Why Are Humans So Weak In Comparison To Animals & Supernaturals?

Early Human WarriorsHumans are paranormally classified as Animal-God Hybrids.¬† Animal coming first since our bodies are biological.¬† Then God for our unique intelligent consciousness that is connected to our higher dimensional souls existing outside this space-time dimension.¬† A consciousness that has built a civilization that dominates the Earth above all other species.¬† However, when placed in the wilds without the use of any of our marvelous inventions we don’t fare too well against other predators nor nature in general. As Animal-God Hybrids we seem to neither have the ferocious strength, speed, agility, and enhanced senses of many animals nor the supernatural powers of the Gods.¬† In a way, we have the worst of both worlds it seems. It’s almost a joke of nature to have our complex consciousness bottle up in inferior animal bodies!

Some have conjectured we’re so different from the other animals due to having direct extraterrestrial origins.¬† That’s simply not the case.¬† However, the origin of life on this planet could have resulted from Panspermia, or seeding of the planet by extraterrestrials, comets, or meteors. ¬†The reason why we can only withstand a limited variety of food, require shelter, heating, clothes, medicine, etc. is due to our awkward stage in the evolutionary process.¬† In essence, we’re in the early teenage years of our evolution.¬† Not quite animal anymore yet far away from being Gods which would be considered the adult stage.¬† In our infancy, we were powerful ape-like beings who were driven by instincts to survive in the unforgiving wilds.¬† We as early humans were able to stand up to horrifying beasts, the elements, and everything Mother Nature threw at us.¬† Unfortunately as our minds developed toward Godhood, and civilization took root, our oneness with nature began to fade away.¬† We came to rely on our tools, weapons, and other inventions to make life easier in order to make more room for the self-perceived pleasures in our existence along with creative leisure pursuits.

With the advent of civilization and the ever increasing ease of life, our bodies grew weaker over generations from lack of its full potential use as seen in wild animals.¬† A potential only seen in some when they surpass what was once thought to be the limit of human physicality. Those who override the brains need to dedicate energy to other processes besides muscular strength. Often in the world of athletics, and also in the secret world of Supernatural Hunters. ¬†Theoretically, we should be as strong, if not stronger, as chimpanzees who beat us by four times the amount of strength! In the early days of our ascension toward Godhood, it was more often the hormone driven animal side that ruled our lives. Now it’s our intellectual side in constant conflict with that animal side! This is the origin of a plethora of psychological diseases!

With each passing decade, we see ever increasing acts of mind over matter despite our bodies now being a mere shadow of those early in our species. Every century we witness more people developing psychokinetic powers that lie latent in our junk DNA.  A physical product of our true metaphysical nature. Although only a small percentage of the populace wields such powers to a level that would make them superhuman in nature.  The first of these people to begin the next stage in our evolution were those with psychic abilities. Naturally, this world of superhumans hides in the shadows secretly fighting the forces darkness for fear of being locked away in a government facility, or worse!

The current epidemic of obesity and diseases caused by sedentary lifestyles, junk food, and even chemical pollutionAkward Human Evolution¬†will continue to rise. Especially as¬†the corrupt criminal regimes of the world drive us further into dystopia during these tumultuous teenage years of our physical, mental, and societal development.¬† This is the most dangerous time during any species intelligent evolution.¬† A nail-biting window of time where self-destruction is most likely as we race to spread our species into space in order to avert any natural extinction such as by the hand of a massive meteor or comet. Or even extraterrestrial invasion! However it’s more likely a global pandemic, or nuclear apocalypse will cause our species to meet its maker.

Humankind’s¬†Future As Superhero Gods
Super-Human-HeroesHumans need to get past their evolutionary growing pains by wiping out the criminal plutocratic elites who divide humankind and hold us down. We need to create a truly free form of government by the people and eliminate our traditional concepts of economics, and money. We must work toward our common betterment rather than individual selfish profits, and luxuries. Once that happens an era of enlightenment will lead us to the ultimate utopia of peace, and happiness!  A renaissance of Godhood where we begin to tap into our latent junk DNA, and the untapped powers of our God like minds filtered through the illusion of our biological brains.  This coupled with future genetic engineering, biomechanical enhancements, and other technologies will bring our weak bodies not only back to the power we had as animals but surpassing it to superhuman levels, and beyond!  A day will come at the end of our evolutionary biological cycle where we will have superior physical prowess even in comparison to a Lion along with a complete array of super powers.  Powers that will finally place us at the top of the planetary based supernatural food chain.  No longer will vampires, werewolves, zombies or any paranormal beings tied to this Earth be a threat.  We will hunt them rather than they hunting us!  Although I suppose those pesky practitioners of dark magic will still continue to be an issue. However, there will also be a day when every human will know how to tap into marvelous magics as well!

