Enchantment Lane Neighborhood

The Enchantment Lane Neighborhood Government

Under the Woodland Springs Town Charter individual neighborhoods, usually all the homes or businesses on one particular street or portion of a large roadway, can petition to form their own sub-government.  The Enchantment Lane Neighborhood is such a sub-government made up of 12 large homes that reside on approximately 2 acres of land each.  6 on each side of Enchantment Lane which lies within a thin line of The Enchanted Woodland that lies along the shores of Luminary Lake.   The Neighborhood President generally provides for governmental facilities.  Current President Xavier Remington has the neighborhood headquarters in his basement at Remington Manor which has a separate outside entrance.  Each household is a member of the neighborhood counsel and gets one vote.  President Remington appoints the Neighborhood Security Captain who patrols the neighborhood and he also acts as the judge on a three person arbitration panel when there’s a dispute.  The Security Captain and any deputies he hires have real police powers within the Enchantment Neighborhood and can carry a firearm and make arrests.  If someone is arrested they are held until Woodland Springs Police, or the Comanche County Sheriff take them into custody.

In addition to the Xavier Remington & Rebecca Abernathy Residence there is the Tiffany Sanders Residence next door to the north.

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