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The Anti-Claus displaying one of his demonic appearances.

Most people revel in the joy and warmth surrounding the events of Christmas Day as the sun sets and they sit down for a hearty Christmas dinner. On the other hand some nefarious figures look upon Christmas night as Dark Christmas Eve. These Dark Pagans, Demonic Worshippers, and entities of evil decorate their upside down black Christmas tree with a Demon statue on top in anticipation of a momentous event of evil. For upon that night one of the most evil and powerful entities on Earth will visit them to imbue them with dark powers, grant evil wishes, or leave gifts of thanks for the evil they perpetuate in their lives. This entity is known as the Anti-Claus whose full name is Claudius Claus. Usually called Claude Claus since the 17th century. He is in fact the long lost evil twin brother of Santa Claus who was given up not long after his birth. Unlike Santa he was raised by horrible abusive foster parents deep into the black arts. He did not know for a long time who his brother was but once he hooked up with powerful evil forces in the paranormal community, he learned who he really was and what his dark destiny would be.

Santa & Claude’s dad was an angel who took Earthly form for a time and married their mom who was human. He fathered the twin Claus babies in 270 AD making the Anti-Claus 1,748 years old. Angels who mate withEvil Anti-Santa disguised as the Good Claus. humans almost always have twins. Since they were half angel they became Immortals or Demi-Angels. Unfortunately their Angel father was called back to Heaven by God leaving their mom alone. Raising one child as a single mother in the 3rd century AD was hard enough especially with social stigmas. Then a mysterious soothsayer convinced Santa’s mom that Claudius was an evil spawn that must be cast from the pure golden child that he claimed Santa was. Their mom left Claudius on the doorstep of a church at Midnight on the night of the full moon on the winter solstice. However a sinister unmarried couple had been watching nearby as they stole food from the nearby market and they snatched Claudius for themselves thinking he would make a fine little thief and servant child. The couple themselves were unable to conceive a child.

Claudius was raised in the world of the black Pagan arts that his parents practiced. He was often abused by them in a variety of ways. Eventually he became a sociopath and killed his parents in a fit of rage. At that moment the last bit of angel in him finally finished the transformation to fallen angel aka demon. In addition all humanity was wiped from his dark soul as well. He became a the strongest demi-demon on Earth although they say the Anti-Christ will ultimately be the most powerful demi-demon. He then went on a serial killing spree that’s been going on to this very day. Rather quickly he realized he had enhanced physical powers and later on he discovered his various mental and magical abilities. At some point a demon informed him of who his real parent were and that his twin brother was the legendary Santa Claus. This infuriated Claude and he decided his mission in life was to defy his angelic dad and brother by marshaling the forces of evil to perpetuate hell on Earth wherever he could. That is when he created Dark Christmas. Although he had previously tried to take command of Halloween first.

Rare photo of Ancient Anti-Claus in 7th century AD with two demonic Warlock servants. Photo Courtesy of Time Traveler Michael Remington.Delivering gifts to evil adults and kids on Dark Christmas Eve is but one small part of the Anti-Clauses life. He travels about in a black sleigh powered by 8 flying hell hounds with one special Werewolf leading the unholy pack. He detests the love and happiness of the Christmas Spirit so beginning on Dark Christmas Day, December 26th, he goes about the globe causing mayhem and destruction where ever he can. Although his power is not at full Halloween strength due to the epicenter of good that Christmas is due to it being the number one time of year that the supernatural forces of good marshal together at full strength. His efforts to destroy Christmas itself are usually thwarted and in his rage he lashes out the day after. He usually attacks Santa’s sleigh in mid air using various magics in an effort to stop gift deliveries. This results in a dazzling display of fireworks or a Aurora effect. In addition he will rob vulnerable households of their gifts and commit various other atrocities. Some say he is the leader of Halloween evil since that’s the number one day for the supernatural forces of evil to marshal their power at full strength. However if he is behind any evil on that day he keeps a low profile letting his lackeys take the fall when he ultimately fails. Recent reports indicate that he is stopped from taking command of Halloween by a neutral paranormal being who may be the only person to possess both Angelic, and Demonic DNA. This would make sense since Halloween is a holiday claimed by both good, and evil alike. If any one power came in control it would throw off the balance of nature. For the rest of the year he’s involved in various dark plots against the forces of light, and revels in committing various atrocities. Certainly he is the greatest serial killer of all time.

The Anti-Claus detests all things Christmas so he doesn’t live in Antarctica as one would think. His base of operations is an uncharted tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific dubbed Dark Christmas Island. He keeps the island hidden with magic in the same way Santa Claus keeps North Pole City hidden as well. He employs mostly evil gnomes as his helpers along with the a few fallen Elves. Although it’s his coven of 13 witches, including a Master Demonic Warlock, who are the real force behind his evil plots. He also has many other allies which include vampires and Demidemons. Throughout the year he actively plots to destroy all that is good in the world. Luckily Santa and many others in the good paranormal community work to thwart him.


Anti-Claus dressed in his usual Dark Christmas garb paying homage to Halloween & The Dark Lord while mocking Santa Claus.

