Is Game Of Thrones Real? What Planet Does It Take Place?

Game Of Thrones is an HBO fantasy television series about the battle for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms. It features the political intrigue and dangerous lives of key characters who identify themselves as being members of noble Houses. It appears to take place in medieval times here on Earth at first glance. However, the map shown during the shows introduction clearly points to another planet or an Earth in a Parallel Universe with drastically differing geography. The Known World of the GOT reality appears to be what we would know as Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East with a hint of Africa. Most of the action in Game of Thrones takes place in Westeros. Author of the series George R.R. Martin has stated that the continent of Westeros, meant to be an enlarged Great Britain, is roughly the same size as our continent of South America.  There are also three other continents mentioned: Essos, Sothoryos, and Ulthos. It’s unknown if the GOT planet has an equivalent for The Americas, or The New World.

The Magical Game Of Thrones World

There are also blatant supernatural aspects to Game Of Thrones that wouldn’t have been seen so openly in our own medieval history. This is courtesy of our Supernatural Secrecy Pact that more or less moved the paranormal world “underground”. Dragons had been slain from their planet much like ours until the birth of three new ones. The rebirth of dragons in our world would have caused Dragon Slayers to flock forth, and eradicate them with extreme prejudice. The Mother Of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, cannot be burnt by fire which was witnessed by numerous people as she takes control of the dragons. The witchcraft of their world seems to stay below the radar of the general public but the Alchemists produce paranormal substances like Wildfire. There’s also the powerful paranormal creatures, known as The White Walkers, who are zombies of snow, and ice.  In addition, the seasons of their planet last several years, and their length is unpredictable. It’s been suggested the cause is magical rather than astronomical in nature (Here are some non-mystical explanations for long erratic seasons).

Is Game Of Thrones Based On A True Story?

As with most works of fiction, they are real in various Parallel Universes, and Game Of Thrones is no exception. The similarities to our own middle ages culture suggest it’s an Earth in a parallel Universe where our planet’s geography and possibly cosmological standing evolved differently. You can also take into consideration the vastness of our own Universe. With 100 billion galaxies, septillions of stars, and even more planets it’s quite plausible that another world could coincidentally be somewhat similar to ours complete with humans. To get to the bottom of this mystery we consulted some of the top psychics, seers, mystics, extraterrestrial communicators, and Parallel Universe vision quest masters. In the end, we have found that Game Of Thrones actually exists not only in parallel Universes on alternate Earths but also in our reality as well!

Game Of Thrones Is Real!

It seems The Game Of Thrones as we know it took place approximately 3 million years ago on a planet called Zemlja. The planet Zemlja is not only in a galaxy far far away but also in a different Galactic Supercluster as well.  The Hercules Superclusters (Within The Hercules Cluster – A2151) some 500 million lights years away to be exact. The Supercluster Map above gives you an idea where the cluster is based on our own Virgo Galaxy Supercluster in the center of it. Coincidentally Star Wars is real as well and takes place nearby in the Ophiuchus Supercluster. Our supernatural sources indicate that the GOT society advanced to the point of creating a grand galactic federation cooperating with other extraterrestrials in their region of space. Eventually ascending to higher dimensional Godhood at least one million years ago.

Did Aliens Inspire Martin To Create Game Of Thrones?

It’s also thought that these technologically ascended ET Gods may have influenced George R.R. Martin, and inspired him to create Game Of Thrones. All in order to tell the story of a pivotal point in their ancient history. It’s thought that a variety of ascended alien societies psychically influence writers on various planets to tell their stories throughout the Universe! This was the case with George Lucus and Star Wars. Interestingly enough, it’s rumored that Martin lost his link to the ascended aliens which explains why he’s taking so long to finish the remaining GOT novels. This is also why the last season and the finale blew big time as they ran out of Martins material. In reality, Daenerys Targaryen became Queen of the Six Kingdoms rather than going violently nuts in the end. The Seventh Kingdom of the North continued to be under the rule of King Jon Snow.

Games Of Thrones Spin-Off Idea…GOT: Arya At Atlantis

🧜‍♀️I’d like to see a Game Of Thrones spin-off with Arya Stark discovering the New World. Clearly, that was the intent with her setting sail into the great unknown of The Sunset Sea west of Westeros. Rather than finding only primitive indigenous people, Arya discovers a much more advanced civilization. Something akin to a pre-sunken human Atlantis who are at odds with the indigenous people they enslave. There are also Mermaids in the seas who are captured and experimented upon. Atlantis is a deeply xenophobic society which is why their explorers have never been heard of. Still, they have secretly infiltrated Westeros & other societies to make sure they don’t become a threat to Atlantis. And yes this is actually what happened according to The Reality Recognition Guild and their top-flight psychics!⛵️

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Is Every Science Fiction Horror Movie Real In Another Reality?

Yes, all characters and storylines of various movies could be real in Parallel Universes. Certainly, quantum physicists believe we live in a Multiverse of nearly infinite Parallel Universes that could encompass virtually any scenario. Top-flight psychics, seers, and mystics have confirmed a number of film franchises are a reality in these alternate worlds. There are also Microverses, or bubble Universes, inadvertently created by the Human Collective Consciousness. The power of mass non-corporeal belief, or just mere thoughts, about a work of fiction, can bring it into existence in a world out of phase with our Universe. These Microverses are often composed of metaphysical matter or even non-corporeal matter in defiance of the laws of physics we are familiar with. Powerful magic could potentially to bring people, creatures, or things through to our reality. However, it is possible they would become unstable at the quantum level and simply vanish after a period of time.

