Bad Blood Supermoon Werewolf Warning

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The standard Flower Moon of May is canceled as we face the blasphemous Bad Blood Supermoon! A Supermoon means the Moon is closer to the Earth than usual. The Blood Moon is generally a celestial event of demonic darkness via the Total Lunar Eclipse that grants already slightly unholy lunar light unbridled evil! The ominous blood red color of the Moon indicates dark forces are afoot! On top of that, we have the bad luck of the recent Friday The 13th further stirring the sinister supernatural stew. Expect all paranormal activity to be off the charts! This includes vicious Vampires! Particularly during the Witching through Devil’s Hours and within the eclipse itself. Steer clear of haunted houses, graveyards, and locations the living dead are known to dwell in damnation.😈

Werewolves will be more muscularly bulked up and beyond ferocious due to the raw power of the Supermoon. Werewolf Repellents will be somewhat less effective because of this and the bad luck element. The bad luck will carefully creep into the frightening fray as you try to evade a werewolf who has targeted you as their prey. You will clumsily fumble with repellents and weapons that won’t fire right. You’ll possibly trip and fall as you run away. All manner of dark luck will flow through the lunar light and reflect off the werewolves toward you! Your best bet would be to carry some Lucky Charms with you.🍀

This isn’t the night to go frolicking about outside to observe the lunar eclipse. View it out the window from the safety of your home or other secure building. Be sure to wipe down those windows with holy water and liquid wolfsbane just before sunset. During the actual Full Lunar Eclipse, Werewolves will transform back to human form yet retain their wild mindless monster persona. Even in this form, they are still Superhumans out for flesh and blood. They will appear to be deranged individuals vulnerable to arrest, capture, or kill by law enforcement or Werewolf Hunters. Certainly, the US Paranormal Defense Agency will be out in full force looking to capture these hairy horrors for further study and exploitation. Remember by day and most of the month these werewolves are human beings with family and friends!🐺 [©]

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