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What Happens Supernaturally When We Sleep?

Sleep is a time for our biological bodies to rest, and concentrate on cellular regeneration since other physical processes are at a minimum. This includes our physical brain, and it’s interface with our astral metaphysical energy spirit intertwined with our parallel, and higher dimensional souls. In essence we are not alone as we enter a silent slumber.¬† We are apart of an infinite network of souls that vibrates at one basic frequency. That sapient frequency is you in all it’s infinite incarnations across the parallel Universe expanse within the grand Omniverse!¬†Dreaming is the organization of our memories in our bodies that is akin to disk defragmentation on a computer.¬† It’s also a cooperative distribution, and organization of our memories with our higher dimensional selves.¬† Even with other humans in the greater human collective consciousness that creates a unique non-sentient spirit as well. It’s believed our true origins as sapient beings lie at the apex of the higher dimensional pyramid as Gods rather than being born as biological entities.¬† We most likely choose to be here in order to have unique experiences, and collect knowledge to increase our collective wisdom. If we didn’t choose to be here then we’ve been imprisoned against our will! It’s thought that Free Will is the fundamental law of the entire Macroverse!

As we enter REM sleep, and slink into the dream state our mind organizes the memories collected throughout the day both biologically, and spiritually.¬† They are imprinted upon our 4-D astral energy body that¬†then sub-consciously has an urge to leave our physical body while still psychically connected to it.¬† That’s why biological brain activity is still observed when dreaming.¬† All our bodies in every parallel Universe¬†are quantum entangled to some degree. ¬†REM Sleep is the trigger to unlock access to these realities, and cause¬†Involuntary Astral Projection.¬† We all leave our bodies to enter the astral dream plane between life, and death every night in the fifth dimension.¬† Most of us don’t have a clue, and think Astral Projection is impossible for us. ¬†However such metaphysical journey’s don’t occur in Non-REM sleep.

That urge to leave our body isn’t just a need to deliver information multi-dimensionally but also¬†derives from our free will as sentient creatures.¬† We always yearn to be free! ¬†Even from our supposedly self-imposed biological cages.¬† The convenient need to leave also gives our physical animal body a rest from our powerful god like paranormal energy body since humans are technically Animal-God Hybrids.¬† A supernatural spiritual energy that wears out our weak animal forms.¬† To some extent this is one factor in the biological aging process that mainstream scientists have yet to discover. In essence our spirits are possessing our bodies which is a draining process for both parties. In addition our metaphysical spirit¬†form heals, and regenerates in the astral dream plane before returning to our biological body.¬† This is why sleep deprived people eventually go crazy as in the case of the ill fated Russian Sleep Experiment. Our spirit weakens as it feels locked in it’s physical prison while the animal takes over, and causes insanity.

In the Astral Plane we are mainly attracted to our parallel Universe souls where we lead various infinite lives.¬† Often we briefly get extra entangled with our parallel souls, and experience 5-D dreams. Especially in realities closest to this one. It’s also a way for our sub-conscious minds to work out problems, run what if scenarios, and chart our course through life. ¬†In rare cases involuntary parallel possession may take place, and you could wake up in that reality while your counterpart awakens here.¬† Usually this is remembered as a very vivid dream once you snap back into your own body.¬† The smartest people in the world are usually sub-consciously or astrally interacting with their various parallel selves without even knowing it.¬† Gaining the insights, and wisdom of a parallel soul network.¬† You can access this power through a method called Quantum Jumping.

While in the dream plane you can also interact with other people since all Supernatural Sleepconsciousnesses are intertwined in the human collective consciousness.¬† At least half the time you dream about someone it’s actually their spirit you’re interacting with.¬† In reality you’re playing out mathematical probabilities that could only occur in a dream state rather than in a parallel reality.¬† Dreams can be quite nutty after all!¬† In addition random people in your dreams you thought you’ve never seen before are simply people you’re sub-consciously meeting by accident in the astral plane or those you did spot in real life but only your sub-consciousness remembers.¬† Since people are dreaming about each other at the same time, and interacting with their spirits it’s convenient that we forget 90% of our dreams.¬† Otherwise the world would put the coincidental pieces together about our higher dimensional supernatural state. Clearly the Paranormal Powers That Be want humans to evolve at a certain rate, and not have immediate knowledge about the extra-dimensional metaphysical¬†world.

