Sainted Lucky Leprechauns Moon Alert

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The usual Storm Moon is canceled along with any Werewolf warnings. This is due to the March 2022 Full Moon falling under the lucky spell of Saint Patrick and his Leprechauns. The apex of the 100% Full Moon falls in the early morning hours of March 18th which is close enough to Saint Patrick’s Day to come under the control of the Angel Saint of Ireland. The Spirit Of Good Luck and the Holy Spirit of Patrick make this magical Moon almost as holy as the Yule Moon of Christmas. The enchanted energies of this lunar light will halt transformation in most Werewolves. Those that do transform will still look monstrous but will be quite a bit smaller. Werewolves with glowing green eyes are under the sainted spell of Patrick and his Leprechauns. It often means that the lucky Lilliputians are nearby. These wondrous wolves will be compelled to protect the Leprechaun’s Gold. This means there is little chance of anyone stealing it at night. The rare werewolf that may still pose a danger to humans will fail in their attacks due to holy luck protecting their intended victims.­čŹÇ

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