May 21, 2024
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12 years ago

Not all exorcisms work! Mostly the person who is being taken over must fight them out! They must believe they hold gods fountain within them. If they don’t they are lost. I know this because something once happened to me as well. Allot has happened to me. But that is one very powerful antidote to ridding one of something that is unwanted. I have taken a demon out of someone by hugging them. I wrapped my arms and body around the person. laying on our side. Then imagined we both were under a magnificent waterfall. At the top of the waterfall is a giant gold and silver cross! So in tern the water is pure holy water. I did this for 20mins. The person began to jerk around. I held on tight and ESP’d the demon. You’re not welcome! LEAVE NOW!

I then seen a black shadow and it squealed like a pig. Startled me but I kept a strong hold upon the person. So it wouldn’t try to come back. It wasn’t happy I did this of course. But it left. This is just my experience. I hope it was of help to anyone needing help! I have thought about becoming an exorcist. But decided my life is complicated enough with the unknown. I don’t really want to start a war with them. And the person the demon was possessing was my love. So of course I felt it was worth it.

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