Strawberry Moon Werewolf Warning

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The Mystic Investigations Paranormal Activity Forecast Center has issued a Strawberry Moon Werewolf Warning for the entire planet from dusk to dawn! We advise staying indoors during the nocturnal hours until the Moon is below 80% of Full. If you must go outdoors then be sure to carry the proper Werewolf Repellents and be aware of your surroundings. We advise using lethal countermeasures of a silver variety only if no escape is possible. Remember that these mindless monsters are humans by day and most of the month. If you spot a werewolf don’t hesitate to contact the nearest Werewolf Hunter or Paranormal Professional including masters of magic.🍓

The Magical Strawberry Moon

In cooperation with various lunar deities, this Moon of June is under the control of Native American Goddess Athenesic (aka Awehai). Her people observed the short season of the strawberry harvest as a special time while Summer took shape. They partook of various mystical rituals due to the strawberry being a sweet reward from Mother Nature. In areas where the Moon appears pink to red there is most likely a high concentration of Strawberry Fairies and Nymphs afoot. This could also indicate witches calling upon said deities and the lunar energy for power. In such zones, Werewolves may be rather docile. In general, the Moon makes them somewhat less aggressive. Either way, the danger of being eaten for breakfast still hangs heavy in the air.🌕

Summon A Strawberry Fairy For Help!

[sta_anchor id=”spell” /]Besides the standard werewolf countermeasures, it is said eating strawberries and having its scent upon you may add extra paranormal protections under this particular Moon. If all else fails you can call upon a Strawberry Fairy for protection from a Werewolf attack. Asking for help will work more readily if under the colored Moon. Ultimately, you must actually believe Fairies are real for it to work. Naturally, if you’ve spotted a werewolf it isn’t much of a leap to believe in other supernatural beings. Here is the short incantation to summon a Strawberry Fairy:
Fair Fairy of the Strawberry,🍓
I respectfully call unto thee,
A hairy horror is upon me,
The beast is causing me strife,
I implore you to save my life,
Fair Fairy of the Strawberry!🧚
If the incantation works a Fairy will appear and fly wildly around the Werewolf while sprinkling pink sparkling Fairy Dust about. The wild wolf will be deeply distracted and even sneeze from the dust. At this point, you should run as fast as your feet will carry you and never look back. The next day you must plant 12 strawberry plants and bless them in the name of the Fairy. Their name will manifest in your mind. The magic of the Fairy will allow you to find the strawberry plants rather quickly. Failure to do this will result in bad luck!🐺

Additional Supermoon Warning

Although this Strawberry Moon isn’t technically a Supermoon it is rather close. Some werewolves will be selectively more ferocious and larger than others due to this unpredictable factor. Pray you don’t run into one of those who also isn’t anywhere near the lulling effect of the Strawberry Fairies!🐺

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