Is Scientology And The Alien Xenu Real?

The religion of Scientology and virtually everything they believe in, including the infamous Extraterrestrial Xenu, is…wait for it…NOT TRUE!🙄 Yes, indeed folks this is a first for Mystic Investigations. Our vast array of supernatural articles have espoused that several aspects of the paranormal world are in fact real. In this case, there is no evidence for this silly space plane flying Xenu fella. Nor his particular Galactic Federation that supposedly existed some 75 million years ago. Even upper tier psychics, seers, and mystics can’t detect a Parallel Universe where this idiocy exists!🤣 At the time zany Xenu would have come to Earth biological Demons walked the planet freely. They could have easily eaten Xenu for breakfast! Also, these imaginary immortal alien spirits known as Thetans don’t cause spiritual harm in humans. There are already demons, dark gods, sinister Earthly spirits, and haunting ghosts who perform such despicable acts. Thankfully, there are very few alien spirits plaguing humankind. Far more are abducting and experimenting on them!👽

The Righteous Road To Religious Riches!

In the end, Scientology is a fable based cult created by L. Ron Hubbard in his Dianetics books. He was smart enough to realize the powerful hold religion has over people. The power to influence their thoughts and daily actions through fear of holy retribution. The ability to raise large sums of money through donations based merely on a simple story. Imagine the massive mountains of moola J.K. Rowling could add to her billions if she declared Harry Potter was real and created The Church Of Hogwarts? She would be the worlds first official Trillionaire!💰

The longer a religion exists the more credibility it usually gains. Even with celebrity followers like Tom Cruise and John Travolta, it’s said that Scientology only has about 50,000 members. However, The Church Of Scientology claims to have over four million followers. Whatever the number these slick weasels pull in a cool $500 million a year! So why not be like Hubbard and make up your own religion today! You too could be on the road to riches and slave-like worshipers meeting all your needs!😂

Xenu Imposters

Interestingly enough there are a handful of demons and dark gods with the name Xenu. However, there is no official relation to Scientology. We are aware the dark Underworld god Xenu tried to impersonate the alien character. He hoped to siphon the soul driven energy of church members. Fortunately, L. Ron Hubbard didn’t want someone else homing in on his action.  He rectified the situation by hiring a wicked witch to banish the dark deity back to the Underworld. There was also a demon named Xenu who messed around with top-level Scientology members just for giggles. Ironically, the Scientologists secretly called in top flight Vatican Exorcists to get rid of the false Xenu!😈

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