Does Holy Rain Or Holy Snow Exist?

vatican-holy-rainIn the previous post we defined Holy Water as any source of water blessed holy by a Priest. Often for use in spiritual cleansing or the fight against supernatural evil. However it’s generally a rather small stoup or bottle that is blessed. So can larger bodies of water be blessed?  Yes in fact a powerful Priest or, group of Priests may bless a huge body of water such as a pond or even a lake.  There are even legends of small seas being blessed for a brief time.  Although there is no record of entire oceans beings blessed.  Still these mass blessed waters can evaporate, and come down as rain or snow. However over time they mix with other water in the environment thereby rendering them holy neutral in nature.

Various powerful places on Earth that are blessed will naturally bless things it comes in contact with.  For instance all rain that falls on Vatican City is Holy Rain.  This is one reason you’ll never find a vampire, werewolf, dark warlock, or other paranormal beings of darkness anywhere near there.  Even if they could withstand the hallowed grounds, or hover above, the holy rains dousing them would be quite devastating! All snow that falls upon Saint Nicholas’s North Pole City is considered Holy Snow.  Even as it lies on the ground it repels all forces of evil.  Various other religious or magical places on our paranormal planet are also blessed with the protective Holy Precipitation.

In addition let’s not forget that the entire planet is protected during the day by Holy Light provided by our Sun.  It’s thought that all stars were personally inspired or created by God to represent every blessed soul that ever existed. It’s rays are naturally blessed, and therefore holy in nature.  This is why so many supernatural beings are unable to withstand its cleansing photonic rays of goodness.

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