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I'm the Founder, and President of Mystic Investigations. Big time paranormal investigator and hunter of evil supernatural entities.

What Is The Apocalypse Clock?

The Apocalypse Clock is the supernatural equivalent of the infamous Doomsday Clock. The Doomsday Clock calculates the likelihood of human made global catastrophes. Especially nuclear war. Midnight is the hour of destruction. As of 2020 it was 100 seconds until Midnight! Our Apocalypse Clock calculates all risks to humankind. This includes all apocalyptic scenarios such as the Zombie Apocalypse and even the grand War Of Armageddon itself! The Supernatural Apocalypse Clock utilizes the 3:00 AM Devil’s Hour as the start of any given worldwide apocalypse.

Currently the time stands at 13 minutes to 3:00 AM or 2:47 AM! Interestingly enough, it technically became the Midnight Witching Hour the moment the first ape like creature evolved into a Human. It was then that the Heavenly human soul became a target for all manner of dark demonic forces! Thankfully, it is prophesied that future technology and a surge of righteousness will bring us to a 4:00 AM sunrise in the next 1000 years or so! A perfect paradise would set the clock at 12:00 PM High Noon! Read The Rest On Our Main Site…

Who Are The Plague Doctor Pacifiers?

The Plague Doctor Pacifiers Fight To Stop Dr. Death!

The Plague Doctor Of Death is the number one purveyor of perplexing pandemics on Earth! It is by the grace of God and those at the paranormal battlefront that have prevented a major epidemic! In this day and age, the Plague Doctor is often thwarted from causing major epidemics thanks to the rapid global spread of proper medical information and ever-growing health innovations never seen in past centuries. Some of the more horrifying plague plots are handled by the US Paranormal Defense Agency and private supernatural warriors. The newly formed Plague Doctor Pacifiers (PDP) are dedicated to stopping the Doctor’s entire organization right down to its rotten core. The PDP came into existence in late 2019 as various so-called Plague Doctor Slayers decided to join forces for a more effective attack campaign.😷

From Tragedy Is Born The Determination To Defeat The Plague Doctor!

The Plague Doctor Pacifiers are headquartered in Paris, France under the sound leadership of Jean-Luc Tueur. Tueur tragically lost his entire family after an Oath Breaker and Plague Doctor Cult member poisoned their meal at a restaurant! Jean-Luc survived due to having a paranormal immunity to all poisons. After he figured out The Plague Doctor was the culprit he immediately quit his job as a physician and dedicated his life to eliminating this monstrous menace from the Earth! Jean-Luc is virtually obsessed with the Plague Doctor to the point of almost having his own cult. Some even call him the Anti-Plague Doctor. Along with being born with an enhanced immune system he has extensive medical knowledge and is loaded up with borrowed magic to protect himself. He’s also trained in many forms of martial arts and carries a boat load of weapons on his person. His inner circle of dedicated warriors also has his back against any Plague Doctor forces.

The Magnificent Jean-Luc Tueur

Tueur is pictured in the photo at the top of this page in a bird’s beak helmet somewhat similar to the Plague Doctors mask. However, it appears more savage as it is meant to be an intimidation tactic for Doctor Death and his fanatical followers. Many Plague Slayers don spooky masks not only to scare but also to mock the misguided matrons of chilling contagions! Jean-Luc’s mask is said to contain various magical countermeasures outside the one’s trusted witches and wizards have imbued into his body. Generally, borrowed magic can’t be sustained as it destroys the average human form. Thankfully, his amazing immune system and sheer will to win keep his body going even with the metaphysical energy overload. God bless this magnificent bastard and his valiant fight!

The PDP Grows Stronger Every Day!

The Plague Doctor Pacifiers are made up of brave men and women from varying walks of life. Many have some level of supernatural or magical abilities. Some are simple humans who have pledged to use their positions to thwart the Doctor’s cultist minions. They are Oath Keepers who go that extra mile to counter the Oath Breakers. Often these are people who work in the food and medical industries along with other venues that might be a staging zone for pandemic disaster. There are even those in varying levels of law enforcement who are secretly PDP members. Mystic Investigations is a card-carrying member of the PDP that acts as an American satellite office. We stand ready to help out anyone on the hunt for the Plague Doctor and his despicable denizens of darkness!

The Plague Doctor Cult Counters The PDP

Since its recent inception, the Plague Doctor Pacifiers have halted at least three pandemic plots against humankind around the globe! In response, the Plague Doctor Cult has formed a special assassination unit hell-bent on eliminating the PDP. Thankfully, many Plague Doctor Pacifiers keep their identities secret so their family and friends can’t be used as leverage. The rest of us have serious supernatural security in place! Those, such as Jean-Luc Tueur, who have lost everything simply have nothing to lose! They welcome any attack and promise those who dare to tread upon their domain shall surely die! The Plague Doctor, Typhoid Mary, and their malevolent minions think they instill terror in the hearts of the healthy. Now it’s our turn to take it up a notch and make the evil doer’s feel fear for a change! We’re coming for you Plague Doctor! Your time is up!💉

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The Werewolves Of The Wolf Moon Penumbral Eclipse

The Wolf Moon of January has the unique trait of bringing together the vast majority of Werewolves. Generally, Werewolf packs, as seen in entertainment media, are in the minority in real life. They lie within the realm of those who can control their transformations or are actually aware of what they are. Even if a person knows they suffer from the Lycanthropy Virus their natural instinct is to be a low profile loner. There’s also the fact that it’s not easy for the average Werewolf in human form to find others of their kind if they’ve never had any previous contact with the supernatural world.🌕

The Frightful Formation Of Paranormal Packs

The metaphysical energies of the Wolf Moon exponentially hyper-activates a part of the werewolf brain that allows it to find others of its kind. This is far beyond what their sense of smell could detect. It also simultaneously sends out a blasphemous beacon of a psychic sort. These two paranormal phenomenon reach out to each other from anywhere between 50 to 100 miles. Thus allowing werewolves to easily coalesce together. They then battle it out to see who will be the alphas, betas, and omegas of the newly formed packs. Normally wild werewolves meeting each other results in a bloody battle to the death! The pack mentality only occurs during this moon or among those who have some level of human sentience while in furry form.🐺

The Abominable Snowman Yeti Factor

For those experiencing severe winter weather the probability of Yeti activity is very high! They usually follow winter storms and blizzards from the Arctic. Despite steering clear of urban and residential suburbs they do hunt humans for sport and dinner! These giant white furry abominations have a dark intelligence that motivates them to play cat and mouse games with people in remote areas. Hunters, hikers, snowmobile riders, and campers are prime targets! In this case, they could be your savior if you are faced with a rapid werewolf pack. The Abominable Snowman is beyond powerful and will take on the biggest threat presented to it. The big beast will not hesitate to attack an entire pack of werewolves thereby allowing you to make your escape! Once the Yeti takes down the Alpha ,and the next few in the line, the rest usually flee in a terror that werewolves almost never feel! As you hear the unholy roars and screeches don’t look back! Just run as fast as your feet can carry you into the dark cold shadows of the nefarious night!☃️ Read The Entire Werewolf Watch Forecast On Our Paranormal Activity Blog…

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