Holy Easter Egg Moon Alert

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With the Full Moon of April falling less than 24 hours from Easter it is not the usual Pink Moon. This Full Moon is the Holy Easter Egg Moon under the authority of The Easter Bunny. The holy nature of this lunar cycle is exponential and coupled with fantastic fortune. This is because the enchanted lunar energies are banked from last month’s Sainted Lucky Leprechauns Moon. A Moon that was hours away from Saint Patrick’s Day thus imbuing it with an excess of supernatural saintliness and Leprechaun Luck. Just like last month we once again will see virtually no dangerous Werewolf activity. This magnificent Moon will be the second safest Moon of the year. Naturally, the safest is the Holy Yule or Christmas Moon of December.🍀

The Easter Egg Moon will be at its holiest and luckiest in places where it appears slightly egg-shaped in the sky. In some instances, it may appear pink or yellow emulating the floral colors of Easter. These signs indicate the Easter Bunny and his eggstatic emissaries are in the general vicinity. And let us not forget that the Easter Bunny is actually a Saint who was cursed into being the world’s only known Werehare. His real name is Saint Egbert and he adds his own holy power to the Easter holiday mix. Despite this seemingly unbreakable curse he embraced his role as The Easter Bunny and utilizes the Spirit Of Easter to battle the forces of paranormal darkness! Most will spot him as a common bunny but only the luxuriously lucky will see him in his six-foot-something humanoid rabbit form!🐇

Most Werewolves will not transform under this magical Moon. Generally, ones who have been werewolves for a good number of years. They develop a slight natural resistance to the lunar light over time. Something that can be further honed through meditation exercises. Other werewolves will transform into docile wolves that are far smaller than usual. They will have adorably fluffy fur and ears thus somewhat resembling The Easter Bunny. If their eyes are glowing pink then they are under the complete spell of The Easter Spirit. You may approach these Easter Werewolves and pet them.  It is an exercise that will bring you great luck!🐰

Some misguided Werewolf Hunters might take advantage of this and eradicate them! Many of us in the supernatural community consider the killing of a werewolf in any form an atrocity unless there is no other option left. Remember these are people with families and friends most of the month! We encourage temporary capture so we can advise them that they should lock themselves away on Full Moon nights. Clearly, if a werewolf is on the loose then they are careless or have no clue what they actually are.✝️

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