Mystic Investigations Time Traveler Michael Remington

Current Status: MIA Somewhere In Time…

Code Name: Traveler

Corporate Titles: Former Senior Vice-President, Former CTO (Chief Technology Officer), 25% Shareholder (Controlled By President Xavier Remington until Michael’s return…)

Profession Title: Time Travel Director

Supernatural ID: Human

Areas Of Expertise: Technology, Time Travel, History, Inventing, Treasure Hunting, Science, Kung Fu (black belt), and martial arts weaponry.  He has a pilots license for small jets and helicopters.

Lineage: Human.Although during recent genealogical research there was some minor evidence that his great-great-great-great-great grandfather may have been a Traveler. He was born on the magical island of Washington Island, Wisconsin.  Brother of President Xavier Remington.   

Powers: Time travel through technology he invented.

Residences: Michael still has a room at Remington Manor and a laboratory in the basement near Rebecca Abernathy’s Witches Lair. That is where he would stay when he returned to our time in Woodland Springs.  He also maintains a time museum/home a million years in the future in what he calls The Million Years Manor.

Vehicle: 1981 Silver DeLorean (Only drives it in the present.  It’s not a time machine.)

Past Notes

He’s rarely around and is often gone for many months at a time temporally traveling   He wants to age with us so he doesn’t return to the instant he left our time.  Also due to time travel causing one to be pushed to Parallel Universes, there’s no way to change events in our timeline of origin unless it’s predestined.  Therefore we don’t use time travel as a method to right our wrongs.  Michael simply loved history and invented time travel to explore it.  Although his past explorations can sometimes give us the answers we seek.  Since he isn’t around on a regular basis, Assistant CTO Zack Powers stands in as acting CTO.

Comment From October 11th, 2010 By Xavier Remington…

I haven’t heard from my brother in a while but that’s not all that unusual as he gets caught up in his various temporal adventures. Last I heard he had traveled 200 million years into the past to retrieve a watch he dropped there. I only know that because that was the last entry on his Twitter account: His blog also hasn’t been updated in a while as well:

In his blog he speaks of his method of time travel: “I finally completed my ingenious device called the Quantum Resonance Flux Accelerator which is the size of an iPod which clips to my belt. The device uses unique sound wave frequencies that interact with my body’s sub-atomic matter at the quantum level. It vibrates my quantum particles to nearly the speed of light so that I may travel into the future and it also vibrates them at faster-than-light speeds so that I may travel to the past as well.”

It sounds like a simple device but from what my brother told me it’s quite complicated. In fact, he said he wasn’t even able to duplicate a back-up device and he couldn’t really figure out why. As for lending anyone the device I seriously doubt he’d do that. He won’t even let me hold the thing and keeps it strapped to him at all times. He even showers with it on him.

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