Macroverse Personifiers

The Macroverse Personifiers are unintended spontaneous entities that formed within the mind of the First God known as the Macroverse. It is within that God’s non-corporeal form everything, including us, exists. They are live personifications of an armada of abstract and tangible concepts formed by a free consciousness unbound by any laws of known physics.

  • The Existence – Plead the case for existence in opposition to non-existence. All for the sake of curious exploration and acquisition of infinite knowledge. Even existence for the sake of existing was worth living for.
  • The Non-Existence – Determined that existence was futile and mindless. Attempted to compel the Macroverse to commit suicide and take everything along with it. It wanted to create a true state of Nothingness from which nothing would be able to evolve ever again. Absolute Non-Existence of anything!
  • Chaos
  • Order

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