July 24, 2024
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8 years ago

Questions for Vampire Drake: Is it possible for a 1st or 2nd generation vampire to be good? Also are nosferatu stronger than Zombies and Dhampirs? Does a 1st generation vampires strength depend on the demon who originated their bloodline? For example if a Average Demon Created their own first generation Vamps at about the same time as an Archdemon, which would be more powerful? Would a Stone Sword to the heart kill a Vampire? How long can you survive being in the sun as a 5th generation Vampire? Would thick Forest Coverage shield You from the sun at noon? Also have you come across a Reverse Vampire before? How much blood do you require to be at peak power? Are You strong enough to lift Trucks like a pickup? How many miles per hour can you run? Have you encountered any Merfolk (Mermaids and Mermen) before? Have you ever encountered a Demigod (earthly god type), God (earthly god type) in biological form.

2 years ago

To Drake Alexander who is a 5th Generation Common Vampire. I am new here and I don’t know if I will hear from you or not. I have always been drawn to things that exist that are not of this world. The unexplained, mysteries, things that cannot be accounted for. I’ve been this way ever since I was a child and some things have been with me since. But then other things did not come along in later years of my life as an adult. I have affinity for faeries/fairies, witches, vampires, mythology, the Gods and the Goddesses, immortality and unicorns. Faerie/fairy, vampire and witch. I do not know which one I resonate with more? I have watched a lot of vampire films, documentaries, I’ve also read about them in books, done some research online. I know that there are different kinds of vampires. I have read about you here and I am in utter amazement. That you are a real vampire? 5th Generation? I have read over some things here on MysticInvestitations. I really like the site because it covers so much! I can’t help but admit that I want to be something greater than myself. I want to live, I want to be immortal….for over the more recent years it is as if I am wanting to find sanctuary. I have always been fascinated with past lives, reincarnation and time travel. There are certain people, certain places and time era’s that I’ve always been drawn to. It is all so fascinating, I’m intrigued! Many times I have heard of Avalon, the lost city of Atlantis and both of them sound like wonderful places to go to, perhaps to stay forever. I have heard of the 2 green children that came from a place, I think it was called St. Martinsland I think. As well as a man that showed up at an airport in the 1950’s I believe it was somewhere in Asia with the necessary papers but he was taken into custody. Because no one had ever heard of where he said that he was from, Torrid or Torrin?? I’m not really sure, but the possibility of a parallel universe, portals that lead to other worlds or to travel in time? For me I would travel back in time, there are times I want so much to go back. To live in one of the time era’s that I absolutely love, perhaps a past life that I have already lived when and where I was a lot happier. I don’t know what you could tell me or maybe there are subjects that are on the Menu or in Categories that you could recommend to me? I hope to hear from you and have a good evening.

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