Why Do Some Evil Entities Need To Tell The Truth?

Some supernatural beings, including Demons, Clurichauns(Dark Leprechauns), and Genies, must tell the truth when making a dark deal with a human. Now of course there are always negative consequences. These diabolical denizens of darkness often twist words, and wishes for their own maniacal glee! However, in the Supernatural Secrecy Pact, a Universal agreement between Angels, Demons, and the Earthly Gods dictates truth-telling in various situations when dealing with humans, or other intelligence in the Universe. This means those who don’t have the ability to read higher dimensional minds. In other words, there wouldn’t be any point in a Demon lying to an Angel because they would know immediately it was a lie. This truth clause is a way to provide a fair balance in our paranormal reality. The blasphemous being in question might be metaphysically bound against their will to tell the truth or suffer some consequence. Most likely being eradicated from existence!

Can You Be Screwed Over By A Demonic Contract Or Genies Wishes?

The Supernatural Secrecy Pact(SSP) wasn’t signed by other paranormal races, such as Jinn, but it will still be enforced if such entities are caught violating it. In addition caged Jinn, aka Genies, are bound to truth-telling via their enchanted lamps, and bottles that are indirectly linked to the SSP via magics. Although Genies are notorious masters of twisting the truth to the maximum, without lying, thereby tricking their Masters if possible. One must always take care to craft their words precisely when making a wish to a Genie, or any other wish-granting creature. Even in some cases good paranormal beings like Leprechauns who may simply be annoyed you captured them, or their gold, which then entitles you to lucky wishes!  When making a wish it’s always wise to state the word “wish” last after stating the specifics of what you want!  Otherwise, they’ll cut you off, and fulfill the wish as is!

The Demonic Blood Curse Or Angelic Truth Curse

The requirement to tell the truth in certain situations such as contracts, and wishes fall upon related beings as well to an extent. Those with demonic blood such as vampires are bound to tell the truth if asked directly what they are. This is the result of an Angelic Truth Curse that existed long before the Pact. The Archangels cast the Curse the day Satan’s Angels fell from grace. It’s the heart of driving demons and their blood relations to tell the truth. Especially if they would want to twist contract law. Also, there are elements of the SSP that simply don’t apply to lower-level demonic entities such as Vampires. This is where the Demonic Blood Curse binds them to reveal their identity and ask permission to turn a human into a vampire…at least on a subconscious level. Unfortunately, nothing stops them from blatantly attacking a human to drain them of blood, and extinguish their life from the planet!

The Expansive Paranormal Pact

All supernatural beings created directly or indirectly by the Earthly Nature Gods, and Goddesses fall under the SSP to some extent as well. This includes Demigods, Nymphs, Fairies, Elves, Leprechauns, etc! If you suspect they’re paranormal in some way you can ask them point-blank, and they must tell the truth!  You might ask why doesn’t the Pact truly protect humans and all innocents from metaphysical harm?  Why even allow paranormal darkness to exist in the first place? Simply put Free Will is the foundational law of the entire Omniverse and Macroverse!  The Omniverse God, A sapient Parallel Multiverse consciousness complex in which we exist, adheres to Free Will. In addition, like all Gods, they live to play every mathematical life scenario possible within a certain reason. Never more than a sapient soul can bear.

Tread Lightly Into Dark Contractual Territory!

The bottom line is to always take care in all situations involving supernatural beings good or bad!  We 100% don’t recommend entering into a demonic contract, selling your soul to someone, or accepting Clurichaun wishes!  Genie wishes are a very bad idea as well!  If you choose to do so it’s up to you to precisely word your wishes, and interpret any dark contract. It’s unlikely the average human would have access to a paranormal lawyer versed in supernatural law but hiring such a person as your representative would be your best option! Even a regular lawyer could make sure the contract is legit. Even if you have to say it’s some kind of crazy cosplay. They won’t care as long as you pay them the big bucks!

The Truth Will Set You Free!

In the general sense, a metaphysical granter of wishes must tell you the minimal truth, and answer you truthfully if you ask a direct question!  So asking the right questions is key as well.  If you ask what happens to your soul if it’s sold to the Devil then he must tell you about the afterlife consequences! After you live your amazing dream life here courtesy of your wayward wishes there will literally be some hell to pay!  In the end, the short-term gain just isn’t worth the long-term risk! Hopefully, those who turn to denizens of darkness to fulfill their dreams will have the harsh light of day cast upon them when the cold truth is washed through their very eternal sainted soul!

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