The Manifestation Of Microverses Through Mass Imagination

Within bubble Universes, the characters would look just like the actors who play them in the movies or television. While they would look different most of the time in Parallel Universes. Although there are some cases where they look the same by mere chance or the actors themselves have a different life that makes them that person. The storylines would take on lives of their own beyond the works of fiction. Naturally, reality has to fill in the blanks of every moment we don’t see on screen. However, in the Microverses the story would be more exact and might even repeat itself rather than going on into the future if there’s no further content to draw from. Eventually, the bubble reality would fade and evaporate as it leaves the public mind after several decades or centuries. There are also rumors that actors and writers could potentially be drawn into these worlds when they die. Especially those method actors who really got into the mind of the characters they were playing. A short stop in the afterlife before moving on to Heaven after the fictional reality disappears.📽️

Is Netflix’s House Of Cards Real?

Frank 4th Wall UnderwoodFrank Underwood is the star of the Netflix series “House Of Cards“. It’s the story of manipulative man’s rise to the US Presidency by nefarious means. Frank is notorious for turning to the camera to talk to the viewing audience thereby breaking what is called the 4th Wall. The imaginary wall through which the viewing audience is watching any given production of entertainment. The House Of Cards Universe is known to be an actual parallel Universe, and also a bubble Universe linked to the TV show itself!  Frank has a paranormal power known as 4th Wall Awareness.  4th Wall Awareness allows one to realize that their reality is, in fact, a fictional Universe. The most famous person to wield this power is the superhero Deadpool. Either a bubble reality manifested out of a work of fiction by the human collective consciousness, a virtual simulated Universe existing within a super quantum computer or a real parallel Universe.

Who Is President Frank Underwood Talking To When He Breaks The 4th Wall?

In the case of the bubble reality, Frank can see us the viewing audience yet only top-flight psychics, and telepaths can actually hear him. The rest of us are merely watching the show on Netflix with Actor Kevin Spacey playing the role of the real Frank Underwood. This is how we know such a bubble reality exists, to begin with. Within a virtual matrix environment in a computer, the sapient Frank Underwood program would be aware of the programmers, and viewers who would, of course, hear him speak.  In a real ground-level Parallel Universe, someone with 4th Wall Awareness would view it as fictional.  In a way, everything is a simulation in the mind of the infinite Macroverse God!  Frank and others with his ability would see the underlying metaphysical energy programming linked to higher dimensions along with a variety of extra-dimensional beings including angels, gods, and demons.  All those watching him from outside the Universe. This is who he would be talking to in this case, and of course, like all higher dimensional beings they would hear him, and us as well.

Although the House Of Card’s reality exists in a real Universe, like most works of fiction in our reality, it also manifests in a bubble Universe slightly out of phase with our world. This type of fictional bubble reality is created by the sheer subconscious like power of the human collective consciousness.  The Frank Underwood of that Universe believes he is talking to all of us since his reality is more or less dictated by the Netflix program.  He is aware of our real Universe but he doesn’t quite realize we’re not directly hearing him through the cold inter-dimensional ether but rather through the House Of Cards TV show.  However, those aforementioned higher dimensionals certainly hear him.

Fourth Wall Powers Aids In Bending Others To Your Will!

Those with 4th Wall abilities have the power to manipulate their lives to an extent not available to a normal person. Hence why it seems so implausible that Frank’s sometimes obvious manipulations and somewhat perplexing plots aren’t immediately spotted, and halted by someone.  Clearly, in real life, nobody could rise to the Presidency so quickly by his intricate web of deceit. It simply requires too many trusting, naive, and cooperative people. In a way, this might be considered a very minor Author Authority power.  Of course, the writers, programmers, and Gods have that ultimate authority which is why things never go off without a hitch as people work to expose his clandestine political plots. Frank isn’t advanced enough to control people supernaturally. Although he has tried to hypnotize people by looking intensely into their eyes. It’s plausible his powers will continue to increase.  4th Wall Awareness can eventually lead to higher levels of Author Authority allowing for one to eventually become a God!  Don’t be surprised if a Kevin Spacey doppelganger runs for President someday after breaking the wall between dimensions to manifest in our reality!

Do People Addressing The 4th Wall Appear To Be Talking To Themselves?

When breaking the 4th Wall, and talking to an invisible audience, the people around the 4th Waller don’t notice him talking. It isn’t taking place in their minds. They are actually talking but activation of the 4th Wall Powers is only visible to entities outside their reality.  In essence, it’s cloaked from everyone around them unless they have similar powers or sufficient psychic abilities. The outside viewer simply sees them silent with the last expression on their face before the 4th wall speech began.

At the end of House Of Card Season 4 Frank’s wife, First Lady Clair Underwood, appears to have somehow acquired 4th Wall Awareness abilities when she previously appeared to have none!  She looks at him as he begins to talk to the audience, and then looks directly into the camera. In season 5 she speaks directly to the audience and continues to do so in the final season 6. It is possible for two people to be so in tune with each other that they can acquire the others paranormal abilities. Particularly ones that are mentally based.  True soul mates have been known to exchange powers in the supernatural world.  Of course Frank mysteriously dies in the 6th season. More than likely she absorbed the full complement of his 4th Wall Abilities. You can watch all seasons of House Of Cards on Netflix or purchase on Amazon.

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