Why Do Crosses, Holy Water, And Bibles Have Power Over Paranormal Entities?

Holy Bible CrossWhy do various religious artifacts of all religions have power over supernatural beings and forces of evil?  Whether it be the Bible, Holy Water, Crosses, Crucifixes, or the countless symbols of most religions going back thousands of years.  They all have the power to repel and magically affect many of the paranormal entities that plague humankind.  In particular demonic based entities are the most vulnerable which is lucky since they compose most of the dark forces on this planet.  This includes demonically possessed humans, vampires, werewolves, chupacabra, clurichauns, poltergeists, demidemons, and demons, etc.  Even practitioners of magic who call upon demons for power, including Warlocks, are vulnerable to the repellent properties of religious artifacts.  The symbols of Christianity seem to hold the most power.  Does that mean Christianity, and other popular religions are true?  Not necessarily. The reason religions have this power is partly due to the power of human thought caused by people believing in the religion and it’s artifacts.  Since Christianity is the most widely believed religion on Earth, it has the most powerful supernatural artifacts.  This is why the Catholic Church, the most popular Christian denomination, is known for exorcism and fighting various forces of darkness.  Although this doesn’t mean that the church hierarchy is composed of good people or actually deliver the word of any God.  It’s the power of peoples pure thought imbuing magical properties upon artifacts because the Universe is pure thought at it’s foundation.  Pure thought that is the mind of all Universal Gods and the source of all magical power.

Luckily the belief of the masses is so strong that it overrides an unbelievers lack of belief.  So if someone is faced with a blood thirsty vampire in a hotel room in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a bedside Bible to aid them, it will indeed work in repelling the vampire even if the person is an atheist.  Even religious symbols of long dead religions will still work to some extent thanks to the thousands and millions who once did believe in the religion.  Their pure thought never dies and it’s power lives on forever.  This same collective human consciousness has brought countless Earthly Gods and other supernatural beings into existence as well.  Mastery of pure thought is the ultimate goal of those who practice magic whether they know it or not.  Of course any religions that are based on worshiping demons won’t have any effect on demonic based entities but may on other beings.

Demonic based entities tend to be the most vulnerable because of a curse, a vengeful magical oath of general misfortune based on pure emotion, the Omniverse God, aka God of all Multiverses, placed on the fallen Angels who became demons to begin with.  This curse is actually strengthened when humanity, or any innocent biological life that directly or indirectly has it’s origins in God, is entered into the mix.  It seems that human DNA, or even some strands of a human soul, act as a powerful conduit to deliver the magic of religious symbols.  So demonically possessed humans, and vampires are quite weakened by religious items while a pure demon in biological form might be able to withstand them better.  In the case of zombies, who amazingly have no demonic DNA, there are no religious elements on their own that have any negative result upon them.

There are also several non-demonic beings who can be affected by certain archaic religious symbology.   Even good supernatural beings can be repelled.  In the case of white witches, who mostly gain power through the Earthly Gods, they can actually be repelled by Devil worshiping religions.  This includes unholy water, and unholy fire which are elements blessed by a dark demonic priest. In this case there aren’t many humans who believe in this but demons placed their own curses on the Earthly Gods as did the Gods upon the demons.  In addition there are enough people with such amazing magics that they grant their religious artifacts power without requiring the collective human consciousness.  Of course said artifacts don’t have the equivalent power as human religions vs demon based entities.  In many cases unholy elements merely act as a method to block or sap magical powers.

Another example are Mermaids who are mostly good but can be repelled with the religions of certain Sea Gods.  The Mermaids all originate from Atlantis but they scattered about the Earth into factions loyal to their Ocean God of choice.  So for instance a resident of Atlantis would be repelled by Neptune, the Roman Sea God since Atlanteans worship the Greek sea God Poseidon.  This is caused by the competing Gods cursing each other since they all believe they are the true God of all Earth’s oceans.  In addition the various respective populaces of Mermaids believe in their Gods.  Mermaids may not be anywhere near in number that humans are but in their Mermaid microcosm the numbers are equivalently large enough.

With proper research we can find a religious artifact, no matter how obscure, that will repel just about any supernatural entity.  Those who are immune can usually be repelled, and weakened by other substances such as herbs, metals, gemstones, crystals, elements, bodily fluids, and of course magic.  These are the tools provided by Gods, and Goddesses to humanity as a defense against the dark forces that infest Earth.  Despite most of us being unable to tap into the raw magical powers of our soul we are not helpless to what lurks about in the cold darkness of night!

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8 thoughts on “Why Do Crosses, Holy Water, And Bibles Have Power Over Paranormal Entities?

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  2. Such an interesting question. I think you would really enjoy reading The Chair by James Rubart. It’s a suspense novel that starts with a premise: what if there were a chair crafted by Jesus Christ? Would it have healing powers? Would it be able to repel evil, or would it draw people who tried to use it for the wrong purpose? Here’s a link to the amazon page, where they have a very cool trailer video. http://www.amazon.com/Chair-Novel-James-L-Rubart/dp/1433671522/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1317157651&sr=8-1

  3. I enjoyed your article about the Religions and the Power of belief! You are right! Not all religious people are good. Yet they say they’ act accordingly to there gods will. They judge others in his name. Which I find as wrong! Since it’s against there own teachings. -There own bible predicts not to judge others. They burned innocent people through t the centuries for there god. I believe God has stopped listening to them. I also have seen a daemons side of the story!

    He showed me that he was once reborn as a human such as -Chris Angel way back in the 1800’s. He was highly gifted in the arts of magic. It came very easy to him. as a (Magician). And he also fell in love with a beautiful girl. Religious people in his town did not like what they don’t understand. So they had him tortured and judged him as the son of Satan. He showed me how cruel and unfair they were to him. He pleased for there mercy and they enjoyed all the pain they inflicted to him. In GODS Name. I feel god himself would not agree with such brutality. I feel the daemons have been pissed off at religious ppl for a long time. To me we live and breath in magic everyday! Since we are alive that in its self is a miracle. What is magic? What is Life? Magic is not evil. Certain people are evil. They are going against the laws of God and the universe.

  4. well okay i’m not gonna sit here and judge rather demons and the supernatural is real or not. But in some vampire stories crosses and such have no effect on vampires, then in others they do. so this is kind of a bias question with a bunch of bias opinions above me and probably below me. ghost are not repelled by religious artifacts because ghost are just lost souls of dead people, a bad person doesn’t run and hide when you flash a cross, so why would their soul? warlocks and witches won’t run and hide either.

    • You’re right that religious artifacts don’t work that often on ghosts, or practitioners of magic. However the overwhelming need of human free will calling upon the collective consciousness of humankind to repel a force of evil can have the power to do so. Religious artifacts most often effect entities of demonic origin which includes vampires, werewolves, and poltergeists. I mention Warlocks because their power is generally demonic based. Although calling upon the world of demons can create great power it also has a weakness.

      As for vampire stories a great many are mere fiction. However first generation, and other ancient vampires can develop a resistance to religious artifacts over time.

  5. That makes sense. Since 1st generation vampires are very strong. Silver is true! Steven they can’t wear silver necklaces. It burns on the skin. Some things are right. I guess the only way you’ll know is if you try it on one. I would hope only in self defense.

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