Do Vampires And Other Evil Entities Have To Reveal Their Identity?

Do All Demonic Denizons Have To Truthfully Confirm Their Supernatural Status?

Most people know about the Global Invitation Spell that requires Vampires to be invited into a person’s home otherwise they are supernaturally denied access.  A lesser-known paranormal requirement is that a vampire must truthfully tell you they’re in fact a vampire if you actually ask them. If you directly ask them they can’t laugh it off or make some excuse up. They must admit to being a vampire. However, they can hypnotize you into forgetting you ever found out. Hopefully, someone smart enough to ask would realize that vampirical hypnosis is a real possibility. Then they should have Holy Artifacts, or other countermeasures, in place to prevent this. Certainly, a vampire could easily eliminate you on the spot. Luckily there is a small window of opportunity where a fine thread of Angelic restraint halts that instinct via the Truth Curse.

The Angelic Truth Curse

This revelation requirement isn’t caused by a spell but rather an Angelic Curse on anything that’s a good chunk demonic, and sapient in nature. This means a Demon or Demi-Demon must also truthfully reply to your question as to the nature of their identity.  Although Demi-Demons are often mixed up with Demons, and Vampires so they can deny who they are if you ask the wrong question. Even the Devil himself must admit his identity if you guess correctly. He must respond truthfully to both questions as to whether he’s the Devil and a Demon. Just as the most infamous Demidemon, The Anti-Claus, must respond to either being a Demidemon or The Anticlaus.

The Truth Is The Anti-Christ’s Kryptonite

Speaking of Demi-Demons, this could be a problem for the prophesied dark leader of the future world known as The Anti-Christ, aka the Devil’s son. If asked point-blank on live television as to whether he’s the Anti-Christ he will be forced to respond with an affirmative! He would also have to reveal his negative intentions for humankind rather than the utopian rhetoric he’ll spew forth. Unfortunately, State-controlled mainstream media will probably prevent that from happening. Media control has been going on for a long time now as the Illuminati prepares for the rise of their dark master. Interestingly enough, Dhamphirs, aka Demi-Vampires, don’t have to answer truthfully. It could be they don’t meet the minimum demonic DNA threshold. Especially if they fully embrace their human side. Thankfully, vampires must give you a choice as to whether they bring you across into the dark eternal sanguine shadows. Although they don’t need your permission to straight-up murder you!

The Truth Curse Goes Beyond Identity Reveals

It’s said that this Angelic Truth Curse came the day that the original fallen Angels left Heaven. Archangels cursed them, and their lineage for the unholy defiance they displayed. The complete curse was created to prevent the dark fallen angels from maintaining their glorified nature, and full array of paranormal powers. The Truth Curse extends to Demons, and Demi-Demons unable to lie if directly confronted with the truth on any subject. If that wasn’t enough humans can rest assured that there are various paranormal laws protecting them in The Supernatural Secrecy Pact. The Pact was signed by top representatives of Angels, Demons, and Nature Deities to prevent too much metaphysical interference in human affairs. That being said, the Demons agreed to it to offset Angelic interference into all their affairs. Other evil entities like Jinn (Genies) refuse to accept the higher dimensional agreement.

An Honest Hell Contract With A Soul Dealing Demon?

Between the Truth Curse and The Supernatural Secrecy Pact, there’s also no tricky word play allowed in demonic contracts. Especially when it comes to something as important as selling one’s own soul. Souls are a valuable metaphysical energy commodity and an embarrassment when God loses one! When making a dark diabolical deal what you see is what you get. There’s no fine print or secret clauses. This is why making a deal with the Devil or a Demon doesn’t generally result in unknown shocking surprises. They’ll tell you upfront you’re going to Hell in exchange for becoming a millionaire celebrity!

Demon vs Genie Wishes

This completely unlike Genie’s wishes since Angels have no sway over this distinctly different supernatural species. Genies love to warp wishes due to their anger of being supernaturally sealed in bottles, and lamps for eternity. Just remember deals with Demons usually involve selling your lower-dimensional soul. That’s why it’s very important for people to ask a plethora of questions before making a deal with the Devil. Make sure you’re both on the same page and read every word on your hell contract before signing it in eternal blood! Despite demons having to reveal the truth, it’s possible for you to misunderstand the deal or turn a blind eye to the consequences of your insane actions! Nothing is worth making a dark demonic deal! Ignorance of paranormal law is no excuse to cry foul when it’s time to rot in Hell! If you must go down this dark path always get a metaphysical attorney to look over your contract before you sign your afterlife away!😈

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