The President of Mystic Investigations, Xavier Remington, was the third oldest of five siblings.  His other four siblings in order of age are:

  • Alexander Remington (Brother) – Age 36 – Founder of the religion known as Godhoodism which believes that people ascend to Godhood when they die due to the amazing knowledge and experiences they amass from their near infinite lives in near infinite parallel Universes.  Alexander came to the realization that growth continues after death and created the Godhoodism in his mind before he officially made the religion public.  He then went on a walk about around the world to confirm his beliefs and eventually he ended up in secret village of ancient monks in the Himalayas.   Here they confirmed his beliefs and he introduced the true religion of the Universe to all for the benefit of humankind.  Alexander lives in Hawaii which is the headquarters of The Church Of Godhoodism. 
  • Angel Remington (Sister) – Age 29 – Angel run a new age self help shop in Wisconsin.  She has a boy, and a girl.
  • Michael Remington (Brother) – Age 25 – Michael invented time travel and is a member of Mystic Investigations although he’s rarely around due to his temporal adventures.  When in Woodland Springs he stays with his brother at Remington Manor.  He however has a home one millions years in the future called The Million Year Manor
  • Melicia Remington (Sister) – Age 23 – The youngest Remington still lives in the families hometown of Washington Island, WI when not attending the Medical College of Wisconsin where she is training to be Doctor.  Melicia Remington only believes in conventional science and therefore cannot accept the world of paranormal.  Especially considering she’s never witnessed anything of a supernatural nature.  She’s also raising her son as well.

Xavier has two nephews and one niece.  Both his parents are still alive and living in Washington Island, WI.

None of the Remington siblings are married due to being free independent spirits.

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