Truly good people, and families have nothing to fear from him but if you think one of your family is compromised in some way then you can ward off the Anti-Claus by heavily decorating your house in colored lights, holly, mistletoe, Poinsettia, and Christmas lawn props. Having a Christmas tree in the heart of your home is essential in warding off the Dark Claus. Standard protection spells to ward off Demi-Demons also work when combined with key ingredients mentioned above. If you spot the Anti-Claus then please don’t engage him as he is seriously dangerous. As a Demi-Demon he is vampire like being with sharp fangs to rip into flesh, and drink blood. Although he requires no sustenance his various murderous cannibalistic acts constitute sacrifices to the Devil which do in fact increase his diabolical power. He’s also been imbued with various magical powers given to him by demons. Immediately contact us here at Mystic Investigations if you see him, and we will marshal the forces of good to thwart whatever evil plot her is perpetuating. If you are forced into a confrontation with the Black Claus then be sure you’re wearing holly, poinsettia, and mistletoe as repellents. Wearing a holy cross or crucifix also helps as well. Mixing holly, poinsettia, and mistletoe with holy water, and loading up a squirt gun full of the mix could mean the difference between life, and death for you. Unfortunately there’s no known verified way to kill the Anti-Claus so repelling him is the best you can hope for. Despite this there are a small group of folks who call themselves Anti-Claus Slayers who dedicate their lives to the eradication of the evil Santa. They wear specialized costumes made out of latex manufactured from the white milky sap of poinsettia plants. Based on one obscure tale of ancient lore they carry sharp evergreen stakes made from trees growing within holy soil blessed by an Angel. Since the Anti-Claus Slayers are small secretive holy order we know not how they summoned an Angel to bless some Earth or where the mystical Evergreen grove is located at.

It’s rumored that only Santa Claus has the power to kill the Anti-Claus since the Anti-Claus killed Santa back in the 3rd century AD. Unfortunately Santa Claus refuses to put down his horrific twin brother even if it is for the good of humankind. This is one of the few flaws that Santa displays but we can understand where he’s coming from. There’s also the fact that he’s a man of peace who would rather not partake of violence. He has also made it clear that he doesn’t sanction the deadly mission of the Anti-Claus Slayers.

Christmas is the only time of year the Anti-Claus is identifiable since he mockingly wears a black colored Santa Suit with dark orange trim and black boots bearing a red pentagram with a Devil on a cross in the center. Although he can appear as a normal human he tends to take on a demonic appearance when in a rage. Complete with red glowing eyes. At other times his eyes may glow yellow bordering on neon green. Those eyes can be faintly seen in darkness if he’s in human form. We urge parents to take care this holiday season as he enjoys posing as mall Santa’s with the intention of corrupting small children. He has also been known to kidnap kids as apart of various evil dark magic rituals. If you’re not sure about a Santa then ask him to hold a Bible or cross before placing your child on his lap. If he refuses then whisk your child away ASAP! If he were to touch those items smoke would rise from the area it touched and he would be burned.

Finally, there is some hope that someday the Anti-Claus might see the light and turn to the side of goodness since he is after all Santa’s brother. Both were fathered by an angel and given birth by a righteous human mother. The Anti-Claus is the product of nurture rather than nature. He has the same genes as Santa Claus and the same potential to be good. Even after all the murders and evil he has partaken of he can be forgiven of his sins due to his angelic heritage. There could be a day when the Anti-Claus may indeed set up a South Pole City in Antarctica and take half of Santa’s Christmas gift delivery work load along with spreading even more good cheer and merriment about the Earth.

Notes: When Santa’s mother died she ascended to Angelhood and joined Santa’s Angel father. Both have returned from time to time to visit Santa and even Claude in an effort to sway him to the side of good. Unfortunately their efforts have failed thus far.

Known Defenses & Repellents Against The Anti-Claus

The Demonic Dark Claus Of Black Christmas Evil!

Current Status Of The Anti-Claus: Absorbed Into The Devil? On the morning of Halloween October 31, 2013 the Dark Claus appeared at the First Battle Of Armageddon which took place at the Devil’s Pentagram in Kazakhstan. There he impaled his twin brother Santa Claus through the back with a sword of unknown origin lit ablaze with unholy fire. Mystic Investigations Xavier Remington, and Drake Alexander, a fifth generation vampire, vanquished the Anti-Claus thanks to their mystical swords. His blood set off the breaking off a seal which resurrected the Devil. The Devil’s new human like body may have been created by the Anti-Claus’s DNA. Since the body of the Dark Claus vanished at that point it’s assumed he was somehow absorbed into the Devil.

Previous Status: Living Dead In The Underworld The Dark Claus was last seen on Sunday, March 31st, 2013 chasing the Easter Bunny in an effort to absorb the power of Easter for his own twisted ends. A magical spell utilizing the blood of his twin brother Santa Claus caused him to literally melt into the Earth. He has been banished, or appeared dead, before but always eventually returned. This particular spell has differing results on various supernatural beings. Theoretically he doesn’t exist anymore, and has in essence become apart of Mother Earth. However we never say never when dealing with one of the most evil entities on Earth! Naturally this turned out to be true as of August 20, 2013 when three witnesses, a Troll, Leprechaun, and White Witch saw the resurrection of the Anti-Claus into the afterlife for many supernatural beings known as the Underworld. However for entities as powerful as the Anti-Claus this is by no means a final resting place. Hopefully his escape from the Underworld will take a long time. [Twitter]

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The Dark Christmas Tree

The Standard Dark Christmas Tree With Demon On Top!

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