Carol Of The Bells – Action Packed Rock Version

This version of “Carol Of The Bells” is played by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra as a fast-paced hard rock melody. The video shows an awesome Christmas light display that blinks synchronously with the music.

We imagine this music being played on Christmas Eve as iridescent sparkling fireworks blaze across the dark winter skies due to a supernatural air battle being waged. Up above is a red sleigh pulled by nine reindeer, with Rudolph leading the pack with his glowing red nose. Santa Claus, clad in his trademark red suit, is valiantly directing the enchanted reindeer into various maneuvers while also utilizing his Angelic magics to repel the attacking Anti-Claus aka Santa’s evil brother Claude Claus. Claude wears a black suit similar to Santa’s, and his black sleigh is pulled by eight flying hellhounds led by a huge roaring Manticore. The Anti-Claus attacks Santa with a volley of dark demonic-based magics. His objective is to stop Santa from delivering his gifts to the good souls of the world. Luckily Santa’s mystical shields hold, and he shoots down the Anti-Claus’s sleigh into a deep snow bank. Claude then crawls forth full of the snow he hates, and screams, “Curse you, Santa! I’ll get you next year!” Santa then replies, “Ho ho ho Merry Christmas brother!” Santa Claus then speeds away to complete his Christmas gift deliveries bringing joy, and peace to the world!

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