January 30, 2023

61 thoughts on “Are Imps Responsible For Knots Forming In Everything So Easily?

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  2. I apologize for having been gone for as long as I have… seems ive missed quite a few issues… However I have a theory that I wanted to run past you guys on a different subject. My theory is on Tulpa’s and Werewolves.. If entire beings and entities could be created entirely out of someones belief in it then ….would it be possible for beings already in exsistence to be altered by a person or large group of people believing it? Would it be possible for a regular person to become a werewolf simply because they or someone else believes they are? Some may believe they are werewolves so much that they alter themselves slightly as a result. or perhaps vice versa? I am not sure , but I would like your opinion on this.

    1. Tulpas are technically an extension of their creator, they share all their memories and because of this can be used to quickly recall something.

      Rarely, they can physically affect things. Very rarely.
      You are probably thinking of the Servitor, with its Servitor->Egregore->Godform cycle.

      1. As the US police state gets serious you decide to make a dash for the Canadian border. Naturally it’s officially closed off as a new Berlin wall is being built while simultaneously the Mexican border is wide open as it’s a police state as well. Canada is on it’s way down the road to tyranny as well but there’s a glimmer of hope. You avoid the border crossings, and sneak across in the woods where you meet other refugees. You eventually end up in a survivalist camp hidden in the deep woods of Northern Canada far from the reach of the NWO who have their hands full with various insurrections in the more densely populated areas.

        1. I just hope that NWO is not going to happen you scare me Julia Hathaway I have one more question for you Julia my friend who is a psychic or claim to be said that I will be taken by Bigfoot in later this year or next year so tell me what do you think of that..write back thank you.

          1. They’re right about you having an encounter with Bigfoot. However it takes place later in the future, and the Sasquatch actually helps you. He is the one who will lead your group safely across the border of Canada, and on to the promised land of the survivalist camp. It seems by this time the government is really out to get paranormal beings such as the Bigfoot, and he’s so angered that he works to help people escape the regime.

  3. Julia I have one more question again i want to thank you for the answer you give me Julia Hathaway the last question i not going to ask you again because i know you busy and maybe wonder this guy asking too much question i want you to forgive me this but here is the last question in my life time will i become a Time Traveler to travel though time so i can help people or explore other dimension..write back thank you that all..

    1. I expanded on the energy of the vision I had about you, and saw that you get an injection of cellular repairing nanobots further in the future past the point of being in Canada. These in essence make you immortal. It’s a technology the NWO wanted to suppress but it was released to the general populace. Several centuries into the future you become apart of a time travel project meant to stop evil doers taking advantage of time travel. So through future technology you do end up traveling through time.

  4. Well that sucks, the NWO is set in stone judging by the way Julia is talking, I believe I would stay and fight, with the ending of getting killed.
    Crossing the border with Mr.secretive over there, with the ‘possibility’ of having the camp raided (due to a loud mouth).
    Or kiss up to Obama like Mr.AnDagra.

    1. I don’t know if I would stay or go when the NWO comes. If Julia’s previous vision of me is accurate then I would probably be staying. Do you still see me fighting Julia?

        1. Ok a few more questions here. Will I be sent to one of the FEMA reeducation camps? If so will I be male or female at the time and will I be put with the female or male population? About when do you see this coming about? What God or Goddess leads the team I’m on? Do you know what happens to make me female?

          1. You will end up in a FEMA camp sometime in the next 10-15 years. You’re still a man at that time. A group of demigods, and demigoddesses will storm the place thereby allowing everyone to escape. Although most end up being recaptured. You go with the group, and end up in an Armageddon training camp run by a handful of Gods, and Goddesses in biological form. The camp is a magically cloaked tropical Island somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. There’s a huge glittering red stone castle at the center of the Island where the Gods live, and commune with Zeus who is in a higher dimension ready to act as General to lead his armies into battle within Armagedeon. The island has several stone buildings that are educational, and battle training institutions. While there you become a female by means I cannot see. It appears you leave the island with a group led by your Father Loki who you meet in the camp.

