The Supernatural Full Moon Forecasts Of 2021

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Links to our paranormal activity forecasts for each Full Moon of 2021. This includes the unique werewolf outlook for each Moon.

  • January 28th – Wolf Moon – Werewolves form packs of their kind and actual wolves to hunt down humans for dinner!
  • February 27th – Ice Moon – Under this Moon Werewolves are usually more active in colder regions with winter weather in progress.
  • March 28th – Lucky Storm Moon – More aggressive werewolves yet the luck of the leprechaun will provide greater protection to humans.
  • April 26th – Pink Super Moon – The aggression of the Supermoon will be lessened by the natural calming effect of the Pink Moon.
  • May 26th – Super Blood Flower Moon – (Total Lunar Eclipse) – This Super Blood Moon will be off the charts thus effectively canceling the Flower Moon! The Werewolves will be beyond monstrous!
  • June 24th – Strawberry Moon – Werewolves will be somewhat less aggressive under this Moon. When in danger you may call upon Strawberry Fairies for help.
  • July 23rd – Fire Moon – This Moon is controlled by the Fire Gods. Aggressive fireproof werewolves will rampage about the night inducing deep terror!
  • August 22nd – Lunar Goddess Moon – Moon Nature Deities are in charge of this lunar cycle and no unusual behavior will be seen in Werewolves.
  • September 20th – Hallowed Autumn Harvest Moon – Werewolves head for farm fields in search of human and domesticated animal prey amid a Moon controlled by the Harvest Gods.
  • October 20th – Blood Moon Of The Halloween Season – Powerful Werewolves afoot during this Blood Moon within The 13 Nights Of Halloween!
  • November 19th – Dark Blood Moon Eclipse – (Partial Lunar Eclipse) – This Moon gives us stronger werewolves who will revert to human form during the eclipse itself. However, their minds will remain monstrous!
  • December 18th – Holy Yule Moon – Most werewolves either don’t transform or turn into fluffy white winter puppy wolves.

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