The Supernatural Full Moon Forecasts Of 2022

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Links to our paranormal activity forecasts for each Moon of 2022. This includes a unique werewolf outlook so you can plan your nights accordingly. We’re lucky enough to have three holy Moons for 2022!

  • 🐺January 17th Woeful Wolf Moon – Werewolves form packs of their own kind along with actual wolves to hunt down humans for dinner!
  • 💘February 16th Valentines Moon – Under this Moon Werewolves are usually more active in colder regions with winter weather in progress. This never ends up being a holy or sainted Moon due to the lack of love in the world. (See Last Forecast).
  • 🍀March 18th – Sainted Lucky Leprechauns Moon – Falling the day after Saint Patrick’s Day makes this the luckiest Moon of the year and effectively cancels the usual Storm Moon. Many werewolves won’t transform under this technically holy Moon. Those that do will be rather docile despite still looking rather ferocious but far smaller than usual. Their green glowing eyes will indicate they are under the lucky spell of Saint Patrick. The rare werewolf that does endanger a human will fail as luck will lead the human to safety. ✝️
  • 🐰April 16th – Holy Easter Egg Moon – It’s not the Pink Moon this year due to practically falling on Easter. This Moon is Holy and Lucky which will cause younger werewolves to exhibit fluffy friendly bunny traits. Others won’t transform while those that do will be very docile. Second safest Moon next to Yule.✝️
  • 😈May 16th – Bad Blood Supermoon – (Total Lunar Eclipse) – This Super Blood Moon will be off the charts thus effectively canceling the usual Flower Moon! The Werewolves will be beyond monstrous! Bad Luck element from being so close to Friday The 13th. Werewolves will also revert to human form during the eclipse itself yet retain their monstrous persona!
  • 🍓June 14th – Super Strawberry Moon – Werewolves would be somewhat less aggressive under this Moon but the Supermoon will bring them back to the normal danger range. When in trouble you may call upon Strawberry Fairies for help.
  • ⚡️July 13th – Super Lightning Moon – The Supermoon will create hulked up aggressive werewolves out of more blood and flesh than ever! During thunderstorms werewolves will develop temporary electrokinetic properties
  • 🌕August 11th – Super Lunar Goddess Moon – Moon Nature Deities are in charge of this lunar cycle. The Supermoon will bring out greater strength and aggression in Werewolves.
  • 🍂September 10th – Hallowed Autumn Harvest Moon – Werewolves head for farm fields in search of human and domesticated animal prey amid a Moon controlled by the Harvest Gods.
  • 🎃October 9th – Blood Moon Of The Halloween Season – Powerful Werewolves afoot during this truest of Blood Moons! It’s the only natural Blood Moon due to the infusion of pure evil. All other Blood Moons are the result of Total Lunar Eclipses. The Spirit Of Halloween will provide protection to those who are in tune with it.
  • 😈November 8th – Dark Blood Moon Eclipse – (Total Lunar Eclipse) – This Moon gives us stronger werewolves who will revert to human form during the eclipse itself. However, their minds will remain monstrous!
  • 🎅December 7th – Sainted Yule Moon – Fluffy white werewolf puppies will roam about with The Spirit Of Christmas in their wolfy little hearts! It is called “Sainted” instead of the usual “Holy” due to being so close to Saint Nicholas Day.✝️

✝️ = Holy Moon with little chance of werewolf danger.

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Created By Xavier Remington