    2. All of us at Mystic Investigations got together, and created three safe havens if the government goes totally tyrannical. One is an underground fortress in the heart of the Mystical Forest. Theoretically we should be safe in a place teaming with a multitude of paranormal life. However the government might say to hell with all the freaks, and just nuke the hell out of it. A second location is on a Pacific Island owned by Drake Alexander, Duanna Sargon, and some other vampires under a fake corporate name. It includes an underground installation, and a tunnel connecting to an even deeper undersea base. A third secure location exists as well but I can’t give any details. We also have dozens of other hiding places around the globe including Ian Mctavish’s Academy Of Magic in Scotland. If the entire planet goes totally into the darkness then Ian is working on a plan to send us all to a parallel Universe. He’s currently searching for one he heard about where an Anti-Illuminati rules over the planet. A group of billionaires who are amazingly good, and in league with some rogue Angels who want the planet to be the shining light of the Universe. Everyone lives in peace, and freedom thanks to this noble Illuminati eradicating evil wherever it appears, and actively blocking demons from having any influence on Earth. There’s still crime both normal, and paranormal but on a much smaller scale so we would still have something to do. We would also travel to other realities where Mystic Investigations doesn’t exist in order to fight darker evils.

    1. Your door will be kicked in the dead of the night, and you will be taken to a FEMA camp near the Canadian border in Okanogan County. A massive concentration camp holding hundreds of thousands of people for slave labor. You won’t rise high enough in the NWO to meet the Devil, or even a demon for that matter.

  5. Xavier, I prefer Self-Experimenting, since well I have no test subjects, except my Cat, but I refuse to put him under experimental situations….maybe not omnimagic but magic nonetheless, although I prefer psychic abilities and kinesis, not much into rituals and such.
    Also about self-experimenting via biokinesis, I get odd results, about a week ago I ended up with hairy fingers o_O
    My goal is to become somewhat like”Tyrant T-103″

  6. I’m very terrified by what you saw, Julia. It seems like a matter of time until the NWO unexpectedly attacks in the region I live in (PNW). Has all of your predictions come true and can you tell if I have magical potential or not?

    1. Most have on a local scale but the greater the variables the less accuracy I have since many random minds effect the probability of outcomes as we all travel five dimensionally through nearly identical parallel realities.

      1. Julia I have more questions… I have a friends who live in Canada will I go with him when the NWO happen as you saw this vision of me I am kind of scare of going alone by myself..will i be safe? and what about other people like my family will they make it too or not?

        also last question when time travel someday in the future will i get married?? and the last question is this do i ever die or not? write back thank you Julia Hathaway for your gift of psychic.

        1. Yes you will be safe in the survivalist camp of Northern Canada where you meet someone, and get married there. I have no information about your family. I’d recommend working out a meeting location in an NWO emergency so you can all go together. I can only see so far ahead, and I don’t see anything about your death. Although with each passing century the odds increase that an immortal will die. At some point for everyone it will be 100%.

    1. FEMA camps in Washington? Yes?

      Okanogan County (Your Future Camp) – Borders Canada and is a site for a massive concentration camp capable of holding hundreds of thousands of people for slave labor. This is probably one of the locations that will be used to hold hard core patriots who will be held captive for the rest of their lives.
      Seattle/Tacoma – SeaTac Airport: fully operational federal transfer center
      Sand Point Naval Station – Seattle – FEMA detention center used actively during the 1999 WTO protests to classify prisoners.
      Ft. Lewis / McChord AFB – near Tacoma – This is one of several sites that may be used to ship prisoners overseas for slave labor.

          1. None in your region. Anyway our secret places are only for Mystic Investigations along with their family, and close friends. We probably shouldn’t even have mentioned our hiding places, and escape plans to begin with.

  7. Julia I have a couple more questions. I think the camps will be divided into male and female population. Which one will I be put in, the male population or the female population? Also will there be any famous people there? You don’t have to give they’re names if there are I’m just curious if there will be.