Soon after achieving the apex of our biological existence we will begin to transform into beings of pure energy who can traverse space, time, parallel Universes, and the higher dimensions as well.  This will be the early adulthood phase of the human species evolution to metaphysical energy entities, and ultimate non-corporeal Godhood.  We will most likely be joined in our ascension by other extraterrestrial species from across our Universe as we all make room for a new batch of animals to evolve into Gods.  We will then move into the realm of being equal, and eventually surpassing the powers of higher dimensional beings such as the Earthly Gods(Celtic, Greek, Roman, etc.), and of course, the dreaded Demon threat that has loomed over us for countless centuries.

The final destination of our evolution will take us even past Archangels as we ascend to Godhood-Ascensionvarious stages of Godhood that include us creating our own Universes, and sentient beings arising from our own evolutionary processes of intelligent design.¬† It’s thought that possibly our growth will continue into our golden years of evolution in which we become Omniverse Gods, and eventually become one with the Macroverse God, aka the infinite mind that is everything that exists! This will allow us to assimilate every experience, and emotion that was ever felt by a living being in every Universe, Multiverse, Omniverse, and beyond!¬† Although if reality is infinite then our evolutionary growth will never end!

Can Someone Really Sell Their Soul To The Devil?

Is it possible to make a deal with a demon, or even Satan himself, in exchange for your very immortal Soul?¬† We hear celebrities, particularly those in the music industry, say they sold their soul to the Devil.¬† Are they for real or are they speaking figuratively about the evil greedy corporatists who run the entertainment industry? Foolish people do indeed sell their soul to the Devil despite the idiocy of trading a potential eternity of peace, and paradise for success in this short life. ¬†These silly soul sales generally occur via the Devils¬†demonic minions who possess masterful dark deal brokering skills. ¬†Even if celebrities aren’t directly selling their soul there are many who¬†end up selling out to the greedy corporatist establishment who themselves work for the Illuminati, aka wealthy plutocratic elites, who in turn worship the Devil.¬† So does that mean they will go to torturous¬†hell for all eternity?¬† What does the Devil get from possessing souls?

Firstly, let us define what a soul even is?¬† Our ultimate soul in this Omniverse (collection of multiple Multiverses) is that of a Heavenly Archangel who will most likely ascend to Godhood, and form their own Universes.¬† That is how we’re first born into reality.¬† This is where our first true memories lie.¬† That Archangel is made up of multiple Angel lives that existed in the various Multiverses (collection of parallel Universes).¬† Your Archangel self, and Angel selves already actively exist because they reside¬†outside time as we know it.¬† Your soul in this Multiverse, or Angel self, is five dimensional in nature, and possesses all the memories, and knowledge of all your parallel lives within many four dimensional Universes like this one we exist in now.¬† We as biological beings are but a small fraction of our Angel soul.¬† Within single Universes like this one our 3-D bodies of free will generate even another soul which is 4-D in nature.¬† It’s the conduit to our 5-D Angel soul which in turn is connected to our 6-D to 7-D Archangel souls.

Naturally we wouldn’t have the authority to sell our 5-D soul or higher when we’re¬†a mere fraction of said soul.¬† We only have the authority to sell our 4-D soul that makes up our life in this one Universe. ¬†They can still exist as an Angel in the higher dimensions since they’re technically only selling this one soul.¬† However if they do this in too many Universes they may in fact jeopardize their Angel status.¬† Too many instances of evil in other¬†Multiverses could¬† mean never moving on to Archangel or God status.¬† Or being declared evil, and blinked out of existence for all eternity unless Demons invite them to hell.¬† Ultimately nobody is tortured for eternity in hell against their will! ¬†The evil are eventually eradicated from all¬†reality in the distant future.¬† Even the Devil, and hell itself will be wiped from the mind of God never to exist again!

So what happens after a human makes a deal with a demon to sell them their soul?¬† They get fame, wealth, health, and whatever else they asked for in this short life of less than a century. They also must cooperate with the Devil worshiping Illuminati, and be their slave for all intents, and purposes.¬† If they keep their agreement then upon death their 4-D soul of this Universe doesn’t move on to the Angel afterlife.¬† As you may know some don’t move on right away, and become ghosts. ¬†Instead of becoming confused ghosts the soul sellers go to hell¬†to¬†become a demon. As a demon they must directly serve the Devil in corrupting other humans, and doing dastardly deeds of destruction. ¬†If they refuse to cooperate in their dark Afterlife mission then, and only then will they be tortured!

Upon Gods eradication of hell in the distant future the soul sellers memories of demonhood will be within their Angel selves if they end up being judged good in the various Multiverses.  However those who go this far tend to have a dark soul to begin with.  A soul that was already born into hell as a demon from day one.  In this case they are a 5-D Arch-Demon.

