind, body, and soul of those willing to receive it. It can bring new ideas to the mind’s surface while opening one’s eyes to new possibilities! The Holy Spirit can instill a sense of emotional well being and boost health amid the reinforcement of humble prayers. Even metaphysical energy levels can be increased thereby granting practitioners of magic and others greater power.

Spirits Of The Human Collective Consciousness And Mother Nature

The Human Collective Consciousness is more aptly called the Collective Sub-Consciousnesses. The sheer belief of a mass of people causes Non-Consciousness Spirits to come into existence. This includes the Spirits Of Holidays such as Christmas and Halloween. These entities operate on their own with some guidance from the supernatural leader of a given holiday. It imbues people with the enchanted emotions of the holiday and can benefit ones well being like Holy Spirits. There are also Spirits like this that encompass aspects of life on Earth including National Spirits such as the United States Uncle Sam. It is said that natural aspects of our environment spontaneously form Spirits. Some of which later evolved into Nature Deities. Life breathed into them in a Tulpa like way via the belief of a group of humans who made up a God or Goddess. In that way, Spirits are somewhat like Gods still in Goddess Gaia’s womb. For it is the addition of her life force that is an essential element to their existence. We come full circle once these new Gods create the aforementioned Holy Spirit.