Macroverse God

What Is The Macroverse God?
The Macroverse is literally everything, and everyone that is for eternity, and beyond.  Probably what the average person would simply call the Universe.  The Macroverse is made up of parallel Universes, Parallel Multiverses, Parallel Omniverses, a variety of parallel, and higher dimensions along with a plethora of Gods at various level who are ascended Afterlife beings such as humans.  The Macroverse itself is the highest level God, and the only infinite God along with being the only true 100% non-corporeal pure thought being in existence. Everything below it is Metaphysical Energy to some extent, not including the Physical Energy of Universes such as our own.  Mounting evidence indicates it came into existence via something similar to a bootstrap, or ontological paradox.  However far more complex, and beyond the comprehension of our 3-D minds.  Every infinite soul frequency, aka all of us, first spontaneously evolved from a sea of pure information thought waves. These individual spirits, that can be called Vice-Macroverse Gods, then simultaneously, and spontaneously created a Neural Network that became the Macroverse God.  Simultaneously to this creation the Macroverse God created the sea of pure information.

This is where we were first born, and at that moment our mission was to calculate every mathematical probability to complete an infinite equation of perfection that clearly can never be completed due to it’s infinite nature.  There is controversy because at the Macroverse level there is no such thing as good, or evil.  Rather merely knowledge to collect via unique experiences.  We choose to exist in this reality, and in infinite other realities within our own Vice-God spirits, within those of everyone else.  At that infinite dimensional level we regard every soul frequency as equal.  All of us have been perfectly good, and perfectly evil in countless realities.  Those we regard as evil in our reality continue to exist at the Macroverse level for there is no reward for righteousness, and punishment for evil.  We’ve all partook equally of these scenarios, and are evil figures ourselves in other realities.  Everyone has been equally good, and bad to each other yet there is no malice because it is simply something to experience at the Macroverse level of reality.

At the highest dimensional levels why would one soul frequency be better than another?  Why should one frequency rule over everything when it makes more sense that every infinite frequency is a collective of the Macroverse God.  This is also the only way to calculate every probability at the highest level.  By having everyone be the highest level God simultaneously rather than only one soul frequency.

We realize this is a deeply controversial view, and it’s by no means set in stone since it’s based on preliminary evidence.  Naturally those who know about this keep it a secret because such knowledge at this level of reality could create chaos, and anarchy as people throw moral caution to the wind. Keep in mind good, and evil exist here with a great need for a strong moral foundation for societal stability.  There is also rewards, punishments, Heavens, and Hells in these lower dimensional levels.  Everyone pays the price for their deeds somewhere!




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