Jinn & Genies

Genies are magically confined members of a race of beings known as Jinn.  Jinn are immortal indestructible creatures created before humans and after Angels. Long before the concept of biological matter ever existed.  In fact they were created before any physical Universe as we know it existed.  They exist in an indescribable realm in the same space as ours that is out of sync with our space-time so they and their Universe are not visible to us and ours is not visible to them.  Ancient texts state that they are composed of “Smokeless Flame” or “Scorching Fire”.  However this might be ancient mans way of describing that they’re made of light and energy fused together with the fundamental forces of the Universe.  In a way they’re like natural holograms which makes them similar to the supernatural beings known as “Travelers“.  Although Travelers are almost always Angels or former humans who have reached the peak of free will.

Since Jinn are not composed of biological matter, it’s not as easy to deceive them about the state of their reality in order to keep them grounded in their Universe to lead their predestined lives. Jinn eventually access the pure thought that composes all reality and escape their Universe while phasing into ours. This ends up resulting in great havoc!  Their powers of pure thought allowed them great magical abilities in our reality.  Attempts to destroy them with various magics failed as they proved to be indestructible.  Ancient sorcerers and wizards from secret ancient civilizations pre-dating Mesopotamia, devised magical lamps and bottles to trap these Jinn.  These magical prisons, composed of gold, silver, and alloys of known & unknown elements, were then placed in a special temple.  However it was found that over time the tricky Jinn were able to use the power of pure thought, which is also the real foundation of magic, to escape their mystical confines.  Further magics were imbued upon the lamps and bottles with the help of Angelic forces who revealed that in order to keep the Jinn confined they must be released every so often in a controlled manner.  This controlled manner resulted in the granting of wishes.  In addition a powerful spell keeping them in a fantasy reality within their prison distracts them from trying to escape.  After this took place the trapped Jinn officially became the Genies we know of today.

The Genie lamps and bottles were kept in a special underground temple but people began to misuse the wishes causing mass chaos and eventually bottles and lamps were stolen away by people and other supernatural entities such as demons who would be eager for Jinn to join their ranks against their will.  Jinn have no love for demons, angels, and variety of other creatures.  Archangelic forces swooped in and scattered all the lamps and bottles to the four corners of the Earth.  Now they are a rare find although some wealthy elites and royalty are rumored to have lamps and bottles in their possession.  This could be the secret of their enslavement of humankind via their governments,and more recently corporations, for all of human history.

Any biological being who finds a lamp and rubs it or finds a bottle and opens the cork will become the Master of the Genie who shoots from the container in a billowing puff of white, pink, blue, red, or purple smoke.  In rare cases black smoke indicates extreme evil and one should flee the scene ASAP!  Most of the time lamps have male genies while bottles have female genies.  They almost always appear as the species their master is so for humans he or she would look human since Jinn’s real form is unknown.  This is mentioned because Jinn have phased into our reality on alien worlds where other species have devised similar methods of containing them.  Once the Genie is let out of the bottle or lamp the Master gets three wishes which are simply a scenario that must be played out in the grand scheme of the infinite parallel Universes which ties into Gods mind needing to play out these scenarios.  It’s also a controlled release of the Genies dangerously bottled up power.  If by chance a Genie is not found by anyone for 1000 years then it will most likely escape it’s magical jail, or the raw build up of mystical power will cause the container to explode!  Then it is up to members of the paranormal community to capture and confine it once again unless it learns it’s lesson and finally returns to it’s own plane of existence.

