What Are Succubus And Incubus?

The Ultimate Demonic Golddiggers!
Succubus, and Incubus are some of the lowest level biological form demons in existence. In fact they’re not anywhere near as powerful as Demi-Demon, or Human-Demon Hybrids. Succubus, and Incubus refer to the same type of demonic being except Succubus are females, and Incubus are males. They are almost exclusively former humans whose dark deeds netted them demonhood. Generally they’re not practitioners of magic, and instead are those who used their exquisite beauty, charm, and sexual prowess to acquire power in life. They’re often the young ones who married the old rich people, and then possibly murdered them to inherit their wealth! At some point their darkness was noticed by a demon who encouraged them to commit more atrocities. Or they even sought out demons themselves all in the name of wealth, and power! These are unique individuals with worth to demons so they wouldn’t trick them into their usual dark soul selling deals. However they are used by higher level demons to lure innocents into such deals with their blatant blasphemous sensual allure.

These agents of enchanting evil often communicate with demonic spirits who will send them on missions to corrupt, and destroy virgins along with other vulnerable humans. Particularly pure of heart innocents, and those in positions of power who are already corrupt themselves. Their simultaneous targeting of these two polar opposites is what makes them very unique. If you don’t fall into either of these categories then you probably have nothing to worry about. These despicable denizens of darkness don’t limit themselves to adults as they go after teens as well!  Succubus are often used in grander schemes to set up power bases for the Devil as he prepares for his Anti-Christ son to take over the Earth! This might mean seducing, and marrying titans of industry, and politicians as well.

Not only does the Succubus, and Incubus often fulfill a purpose outside of their insatiable Succubuslust but they gain paranormal power as well. Initially they feed off of sexual energy, and feelings of wanton wonder. With each sexual encounter these masters of seduction penetrate further to darken a person’s mind, and heart along with sucking away the metaphysical energy of their soul.  Innocent virgins are often the most appetizing treats that provide the most energizing enchantment. Once the person has outlived their usefulness there is an increase in energy siphoning that eventually causes the person’s untimely death. This is considered a demonic sacrifice that adds to the Succubus’s power. So they gain power directly into their bodies from the victim, and also from their demon masters who reward them for their erotic efforts. If they manage to convince someone to sell their soul then they gain even more paranormal powers. All of which pushes them further toward their goal of being a true complete demon someday. One who walks hand in hand with the Archdemon Devil in the fiery bowels of hell!

What Powers Do Succubus And Incubus Have?
The powers of these dark seducers increases temporarily right after a sexual exploit, and permanently as they hand innocent souls over to their demonic masters. These include giving off phenomenal pheromones to attract victims along with amazing hypnotic powers. In some cases a succubus or incubus may even be able to compel a Vampire to do their bidding! Naturally they can induce immense pleasure in any human, and a variety of paranormal creatures. Even those who claim to never achieve such ecstasy. They also gain ever increasing abilities to read people’s emotions, and even their surface thoughts. There’s also enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses. The average Succubus and Incubus have power on the level of 7th generation vampires. Another interesting aspect of these carnal creatures is their flexible bisexual nature. Even if their sexual orientation was totally different as a human.

Since they are demons the various religious artifacts such as holy water, and crosses will have some repellent effect on them. However not at the same level as vampires. Certainly a succubus can soak up the sun without issue. They need the freedom to be in all venues of society. This is one reason why humans were chosen to become this type of demon. Once someone is under the sensual spell of a succubus or incubus it can only be broken by someone the victim loves, or by a more powerful supernatural being. These single minded sirens of serious sexuality won’t hesitate to brutally murder anyone who stands in the way of their malevolent mission! Always consult a paranormal professional, or powerful practitioner of magic before taking on these heinous horrors!

The most famous team of Succubus, and Incubus are known as the Fatal Five. Their specialty is to work in unsavory unison to weave together intricate plans in the corporate, and political world to further the goals of their demon masters. They are the tip of the sinister spear to make the Devil’s global agenda a reality with the fast approach of Armageddon!

One of the most famous Succubus of all time was Lilith.



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  2. Assuming they become a demon, would they be permanently cut off from their human soul? Is it possible for a Succubus or incubus to have a kid with a human? If so is the child basically a low level Demi-Demon?

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