Super Lunar Goddess Moon Werewolf Warning

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The August 2022 Full Moon falls under the neutral authority of the global Lunar Goddess faction. Most months find the enchanted lunar energies controlled by other higher dimensional deities. The Lunar Lords generally cede authority in the name of harmony. The paranormal power of the Moon is most notably seen in its ability to trigger the transformation of Werewolves! With the neutrality of the Moon Goddesses in play, there are no additional deity-caused lunar effects on the Werewolves. Unfortunately, this is a Supermoon which means we will see Werewolves that are far larger in size and more aggressive in nature. These frighteningly ferocious Supermoon Werewolves will be deeply prone to seek out human prey for their moonlit meals! Please bring your pets indoors during this perilous time!🐶

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Prepare to utilize double the strength in various Werewolf Repellents. Since Werewolves have demonic DNA most religious artifacts will work to send them off yelping into the night. The planting of Wolfsbane aka Aconitum around the perimeter of your home is also an excellent countermeasure courtesy of Mother Nature. Hanging silver objects in windows along with spraying everything with holy water is highly effective at deterring Werewolves as well. Always utilize silver bullets and other deadly countermeasures as a last resort since these blasphemous bastards are human by day and most of the month for that matter. Remaining indoors is the safest place to be during the night until the Moon is below 80% of Full. If you must venture out then remain on high alert with a keen awareness of your surroundings. Have Lycanthrope Repellents ready for any unexpected confrontations. Once a Werewolf spots you there is very little point in running since they’re faster than a Cheetah! You must simply have the guts to face it down and hopefully scare it away!🧐

Call Upon The Lunar Goddesses For Help

The neutrality of the Lunar Goddesses only applies to the energy the lunar light illuminated upon the night skies. The benevolent Goddesses don’t approve of Werewolves and the dark demonic forces of Hell that ultimately created them via infecting humans with the Lycanthrope Virus. During this magnificent Moon, prayers to the Lunar Goddesses will be most effective. You may pray for help if you find yourself in perplexing peril from a wayward Werewolf. You can call upon Lunar Goddesses in general or a specific one such as the Roman Goddess Luna. Often praying to the Goddess or God associated with the ancient culture of your current location is most effective. For instance, within the United States try calling upon Native American Moon deities for aid in alarming situations. Here is a general prayer for help…🐺

✨Oh, dear Goddess of the Moon,
I fear I will perish soon,
Save me from the hound of hell,
May they fall under your spell,
Let loose your loving light,
Send them into a blinding fright
Please let me live in your light tonight!🌕

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Note: Spells and prayers to nature deities usually have rhymes in them because they really love them for some reason…🙄

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