Once the three wishes are complete the genie re-enters the bottle and will not be released again until the bottle or lamp is given to another.  A Master can never be a Master again so having someone give the lamp back to them is futile.   Also Genies more or less evil if not simply disgruntled at being locked in a bottle or lamp. So they will distort wishes and twist your words around to cause demonic like mischief.   TheFemale genie exiting her bottle in a flume of white smoke. wishes are beyond powerful and you can wish for just about anything.  For instance if you wish for something like world peace or anything that would effect the world on a noticeable scale then you would be transported to a parallel Universe where there’s world peace.  Although odds are slim such a peace would hold for long.  There are only three wishes you cannot wish for.  You can’t wish to be a higher being such as a God, Angel, etc.  You can’t wish death on any living creature whether it be human, animal, or alien unless in self-defense.   This also includes higher beings such as God, Angels, other Genies, etc.  And you can’t wish for more wishes or infinite wishes although you can wish for the genie to become your servant.  In this case they could stay with you for life.  When this occurs their magic is confined to menial tasks that would have no effect on the Universe or anyone in it of any consequence.  For instance cleaning your home, making you meals, performing various chores, etc fall within the parameters of acceptable use of magics.  This is the only thing close to getting infinite wishes.  If anyone should ever touch their bottle then that person would be the new Master.  Generally rare good Genies like the servant wish as they can exist within the so called real world free of the fantasy world within their enchanted containers.  Although of course they can go back into their bottle and lamp to experience that any time they like.

One can wish to free a genie from it’s prison but then the human being will be transformed into a genie while the genie is transformed into a human if it’s good, or at least borderline.  Evil Jinn will be cast back to their plane of existence or transform into non-corporeal demons if the forces of evil intervene at the right time.  The most evil may simply disappear from existence.  A rare few genies become Travelers upon release.  Over all though finding a genie is rare, and then having them convince their master to free them is even more rare especially considering the warning on the bottle that will appear in a language the Master can understand.

The genies are reduced to a microscopic form when inside the bottle or lamp.  When inside they can sub-consciously create fantastic worlds in which they can live amazing lives despite it all being a magical illusion.  It’s like they’re in a constant dream state when in the bottle or lamp.  So being trapped in a bottle for Millennia isn’t exactly the hell one would think it is.  If a genie lamp or bottle is destroyed it will eradicate the genie out of existence for eternity unless the container was destroyed by the Genies own power build up.  It is next to impossible to destroy it by any other means since it’s the most indestructible container in our reality.  In addition the power of the lamp or bottle itself can be tapped into for various magical spells without summoning the Genie.  This is something useful to someone whose used up their three wishes and do not wish to give up their magical treasure.

At some point in the recent past Angelic forces strengthened the barrier between our Universe and the Jinn’s so escape into our reality is a much rarer occurrence than it was in the ancient past.  However a good number still do momentarily phase into are reality for brief periods of time in a visible yet non-corporeal form that is sometimes mistaken for ghosts.  More often they are the person you swear seeing out of the corner of your eye when you’re alone.  Yet when you turn to look they’re not there.  They are watching and waiting for their chance to take over our Universe and possibly enslave us all.  They plot to enter this reality to partake in the ultimate Battle Of Armageddon.

Define: Djinn are high level Jinn much the same way Archdemons are high level demons.  Despite what some say Jinn are not demons but rather a different set of evil entities.  Djinn exist in a higher dimension of reality within the parallel dimension the Jinn live in.  However there was a great Jinn uprising, and invasion in our reality during the early years of the Muslim religion. Hence Islam considering them demons.  The most powerful Djinn is the Master of all Jinn named Iblis Shaytan. It’s said he’s even more powerful than the Archdemon Devil himself!

Known Djinn And Jinn

The Festival Of Aramus was an ancient ritual that summoned the Djinn Aramus who was trapped slightly out of phase with reality. The Earth was his Genie lamp as he was damned to be trapped here by his own kind. Spilling the blood of 24 virgins along with a specific ritual freed him. However it bound him into granting the quintessential three Genie wishes.

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james braselton
james braselton
8 years ago

hi there this is the master chief prince of halo in our treaty with earth we get use super powers magic wands and magic ginies too complete any or all our missions

8 years ago

Is there any lamp or bottle present nowadays ? If yes ,then in which country, and who is the owner of that lamp ?

8 years ago

Is it possible for a genie to enslave a human in the lamp without their master wishing for their freedom?


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