How Much Is A Leprechauns Pot Of Gold Worth?

The ultimate answer is priceless due to the fact you get three free wishes if you acquire the glorious gold of the Lucky Leprechaun. However, let us assume you’re quite nuts and refuse to give back the pot of gold for the wishes.  Instead, you cash it in like a complete fool!  A Leprechaun’s pot o’ gold generally contains 1000 one ounce pure gold coins. At the current March 2021 gold rate of $1,721 per ounce that makes a pot of gold worth $1,721,000.

Consider the fact that you passed over wishing for a billion dollars, or more, for this paltry $1.721 million.  Not to mention wishing for a plethora of other things that money might not be able to buy. Fantastical things such as immortality!  The real worth of a pot of gold is its priceless wishes. The glittering gold is the source of a Leprechaun’s supernatural power and good fortune. If you cash their gold in they will most likely hound you for all the rest of your days. The little lucky fellows can hold a never ending grudge when they feel cheated! They often get downright ornery, and could possibly impart bad luck upon you!

The Three Leprechaun Wishes

You can also get those same wondrous wishes without finding the gold. Most the time it’s hidden at the end of an elusive rainbow. The paranormal calculations required to find rainbows end is something best left to master metaphysical mathematicians or those who practice powerful magic. Your best bet is to simply capture the Leprechaun. One must devise a Leprechaun Trap baited with the highest quality shamrock. A real piece of gold in the middle of it increases your chances of success. Usually a cage of pure iron is employed for this task. Take extra care in your capture, and containment method so there’s no hard feelings after the wishes are granted. Do not use The Leprechaun Summoning Spell to catch them! This is only for help against dark Leprechauns who are threatening you.

Remember that Leprechaun wishes aren’t like Genie wishes.  Leprechaun wishes are based on good luck imbued upon you. This means you don’t get the malicious trickery that the Genie’s wishes are infamous for!  After that, you have to put in some effort, and let good fortune take its coincidental course.  So you can’t wish for world peace but you can get a billion dollars by winning lotteries, gambling, playing the stock market, etc.  As for immortality, there can be a number of methods in which you would luckily stumble into it such as being injected with top-secret cellular regeneration nanobots from the future courtesy of a time traveler, or perhaps a top secret government project. You could be lucky enough to find a powerful practitioner of magic to imbue you with an eternity of youth.  You may also wish for love, and it will find you. However, you must at least leave the house every so often. With good luck on your side, you will win every time!

Despite the outward limitations of Leprechauns wishes there is a chance to grant various other wishes via magic. Leprechauns can channel their luck into magic and they do have the ability to perform spells. Although not required by supernatural law to do so they could go beyond lucky wishes and delve into their mystical magics. This is where treating the Leprechaun with deep respect comes into play. It’s not often they will go to the enchanted effort but it’s worth a shot by simply being nice to them. Stroke their ego and say it was pure luck you managed to capture them or find their gold. Befriending a Leprechaun can imbue your very soul with eternal luck to infinity and beyond!

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7 thoughts on “How Much Is A Leprechauns Pot Of Gold Worth?

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  2. Hello Admin. I am happier if I obtain my own wealth. I would love to know a Leprechaun. 🙂 Would be a great asset to have a friend.

    • There is the undeniable fact that your good luck in obtaining wealth means someone else’s bad luck in losing it, or merely missing out on it. There’s also the fact that Leprechauns are such adorable little fellas.

  3. When at Walmart with my kids. When we’d split up and can’t find each other. They would have the store announce they are searching for the little red head leprechaun. lol My nick name by the kids. Yes, Unfortunately you are right about that. Sort of makes me feel guilty now. I try to instil into my kids that they should earn what they desire. I’m just that way. If I were to stumble upon riches. Such as gold in a cave etc. I would gladly claim it. 😉 If it’s not owned by anyone! I do wish I could see a Leprechaun. Like most children, I adored every rainbow possible. I’ve seen two Rainbows that came together. Always wondered if the legend was true about the little guys and there gold.

    • Since the mind of children are innocent, and pure they posses a magic that is actually marshaled and harnessed by the holidays of Christmas, Halloween, and Easter as well. The younger they are the more powerful this untapped magic is. However the only real manifestation of this magic is the ability to see the world of the supernatural that most adults can’t see whether that be non-corporeal beings, or actually physical paranormal beasts. So your best tool in searching for a Leprechaun would be a kid. Maybe put one on a leash, and let them smell some gold, and Shamrock to get the scent, and off they go to find the gold and/or the Leprechaun. We joke about the leash part. Really though kids see all kinds of beings but it’s dismissed as figments of their imagination, and they either forget about it later on in life or remember it as something they made up. Generally the ghosts of dead relatives are the number one thing they see. I myself remember seeing my dead Grandmother just after she died, and my sisters confirmed they saw her as well but for whatever reason we never mentioned it to any adult. Children have a closer connection to their immortal souls which possess ultimate power. The longer we exist in this corporeal reality the more we loose touch with that non-corporeal spirit that is our true selves.

  4. I agree! Children are very powerful. When I was a child. I remember what I saw and it rather drew me out of my shell sooner than I should have. Most of the beings I witnessed were ghosts who reached out to show me there murders. Children etc. I had a very strong ability then. I still see ghosts while I’m driving my car here in town. My daughter also saw the same ghost (Black shadow) run in front of my car.

    I was relieved I wasn’t the only one to see it. lol She and I jumped I almost put on my breaks but didn’t. I stayed calm. Was at night. She said omg mom. That looked like the Grimm reaper. I told her don’t worry! I see them all the time. They just are trying to get our attention. My kids have the same abilities as I do. There is something I could do when I was young that baffles me to this day.

    I could do a magic trick for my friends when we lived in Texas. I took one rolly little bug. I’d put the little guy in my palm and close gently. Blow into my hand and shake it around slowly. Then say let there be two! And out would come two bugs instead of one. I had the entire neighborhood kids over in amazement of what I could do. The word spread fast! Once the adults found out the came over and yelled at my dad. They were super religious people. My father asked me to stop showing others what I can do.

    So I closed it. Wish now I could put a thousand dollar bill in my hand and out comes two. lol 😉 If only! My kids can’t do this trick or magic. They’ve tried. People asked how did you do it? I told them I believe it will happen so it did. For the skeptics I asked them to pick the bug and evaluate it before I do it. 😉 Well there are other things I could do. Just this is getting very long. I also could make it rain and storm. Control weather. I’ve stopped tornado’s etc. My kids do have this ability. I’m sure I should talk about that in another area of this site. Thank you Admin. 🙂

  5. I strongly believe anyone can do these things. If they are open to nature and open minded. No one is more special then the next. I like to think we all are equals.

    • It’s true that all souls are created equal in power, and the only differences are in the genetics, and environment within our physical reality. Even those are a programmed illusion.

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