The Thirteen Nights Of Halloween Warning!

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The ominous Orange Alert has been sounded around the supernatural world for The Thirteen Nights Of Halloween have finally arrived! These are the nefarious nights of October 19th through October 31st. Usually The Orange Alert only sounds on Halloween Eve, Samhain, and All Souls Day Of The Dead. Unfortunately, this is an exceptional Halloween season for paranormal activity! For those who live in blissful ignorance it is a jubilant two weeks of spooky celebration. Meanwhile it’s a turbulent time for those of us in the supernatural know.☯️

Perplexing Paranormal Pandemonium Plagues The Planet!

A perplexing period of paranormal pandemonium fueled by several factors. These include the metaphysical energies amped up in the Spirit Of Halloween. Power available to both the forces of good and evil in accordance with the laws of Universal balance that defines the little know real purpose of All Hallows Eve. Enchanted energies also emanate from The Blood Moon of October. This is exponentially increased this year due to the Blue Blood Moon that falls on Halloween itself. An extremely rare occurrence that creates a temporal feedback loop of dark lunar energy accessible throughout the entire month! Then we have the thinning of the inter-dimensional veil between our world and that of the spiritual realm. This is Halloween again trying to bring balance in all things. Even bringing the dead closer to the living!🧟‍♂️

All Hell Breaks Loose Around The Planet!

Expect a wide range of ever increasing paranormal activity as we grow ever closer to sainted Samhain. Malevolent metaphysicals will be at their highest haunting status! Especially in places where people have died or the dead lie. Ghosts, poltergeists, dark spirits, and demons dart about looking for souls to feed off of. Demonic possessions will be on the rise along with Zombies! The dead will rise from their graves by their own will or that of dark magicians. Wayward witches, warlocks, and wizards will lay waste to anyone who gets in their way as they hover at peak power! Vampires will be on the prowl for a surge in sanguine energy. Harvesting your blood at Halloween is an annual rite of passage! At least Werewolves won’t be an issue until the Moon is at 50% of Full. Yes indeed, this upcoming Blue Blood Moon is so powerful that it increases the usual minimum of 80% of Full required to transform a Werewolf! Also be on the look out for those tiny terrors known as Gnomes! They love eating kids to keep themselves looking young!👻

Hellish Horror Will Be Handed To Those Who Don’t Hallow Halloween!

Most supernatural beings, both of the light and dark side, will be surging with the metaphysical energy of the Halloween Spirit. Both factions looking to neutralize each other with innocent humans often caught in the middle! Although, they’re always in danger from evil entities! Merely celebrating Halloween to the fullest though costume, decoration and spirit can do a lot to protect you from that which goes bump in the night. A lit Jack-O-Lantern at the front of your home is the first line of defense and a beacon to draw the protective Samhain Spirit toward you! Embracing the Spirit Of Halloween can repel a great many forces of darkness along with standard supernatural countermeasures found throughout this website. More entities of righteousness will be afoot in the light of the sun and moon while denizens of darkness skulk in the sinister shadows. When faced with a threat you have a good chance of getting help if you call upon the forces of righteousness. These can includes nature deities such as Nymphs and Fairies. It’s even possible to call upon your dearly departed who are far freer to leave Heaven for a time! Stay safe and have a Happy Halloween while paranormal professionals work to protect you behind the scenes!🎃

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