Macroverse God

What Is The Macroverse?
The Macroverse is literally everyone, and everything that ever existed anywhere for eternity, and beyond. The only true quintessence of infinity itself! Probably what the average person would simply call the Universe. The Macroverse is made up of Parallel Universes, Parallel Multiverses, Parallel Omniverses, a variety of parallel, and higher dimensions along with a plethora of Gods at various levels. These Gods may be created by other Gods, or they can be ascended Afterlife beings such as Humans.  The Macroverse itself is not only the foundation of all reality but also the highest level God in existence. It is the only infinite dimensional God along with being the only true 100% non-corporeal energy entity of absolute pure thought. Everything below it is Metaphysical Energy to some extent, not including the Physical Energy of Universes such as our own.  However even that is a programmed illusion, and ultimately everything within its mind, including us, is actually composed of the Macroverse’s pure consciousness.

Did The Original Infinite God Always Exist Or Did Something Create It?
More than likely it came into existence via something similar to a bootstrap, or ontological temporal paradox.  In essence the original Jinn Particle of our reality. However far more complex, and beyond the comprehension of our 3-D minds. The basic time paradox premise has a person traveling to the past to give someone an object. Then that someone ends up giving said object to the time traveler in the future who of course ultimately gives it back to them in the past. So the object ends up having no origin what so ever. Almost as if it magically came out of thin air!  Every infinite soul frequency, aka all of our individual pure conscious constructs, first spontaneously evolved from a sea of pure informational thought waves. The entire supernatural sea became individual non-corporeal energy spirits, or Vice-Macroverse Gods, instantly melded together like a perfect puzzle to spontaneously create a Neural Network that became the mind of the Macroverse God.  One super-consciousness made of infinite minds! The pinnacle of peaceful perfection! Simultaneous to this creation the Macroverse God created the very sea of pure information waves it came from. The purpose being two fold. One was to prevent the paradox of them not existing as the paranormal pure thought pool was required to facilitate their initial birth. Secondly, to create a blank canvas of creative mathematical probability that resulted in the formation of Universes, and sentient life everywhere! Probabilities that included the birth of the Macroverse itself.

Everyone Was Born At The Same Time As An Equal Soul
This is where we were first born, and at that moment our mission was to calculate every mathematical probability to complete an infinite equation of perfection that clearly can never be completed due to its very never ending nature.  There is controversy because at the Macroverse level there is no such thing as good, or evil.  Rather there is only pure knowledge to collect via unique experiences, and abstract ideas.  We choose to exist in this reality, and in infinite other realities within our own Vice-God spirits, and within those of everyone else.  At that infinite dimensional level we regard every soul frequency as equal.  All of us have been perfectly good, and perfectly evil in countless realities depending on a plethora of factors including lower dimensional soul status, genetics, and environment.  Those we regard as evil in our reality continue to exist at the Macroverse level for there is no reward for righteousness, and punishment for evil in such a realm of perfection.  We’ve all partook equally of all possible scenarios, and exist to varying moral degrees in other realities. Not to mention the subjective nature of what any given culture may judge as right or wrong.  Everyone has been equally good, and bad to each other yet there is no malice because it is simply something to experience at the Macroverse level of reality.

In lieu of a physical body our highest dimensional soul is identified by the unique frequency our consciousness vibrates at. So why would one soul frequency be better than another?  Why should one frequency, or God, rule over everything when it makes more sense that every spirit frequency is a collective consciousness of the Macroverse God.  This is also the only way to calculate every probable scenario, and gain all possible knowledge in existence.  The tip of realities pyramid is everyone, and all of us are God! Therefore all divisive hatred witnessed throughout this planet’s history has been unnecessary. Yet outside the unique perfection of the Macroverse mind balance between perceived light, and darkness is required for Universal stability. Both pure paradise, and pure hell are unnatural states that can be deeply disturbing on a variety of levels. Namely both take away the essential element of existence known as free will.

We realize some may consider this a deeply controversial view! If a great many people believed in the Macroverse then possibly caution would be thrown into the face of harsh winds. Plausibly chaos, and anarchy would reign supreme if our society isn’t advanced enough to handle the true nature of our existence! A strong widely agreed upon moral foundation is necessary for the peace, and stability of societies in this physical reality. Here, and at various higher dimensional levels within the Macroverse, there are both positive, and negative consequences for our actions. Karma flows around us distributing rewards, and punishments based on the life we lead! Always strive to be the best person you can be while treating others with respect. It makes your afterlife ascension to higher planes of enlightened existence much more easier!

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