How Anyone Can Be Superhuman Via Birthday Wish!

A previously unknown and well hidden clause in the fine paranormal print of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact addresses human free will in the department of Superhuman abilities. Specifically enhanced strength, speed, agility, senses, intelligence, health immunity, and immortality!  However this doesn’t mean invincibility. You can still be killed! It states that Super Humanity can be achieved if one wishes to be “Superhuman” on their birthday at the exact time of their birth down to the second. Obviously it might not be easy to calculate the second you were born but you can try wishing through the entire minute.

The Birthday Superpowers Ritual

Unfortunately The Powers That Be didn’t make it even that easy!  While wishing you must also bury yourself naked under soil up to your neck.  It specifically says,”under soil even with Earth”.  In essence simulating your grave to metaphysically bring your birth, and death into a connective loop. Also while wearing your figurative birthday suit.  Plausibly sand would be okay as well if you happen to be on a beach. In addition both your Father and Mother must be present standing at each end of your mock grave. They are where your life force came from. One at your head and the other at your feet.  No preference in position is given.  If one or both aren’t alive then an important personal belonging at those positions counts. In that case you also need your closest relative present as a witness. For most that would be a sibling. You can’t choose this option if your parents are alive. Yes this is embarrassing but if you want super powers then you must make the tough choices!

The Conditions Required To Be Superhuman

In addition it must either be raining or you have to simulate it by having someone sprinkle water on yourself while in the ground. There must also be a flame within your field of view.  A torch or even a small candle should do the trick. Most importantly of all you must truly believe you can achieve immortal superhuman status.  Have belief in the power of your higher dimensional soul that is being accessed in this ritualistic birthday spell.  A spell that appears to have been suggested for placement in the Supernatural Secrecy Pact by none other than Goddess Gaia Mother Earth.  Since all the signers of the Pact agreed to it, even evil humans can do it.  Unfortunately demons were included in the Pact along with angels, gods, and other supernaturals so everything must be equal!

The Result Of The Birthday Ritual

Apparently if your superhuman birthday wish comes true all your Chakra channels are cleansed, and opened completely allowing for a maximum free flow of metaphysical energy into your biological body.  This will bolster your health, increase muscle mass, and density, and ultra stimulate the brain just to name a few benefits.  The Clause states the ageing process will halt but it will not reverse. However you will probably look younger due to some of the cellular healing, and detoxification that will take place. If you’re a child it seems as if your aging would halt as well so you better not try until you’re at least happy with your appearance as an adult. Unless of course you want to be a perpetual child. It’s also assumed deadly diseases would be cured due to the mention of immunity.  The clause states you can only be killed by mortal wounds with no mention of illnesses.  So you will most likely never get sick ever again! In addition Injuries, and handicaps would be healed upon becoming Superhuman.

Psychokinetic Powers Possible

Since so much metaphysical energy will be flowing within you it’s likely you’ll develop psychic abilities such as sensing danger afoot, and getting premonitions as well.  You may also acquire psychokinetic abilities. Especially if you specifically train to develop them.  This means you could actually fly like Superman, or access additional strength, speed, etc. to be like Superman or Supergirl, since standard superhuman abilities aren’t anywhere near that level. Still, you’d be able to take on a street gang with ease!  With your increased intelligence you could easily master martial arts if you plan to go into superhero crime fighting. Those of you planning to become super villains should keep in mind that Mystic Investigations and other paranormal crime fighting organizations would seek to take you down with extreme prejudice!

We didn’t list the entire spell and ritual here as the Supernatural Secrecy Pact states that a human must find a certified copy of the pact on their own for the spell to work. See Other Magic Spells…

Why Do Some Evil Entities Need To Tell The Truth?

Can You Be Screwed Over By A Demonic Contract Or Genies Wishes?
Some supernatural beings, including Demons, Clurichauns(Dark Leprechauns), and Genies, must tell the truth when making a dark deal with a human. Now of course there’s always negative consequences, and these diabolical denizens of darkness often twist words, and wishes for their own maniacal glee!  However in the Supernatural Secrecy Pact, a Universal agreement between Angels, Demons, and the Earthly Gods, dictates truth telling in various situations when dealing with humans, or other intelligence in the Universe. This means those who don’t have the ability to read higher dimensional minds.  In other words there wouldn’t be any point in a Demon lying to an Angel because they would know immediately it was a lie.  This truth clause is a way to provide fair balance in our paranormal reality.  The blasphemous being in question might be metaphysically bound against their will to tell the truth, or suffer some consequence. Most likely being eradicated from existence!

The Supernatural Secrecy Pact(SSP) wasn’t signed by other paranormal races, such as Demonic WishesJinn, but it will still be enforced if such entities are caught violating it. In addition caged Jinn, aka Genies, are bound to truth telling via their enchanted lamps, and bottles that are indirectly linked to the SSP via magics. Although Genies are notorious masters of twisting the truth to the maximum, without lying, thereby tricking their Masters if possible. One must always take care to craft their words precisely when making a wish to a Genie, or any other wish granting creature. Even in some cases good paranormal beings like Leprechauns who may simply be annoyed you captured them, or their gold, which then entitles you to lucky wishes!  When making a wish it’s always wise to state the word “wish” last after stating the specifics of what you want!  Otherwise they’ll cut you off, and fulfill the wish as is!

The requirement to tell the truth in certain situations such as contracts, and wishes falls upon related beings as well to an extent.  Those with demonic blood such as vampires are bound to tell the truth if asked directly what they are.  They also can’t make you a fellow member of the living dead without giving you the choice…at least on a subconscious level.  Unfortunately nothing stops them from blatantly attacking a human to drain them of blood, and extinguish their life from the planet!  All supernatural beings created directly or indirectly by the Earthly Nature Gods, and Goddesses fall under the SSP to some extent as well.  This includes Demigods, Nymphs, Fairies, Elves, Leprechauns, etc! If you suspect they’re paranormal in some way you can ask them point blank, and they must tell the truth!  You might ask why doesn’t the Pact truly protect humans, and all innocents from metaphysical harm?  Why even allow paranormal darkness to exist in the first place? Simply put Free Will is the foundational law of the entire Omniverse, and Macroverse!  The Omniverse God, A sapient Parallel Multiverse consciousness complex in which we exist, adheres to Free Will.  In addition, like all Gods, they live to play every mathematical life scenario possible within a certain reason that prevents more than a sapient soul can bear.

The bottom line is to always take care in all situation involving supernatural beings good or bad!  We 100% don’t recommend entering into a demonic contract, selling your soul to someone, or accepting Clurichaun wishes!  Genie wishes are a very bad idea as well!  If you choose to do so it’s up to you to precisely word your wishes, and interpret any dark contract.  It’s unlikely a human would have access to a paranormal lawyer versed in supernatural law but hiring such a person as your representative would be your best option! Although dark beings would most likely just say forget it under those circumstances!  In the general sense a metaphysical granter of wishes must tell you the minimal truth, and must answer you truthfully point blank if you ask a direct question!  So asking the right questions is key as well.  If you ask what happens to your soul if it’s sold to the Devil then he must tell you about the Hell you will be in for after you live your amazing life here courtesy of your wayward wishes!  In the end the short term gain just isn’t worth the long term risk!