Super Strawberry Moon Werewolf Warning

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As the late spring sun falls below the horizon the Super Strawberry Moon (aka Strawberry Supermoon) of June rises into the dark skies. A Moon that falls under the mystical power of Native American Goddess Athenesic (aka Awehai). The enchanted energies of the Strawberry Moon can cause Werewolves to experience varying degrees of calm. In places where the Moon actually appears strawberry red or pink, there is a larger concentration of Strawberry Fairies and Nymphs afoot. There may also be good witches calling upon them for power. This can further enhance the coloration of the lunar light. Such zones gift us gentler Werewolves with far less aggression than the average Moon.🐺

Unfortunately, this is also a Supermoon. When the Moon is this close it almost always causes double or triple the urge to hunt down human prey in Werewolves. It also transforms them into a more monstrous and muscular paranormal predator! Fortunately, the Supermoon will shoot forth an exponential surge of supernatural strawberry power which will create extremely docile werewolves in some places while in others they will simply be their normal ferocious selves. Thankfully, we won’t see the heinous horror of the standard Supermoon werewolf!

No matter what color the Moon is you should be on alert from dusk to dawn with Werewolf Repellents at the ready. Under this Moon, you can add strawberries to the mix. Eating them and even carrying them with you can repel malevolent monsters to varying degrees. Those with strawberries growing near their homes can expect to rest easy throughout the night. Remember that any strawberry repellent must be made of real strawberries and not artificial flavors or scents. You also have the option to call upon a Strawberry Fairy for help if you feel you’re in grave danger. If you spot a Fairy it is considered good luck and you won’t have to worry about werewolves until Halloween.🍓

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