Wolf Moon Werewolf Warning

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A Wolf Moon Werewolf Warning is in effect from now until Groundhog Day. The wayward Wolf Moon of January brings us the second most dangerous Full Moon of the year. The Blood Moon Of Halloween is usually the worst for Werewolves and paranormal activity in general. The threat of this malevolent Moon lies in its metaphysical energies being controlled by a cooperative of Wolf Gods. Ultimately, the Roman God Of War, Mars, is at the helm with the power of Jupiter, King Of The Roman Gods, behind him.

The metaphysical energy of the Wolf Moon lunar light causes a usually inactive part of the Werewolf brain to activate. The normally mindless monster begins to seek out others of its own kind. The werewolves send out psychic signals to track and meet each other. They then battle for supremacy to choose the Alpha, Betas, and Omegas of their newly formed Werewolf pack. Most of the time werewolves are loners who will attack other werewolves with intent to kill. In human form, they usually have no way of finding others afflicted with the Lycanthrope Virus. The werewolf packs that already exist are from those who have managed to come together in their human form and mastered the art of controlling their Full Moon transformations. This also extends to keeping a decent portion of their human persona in wolf form so they don’t attack fellow pack members. They are often Native Americans with werewolf ties dating back centuries into the past.

Once a werewolf pack has been established they then hypnotize actual Wolves to become satellite members of their group. All with the purpose of hunting down prey of an animal and human sort! Mighty meals are had in the nights of carnage when the Moon is over 80% of Full. When they come across rival packs war breaks out resulting in one pack dying or one being absorbed into the other. Naturally, one of the Alphas ends up dying. We recommend staying indoors at night since you will be dealing with possibly a dozen or more werewolves and wild wolves out for flesh and blood. Werewolf Repellents will work as usual but remember they won’t work on the regular wolves! If you happen to live in a zone out of the natural habitat of wolves then consider yourself lucky! Although they have been known to recruit domesticated dogs as well!­čÉ║

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