Parallel Universe vs Parallel Dimension

Difference Between Extra-dimensional Beings And Higher Dimensional Beings
View Of Earth From Parallel RealityTerms such as parallel dimension, extra-dimensional, alternate dimension, parallel universe, and alternate reality can mean the same thing.  Although extra-dimensional, higher plane, and alternate plane of reality refer to the higher dimensions greater than our four dimensional Universe.  These higher dimensions existing above us from our perspective are also called the superior dimensions due to the complexity of their design containing more dimensions than our own.  The higher dimensions, or higher planes of reality, can also be called extra vertical dimensions from our 3-D viewpoint.  These higher dimensions contain at least 10 known dimensions but most likely it’s composed of infinite dimensions that gradually transition to the true 100% non-corporeal pure thought of the infinite Macroverse God. These dimensions hold not only non-corporeal but also energy and even physical beings greater than our own three dimensions.  This is due to the fact that, like all dimensional levels, there are extra unrelated parallel dimensions located within each one out of frequency phase with each other.  This is not to be confused with parallel Universes which are related realities branched off of each other out of frequency phase with each other.

Parallel Planes Of Existence
Within the infinite Macroverse there are an infinite variety of Omniverses.  Within our Omniverse, known to be an Omniverse God construct, there are at least 10 higher dimensions 1-D to 10-D with us existing as 3-D beings in a 4-D Universe.  Higher levels contain beings such as gods, ghosts, demons, angels, and the afterlife of the holy Heavens.  Most of the 10 known dimensions have unknown quantities of parallel, or alternate realities, that have no relation to each other most of the time.  The extra horizontal dimensions. They can be thought of as alien worlds with walls in between them so no ordinary space ship can get to them.  These parallel, or alternate dimensions, contain extra-dimensional beings which is a term somewhat akin to extraterrestrials, aka aliens from other planets.  At our four dimensional level an example of an extra-dimensional being is the notorious Slender Man.  There are also the Jinn, aka unbottled & unlamped Genies, who incidentally also extend upward into higher dimensions as well.  The higher dimensional versions are called Djinn.  Despite this higher dimensional beings, such as gods, angels, and demons, can also technically be called extradimensional beings.

What Are Parallel Universes?
We also have related parallel realities or parallel Universes.  There are a plethora of six dimensional Multiverses within our Omniverse that contain five dimensional hyperspace, aka probability space where all possible scenarios are mathematically played out, which contains an amazing number of 4-D Universes like our own.  These parallel Multiverses are born out of a cataclysmic event such as our own Big Bang, and may display different laws of physics from our own reality.  By the roll of the dice created through the Big Bang a multitude of Universes are born.  One with a Milky Way Galaxy, one with an Earth, and one without either, etc.  Once sentient beings come into play the power of their pure thought, via their higher dimensional souls, allows for every life scenario to play out in their parallel lives in the alternate Universes.  Universes created via the collective consciousness of all sentient beings in a given universe.  Only those with certain supernatural abilities are aware of their many lives across the hyper-spacial expanses.  Incidentally a traveler from a parallel Universe could technically be called an extra-dimensional being except when it’s you.  Then we call it your parallel self.

What Are Perpendicular Time Dimensions?
Each 4-D Universe itself is a temporal dimension containing 3-D perpendicular dimensions of frozen time Dimensions Of Timethat are a Planck Length that’s also called Planck Time. This provides a logical sequence of events that appear separate but are in reality slightly differing dimensions out of frequency phase with each other.  This is especially true since each 3-D time increment flowing four dimensionally is co-mingled five dimensionally with a near identical parallel Universe.  The space of the higher dimensions are also temporal dimensions with the dimension of the entities existing within being the time increments.  4-D ghosts exist within their own 5-D time containing frozen 4-D moments in their own unique temporal landscape.  Although the higher up into the dimensions you go the more foreign their sequence of events would appear to us.  In addition from their viewpoint they see our entire expanse of 4-D time as the present.  A collection of frozen 3-D moments in time to choose from.

So to simply summarize we have four unique spacial entities consisting of temporal dimensions (Bubbles of frozen time), Parallel Universes & Multiverses (Related realities branching from one Universe of origin), extra horizontal dimensions (parallel or alternate dimensions), and extra vertical dimensions (higher dimensions, or higher planes of reality).  Whether appearing to be related or not all of them are ultimately related due to the fact that everything exists in the same Omniverse space separated only by the frequency, or in some cases the amplitude, at which their particular spaces dimensional waves vibrates at.  These space waves fall between the energy waves, or energy strings, that compose the physical matter of our Universe, and the space waves of the dimension above them.  Each dimension transitioning gradually to non-corporeal pure thought waves which is the fundamental foundation of our reality.  There is nowhere we as sentient beings of pure thought, and free will cannot travel to by simply altering the frequency of the reality space existing around our body, minds, or souls.

The most commonly available method for humans to travel anywhere in the great expanse of the Macroverse is Astral Projection.

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