The Royalty Of Righteousness

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Unlike the forces of darkness there isn’t a real royal line seen on Earth.

  • The Macroverse God – Neutral rule with little intervention. Sometimes called The God Emperor or God of gods.
  • Vice-Macroverse Gods – It is said every living soul originally came spontaneously into existence from a sea of pure non-corporeal energy that formed a collective consciousness that became the Macroverse God. So we’re all technically Vice-Macroverse Gods far removed from our ascended glory and power!
  • The Omniverse God And The Light – The God And Progenitor Of Good. An Omniverse Personifier that came into spontaneous existence as the Omniverse God obtained his Godhood status. Unlike the Darkness, the Light complied with Gods request to reintegrate into his sub-consciousness mind. The Darkness was locked away in God’s sub-conscious prison. As the light is free within Gods sub-conscious it has far more power in his mind than the Darkness. So God tends to be considered good. Still he lies mostly in the neutral camp like the Macroverse God as they play out all mathematical probabilities in the greater grand plan of sentient beings ascending to Godhood of their own someday. Holy Trinity: Omniverse God, Vice-Omniverse God (First Son), and Holy Spirit (The sub-conscious interaction between God & his creations. This also includes The Light.)
  • Vice-Lord Or Viceroy Of The Omniverse And God Of The Multiverses – The first born son of God among many Sons and Daughters. He is sometimes called Jesus Christ in his Earthly Demi-God form.
  • Vice-Lord’s Of The Multiverses – Sons And Daughters Of God
  • King Of The Archangels And This Multiverse – Archangel Michael
  • The Princes Of Heaven – Top Seven Archangels including Michael who is considered the King Of them.
  • Archangels
  • Angel Saints
  • Angels
  • The Magi – The Three Wise Men Kings who will directly rule over the Earth if Heaven wins Armageddon.
  • Ice Demons – Neutral leaders of Purgatory ruled by Ice Archdemon Khutsomier who was a fallen Archangel. These demons live in the dark cold void of Purgatory regretting their decision to rebel against Heaven with Lucifer. Now they languish in self-punishment until the day Heaven forgives them of their transgressions. Until then they attempt to cleanse various souls who enter their domain. Often they work with Winter Deities like Jack Frost.
  • Various Earthly Gods and Goddesses who are mostly good in nature. The Greek God Zeus rules over the most powerful faction. The spirit of Earth Goddess Gaia is a daughter of the Omniverse God to follow a neutral non-interference path.
  • Earthly Saints
  • Santa Claus aka Saint Nicholas – Demi-Archangel Saint considered the leader of all that is good on Earth. Although he doesn’t hold any title other than Father Christmas. He is the only known Demi-Angel on Earth.
  • Shala Queen Of Halloween – Seen as neutral since she strives for a balance between good and evil.
  • Supernatural Holiday Leaders
  • Various Nymphs, Fairies, Elves, etc. who aid humankind.
  • Good Practitioners Of Magic – The Sorcerer Ian McTavish and his Magic School are seen as the most powerful.
  • Valentine Vixen – Angel-Goddess Of Love who works for Love Goddess Aphrodite for the cause of Valentine’s Day.