How To Create A Vampire?

The Paranormal Process Of Turning A Human Into A Member Of The Living Dead!
Vampire BitingOnce in a blue moon a Vampire crosses paths with someone worthy of joining them on their journey of eternal darkness among the sanguine shadows of humanity.  It’s not so much what the human does but rather an indistinguishable property a vampire senses via metaphysical intuition. The flickering of a potential infinite unholy flame followed by the scent of sweet blood they suddenly have an insatiable appetite for beyond that of the average human. Once they taste the first drops any slight doubt of this monumental decision flies into the wayward winds of dusk gone past. The vampire begins the process of creating another of its kind by draining the human of virtually all their blood except for a perfect amount the vamp mystically senses.  This takes practice, and may result in death if the vampire in question hasn’t been properly instructed by his or her own Sire. The one who made them in their living dead image.

Once the pre-vampire human’s heartbeat, and breathing expires it’s time for the vampire sire to act on their impulse to transform a human. The vampire usually bites into their own wrist, or sometimes cuts themselves with a special ritualistic knife. The knife is often made of Electrum, a natural gold-silver alloy. The sharp implement is needed in particular if they are a powerful vampire who heals so quickly that the wound seals instantly. Often some agent, such as silver or a mild level of vervain, is used to weaken the area so the vampires blood can be released into the pre-vampire human’s mouth.

The Vampire Virus
Within the vampires blood is a supernatural virus laden with Demonic based DNA, and RNA. The Vampire Virus is known to heal humans, and even some supernatural beings. Thankfully it will only transform someone into a vampire if directly introduced into their body under the circumstances mentioned in this article. Depending on varying factors the assimilation of the vampire virus, and the transformation into a full fledged blood sucker can take anywhere from 24-48 hours as the pre-vampire appears to be dead as a door nail. During this time they are vulnerable to attack, and their sire is often nearby to protect their future vampire offspring. However their body is already under the protection of the vampire virus which means they can only be killed as a vampire would. That could include a stake to the heart, beheading, or complete incineration by fire or sunlight exposure!  Not even being embalmed for a funeral can halt the paranormal process. Hence the classic image of a newly born vampire emerging from a grave almost like that of a Zombie.

Free Will Allows Humans To Reject The Vampire Virus!
While unconscious amid the transformation, the pre-vampire enters a lucid dream state in which they are made aware of what is happening. This is regardless of whether their vampire sire gave them a choice to enter the dark eternal shadows or not. Within this dream state they are given the choice to become a vampire or die thereby moving on to the Afterlife free of any demonic vampire ties. It’s said that both demons, and angels enter their sub-conscious mind to convince them of the right path.  In particular the demon who started that particular vampire line to begin with. The angels are often relatives and friends who have passed on to Heaven ascending to Angelhood. If the person chooses the seductive allure of immortality, and awesome super powers then everyone disappears from their mind as a red light engulfs them in dark demonic metaphysical energies. This is the vampire virus taking the transformation past the halfway point as their human soul is hijacked or possessed by the demon who began their Sire’s vampire line. In essence they are cut off from their human soul, yet it still exists. They are now forever linked with the demons dark spirit. The demon then enjoys the additional power of that human soul. This earns them major brownie points with the Devil possibly taking them a step closer to ArchDemonhood if they aren’t already there! Eventually the crimson light gives way to the initially blinding light of consciousness as a vampire on Earth!

If they decide to reject vampirehood the angels disappear along with the demons. All except the one who started the sire line. He or she usually has quite a frightening fit before finally vanishing. Then the white light to Heaven appears for the pre-vampire to walk into free of any taint from the vampire virus. The paranormal virus dies along with the vampire’s victim. These are the cases where even a seasoned vampire inexplicably loses the object of their affection, and sometimes obsession. They become extremely angry like their patron demon whose spirit fuels their rage. At that point they destroy the body, and go on a bloody rampage killing all humans within a certain radius while draining them of blood!

However most humans are too enthralled by the immortal enhancements, and the power they will wield over humans. Especially if they have people they want to settle a score with. Then there’s the deep charming trance their vampire sire has them under. An almost loving bond that can even cut family ties! As the transmutation to vampire is nearly finished they may seem to be in a coma like state. Just before awakening there is surge of biological activity, including rapid heartbeat, making it seem like they’re a human who is still alive. Once they arise from their supernatural slumber all such activity halts except for an intermittent heart beat every 2-3 minutes or so. More ancient vampires have less of a heartbeat with first generation vampires having absolutely no beating heart what so ever in their entire life except under the most extremely stressful circumstance. Generally it’s a small black petrified stone that looks nothing like a heart!  Respiration, and a variety of other biological processes are virtually non-existent in all vampires as well. Although when severely weakened, due to battle or lack of blood, they may begin to exhibit such evidence of life. Eventually though they wither into desiccated corpses in an eternal state of frozen stasis until blood is consumed.

The Enchanted Sanguine Awakening
The first consciousness as a vampire is a breathtaking awakening that exponentially exudes the beauty, and wonder of our reality. They see colors, and nature spirits unseen as a human. They hear sounds for miles around with crystal clarity. The aromas once undetected are now a smorgasbord of sensational scents that create insane curiosity along with inciting intense memories, and sensations! Sensations felt in every supernatural cell of their blasphemous body as they become aware of the ultimate allure of the blood that shall be the sustenance of their ever living existence!  Their mind races with a thousand thoughts due to their increased intelligence, and emotional psychic awareness. They sense their sire master is near, and yearn for his or her blood to be the first they sample as a vampire. That first quenching of the sanguine thirst from their sire is the equivalent of a baby breast feeding. A necessary boost to solidify their demonic powers to the fullest. However they will do just fine if they are forced to feed on another vampire or even a human.  Somewhat like a bottle fed formula baby.

The consumption of their sires blood seals the eternal bond, and begins their immortal journey through the annals of time together. It also insures the closest psychic bond possible for mutual mind reading to breed unquestionable trust. They will also be able to communicate psychically, and find each other even if they’re on the other side of the planet. This is how vampires found each other before global communications. Otherwise it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack if they ever became separated! Naturally there are periods where they travel alone, and possibly sire their own vampire children. Even if centuries pass they always find their way back to each other again to share a unique unimaginable relationship that no human could ever begin to comprehend! Of course amid this seemingly almost fairy tail existence there is usually a terrible trail of human blood, death, and destruction! Dark deeds that will forever taint their once seemingly innocent human soul! Thankfully some grow out of their demonic animal urges, and seek to use their powers to fight on the side of innocent humans helpless in a world of supernatural dangers!

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