If they go back on their agreement while still alive they are usually destroyed in many ways while alive, and then murdered.¬† However it’s made to look like a suicide, drug overdose, or accident.¬† It’s considered a sacrifice to the Devil, and they go to hell for a short time before Angels rescue them. ¬†In addition their family, and friends become prime targets for bad luck, and soul targeting! So selling your 4-D soul is serious business, and a dangerous game nobody should want to play. ¬†Thankfully they¬†will be released from the hell of their ridiculous¬†mistake at some point¬†so that they may either go to Heaven or be blinked from existence for all eternity.¬† God does not allow real eternal hell to exist because no crime is worthy of an eternal punishment. Nor does it serve any purpose whatsoever!

So what does the Devil get from collecting human souls?¬† The recognition, and gleeful gloating rights¬†of corrupting God’s creations is one thing.¬† There’s also the fact that he’s amassing an army of hell to battle the forces of Heaven in Armageddon.¬†For this dark cause¬†every able bodied soul helps. ¬†The Devil¬†also gains the amazing¬†metaphysical energy reserves contained within humans souls which adds to the Devils personal power.¬† Ultimately the Devil, and the demons love messing around with humans, and destroying lives since they don’t have much else to do with their miserable lives. We should pity the denizens of darkness¬†in their pathetic¬†plight. However they’re so evil that they aren’t worthy of our¬†pity.

Universal Law dictates humans must be 20 years of age to sell their soul. Souls are freed if the demon making the deal dies. Although, riders in demonic contract can dictate the Devil ultimately owns all souls bound for Hell!ūüėą Still, if by some miracle a soul can escape Hell then all contracts are null and void!ūüßź

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Does The Vatican Hold Ancient Secret Biblical Scrolls?

Will There Be A Neutral Christ Upon Our Earth?

Neutral Christ ScrollsYes indeed The Vatican, and other Christian religious authorities, have¬†suppressed a missing Biblical chapter called “The Destiny Of¬†Mankind”¬†that would have told the tale of the so called Neutral Christ who would save humankind from a damned ending to Armageddon¬†while ushering¬†in an eternity of enlightenment for Humankind. ¬†A future of technological evolution that¬†would eventually find human civilization ascending to Godhood in the higher dimensions of reality that eventually leads to discovering the Omniverse God.¬† The cryptic wording of the scrolls indicates that society would be allowed to advance free of widespread supernatural interference while¬†meeting God on their own terms.¬† This however only happens if the Neutral Christ, the one whose number is 777, defeats the Anti-Christ, Son Of The Devil, in mortal combat. Unfortunately the Neutral Christ would only be a genetically perfect man or woman who would probably be considered super human at best but still wouldn’t have the demonic backed power of the Anti-Christ aka the one whose number is 666.¬† Just as Jesus Christ, the son of the Omniverse God, had the backing of his Father, and Heavenly Angels.¬† The Neutral Christ would only have humankind backing him up which could be enough if he was able to access the collective power of all human¬†souls known as The Spirit Of Humankind. This could also include human Angels in Heaven as well. ¬†It’s also been conjectured that The Neutral Christ could have the backing of some Earthly Nature God factions.

The¬†Vatican suppresses the ancient¬†Scrolls Of Destiny because it takes away from their hell fire doctrines, and power position as the top authority figures in religion.¬† They don’t want humankind to be free to make a choice.¬† They’d prefer we remain Gods children forever rather than growing up into Gods ourselves someday. ¬†Although many religions serve an important purpose of creating a moral foundation for a civilized society it’s also notorious for being misused as a¬†control mechanism to shackle people. ¬†However in modern times governments seem to serve that purpose more than religion.

Interestingly it is also written that the Neutral Christ will be the Judas of the Anti-Christ.  He will falsely befriend the son of the Devil, and his Illuminated
servants.¬† These Illuminated ones probably refer to the Illuminati, aka global plutocratic elites.¬† The Neutral Christ’s betrayal however will not result in the Anti-Christ’s death.¬† Instead the betrayal will expose him to the world as the quintessence of evil since the Anti-Christ is a master of deception.¬† There are also indications that the plutocrats will back the Neutral Christ as a great leader of the most powerful nation on Earth thinking he will deceive the people.¬† Instead he will take back the nation in the name of the people thereby threatening the Anti-Christ’s plans, and his own nation which is said to be the second most powerful on Earth.¬† The scripture further stipulates that several assassination attempts will be made on the Neutral Christ but he shall refuse to die by the power of his own will, and drive to free humanity from the hellish shackles of global tyranny.

We know the Anti-Christ was born in Spring of 2015 but no word yet on whether the Neutral Christ has been born, or already exists among us.