Dark Blood Moon Eclipse Werewolf Warning

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The Full Moon of November is normally the Dark Moon in the supernatural world. In the mainstream community, it is often referred to as the Beaver Moon. It exudes the energies of Halloween and impending winter darkness. Since the November 2021 Moon falls closer to Thanksgiving it wouldn’t have an extra effect on the wayward wolves of a monstrous sort. Unfortunately, this is a Blood Moon controlled by the forces of demonic evil. An ominous orchestration courtesy of the celestial manipulation of a Lunar Eclipse. Despite it technically being a Partial Eclipse we will see 97% of the Moon turn blood red within the Earth’s shadow that blocks the full force of the sun’s reflection.

The Longest Supernaturally Strong Lunar Eclipse In Over 500 Years!

This Dark Blood Moon will also be the longest lunar eclipse in over 5oo years! It will go on for 6 hours falling into the prolific paranormal activity zones of the Witching and Devil’s Hours. From Thursday Evening November 18th into Friday Morning November 19th. In time zones where the evil eclipse is at its maximum during the 3:00 AM hour, it will be known as The Devil’s Eclipse. Expect alarming levels of sinister supernatural action that will bring out ghosts, ghouls, poltergeists, vampires, dark magicians, and demons! They will feed off the evil energy and be more active than usual.

Human Form Werewolves With The Mind Of A Mindless Monster

Werewolves will of course be an issue as well. However, under this virtually full eclipse, most Werewolves will revert to a human form while maintaining the monstrous mind of their blasphemous beast. They may be easier to handle but they are still superhuman and will be out for blood! It is especially dangerous for them as they will be vulnerable to Werewolf Hunters along with their real face being exposed to the world. If they are caught committing heinous crimes they will be arrested at some point or be on the run for the rest of their lives! There’s no way to explain their werewolf mind to the authorities. Although they can always plead insanity. This is the one Moon a werewolf should choose to lock themselves away. That is if they even realize they are infected with the Lycanthrope Virus.

The Paranormal Power Of The Dark Blood Moon

Keep in mind that before and after the actual eclipse werewolves will still be in their normal ferocious furry form. There will also be brief periods between where they appear to be wolfmen or wolf-women. Either way, they will be mad monsters all night long! The Dark Blood Moon will also grant them greater strength, speed, agility, and senses. This will extend to places around the world where the lunar eclipse won’t be seen. Although, they will simply stay in normal werewolf form without any transformative variations. All Werewolf Repellents will work but may require an extra kick. Using two methods together may be necessary in many cases. For instance, you may want to coat any silver weapons with holy water. We highly recommend staying indoors from dusk to dawn!­čÉ║

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