    1. As I said you’re a man at the time so you’ll be in the male population. Very few famous people are going to say anything but the NWO propaganda they’re told to spew forth so there will be very few famous people who will be targeted. The ones who are will actually find themselves in cages at Illuminati members homes. Kept merely for amusement. However some will simply be taken out with extreme prejudice.

      1. It wouldn’t surprise me if political correctness would still exist since it’s something the government started to divide people to begin with. Perhaps you claim you’re a woman inside so you get to walk between the male, and female populace. If it’s a relative of a famous person that isn’t really famous on their own then they could very well end up in a camp.

        As for Obama he’s still worried about a possible second revolutionary war so he, and the NWO need to keep up the appearance of democracy. Both top level Democrats, and Republicans are already setting Hillary Clinton up as the next President with another Republican like Mitt Romney pretending to be a real challenger. This is what Hillary was promised by the NWO after she was forced to give up her campaign, and support Obama which you could clearly tell she hated during the 2008 election.

        1. Julia is there a way to contact you privately? If so you can message me over in the forum or have one of the other members do so. I would like to talk more about this with you.

  8. Why is it Zeus leading the armies?!
    I mean Odin is more cut out to be the General….Would Odin have his own Armies?
    Although Odin wad killed by Fenrir, he is making a come back due to worship and praise.
    If Odin does have a army, I would definitely be interested….

    If it came down to it, Odin could probably own Zeus. Odin is also infinitely smarter than Zeus because Zeus never drank from Mimir’s well. Also, Odin cares for humankind when Zeus is greedy and power-hungry. ^_^

    1. Zeus doesn’t lead the armies directly. He’s more of a commander in chief. I just always saw Zeus at the head of a huge table, and never looked deeper into it. Zeus accumulated the most power on Earth, and the most God allies. There are still other factions of Gods including the next powerful one which is the Jupiter faction. I do see Odin sitting at the other end of the table which implies he has an important position of some type of God Counsel. Also I see that Zeus doesn’t have absolute power. All the Gods at the table have a vote. In addition each God rules over it’s own armies which will act as one in Armageddon.

    1. It’s hard to explain. We can just tell by various subtleties. Of course we know the ones we’ve worked with are real. Every November we head out to PARA-CON, the Paranormal Investigators Convention, and most of the people there are bogus. Luckily we end up networking with the real investigators in some of the private conference rooms.

      1. I’d like to go to PARA-CON one of these days and maybe meet you guys in person. I don’t think I’ll ever have the money to be able to do that though.

        Julia I have another question to ask you. Will I have any children and will it be as a man or woman?

    1. I’m not sure who would want to summon such a wretched little creature but it takes a seasoned practitioner of magic. Here is one possible spell:

      Mischievous Imp I harken to thee,
      Appear in my presence at my knee,
      Behave yourself, and do my bidding,
      Obey my plea partake of no forbidding,
      With this offer of tithing I give with glee,
      Materialize in this time-space for me!

      Then you must offer some gold that is the rough equivalent of 10% of your net worth.

  9. can you cast any spells to get rid of the annoying smell i keep smelling at me apartment? it’s like marjiuna and i don’t smoke nor play around with that stuff

  10. Can I have time to explain what happened with the apprent 2ndtime I’ve complianed? I meant that everyone knows to care about the inner beauty about things in life not money nor luxury doesn’t matter because one day it can and will be worthless, and Rebecca that question (about 666) was because I was curious and frightened because I thought that you were in league with satan since 666’s the Antichrist’s number. So in simple terms: It’s love and equality that keeps us all together not money nor wealth because you have more wealth when you love and think that everybody’s equal. that’s what I meant in those comments.

  11. Sorry to ask, but this will be my final question. IS there anything specific you see besides me just slipping through the authorities? I would like to know more.

  12. I meant otherkin as in people who hold spiritual beliefs that they are something different (as in the soul such as: phantom wings, mind-shifting etc) besides being human on the outside literally.

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