All our parallel 4-D astral spirits from around the entire Multiverse converge in the Astral Plane crossing the bridge from life to death while still tethered to their bodies by the silver cord of life.¬† Here we touch each of our 4-D spirits living out a vast variety of parallel Afterlives.¬† The Universe is about collecting knowledge, experiencing all, and sharing this with other sapient beings.¬† No one person’s paradise Afterlife is the same as another so we experience them all.¬† When our silver cord of life is cut at death it creates a spiritual Big Bang of infinite probabilities, and paths.¬† We split into a plethora of identical souls to experience many afterlives.¬† Our afterlife incarnations in turn pass on information to our parallel five dimensional souls in the parallel 6-D Heavens. Our parallel Multiverse selves in turn join the knowledge gathering mission on up the higher dimensional ladder sharing with all sapient beings including the Omniverse God (Collection of all mathematical probabilities within a unique sapient spirit frequency).¬† All of us are have an Omniverse of our own, and at the same time exist within everyone’s parallel Omniverses.¬† Together we create the grand infinite Macroverse.

There are times when we have had especially happy, and peaceful vivid magical dreams that are in fact Afterlife Possessions.¬† We briefly intertwine with our Afterlife spirit, and experience that particular parallel Heaven.¬† When talking to the dead in your dreams many times you are indeed speaking with their spirits.¬† Whether you’ve astral projected to the afterlife, or a person has met you in the astral plane.¬† When it’s right after someone dies it’s usually their spirit interacting in the only way it can.¬† With your astral spirit.

Very rarely, if ever, do we interact directly with our 5-D soul which would be an almost godlike being with all the knowledge amassed from the vast array of Universes in the Multiverse conglomerate.¬† It’s said those making some of the most amazing breakthroughs of science, and technology in human history may have had contact with their 5-D soul, or the Akashic Records while dreaming. Usually this type of specific journey happens during Lucid Dreaming, and voluntary Astral Projection.

Precognitive And Retrocognitive Dreaming?

Some people who don’t experience psychic powers while awake may have accurate visions of the future while sleeping known as Precognitive Dreaming.¬† More rarely some will have Retrocognitive dreams of past events they couldn’t possibly know about.¬† Many of these are interactions with souls from near identical parallel Universes or even ourselves from other 3-D temporal dimensions within our 4-D timeline we call our lives.¬† Since the Astral Plane is outside time as we know it every person in history from every time frame is dreaming there. Although for reasons not fully understood we rarely interact with anyone who isn’t from our own time frame.¬† Each 3-D frozen moment in time, or perpendicular temporal dimension, has it’s own separate frequency in the same way each Parallel Universe has it’s own.¬† However Parallel Universes do overlap at the quantum level since they are deeply guided by our conscious thoughts.¬† Hence the infamous Double Slit Experiment.

On the other hand temporal dimensions never overlap, and truly are separate frozen Universes set in stone unchanged unlike the unfolding events of parallel Universes.  Clearly these time dimensions stream forth into the astral plane, and are quite difficult for us to identify, or cross so the risk of temporal interaction is reduced thereby preventing a time paradox via information exchange, or even more personal contact with our past selves or others.  Something protected in our physical reality by our 5-D movement through near identical realities.  Of course in some instances our interactions with the past or future might be apart of our timeline to begin with.  Although in many cases visions of the past, and future are from near identical parallel Universes.

Involuntary Parallel Temporal Self-Possessions while in REM sleep are rare but have been recorded in the paranormal record. People who were dreaming, and briefly woke up in their childhood body in the past or their geriatric body in the future.¬† Their counterpart then took their place. This can be dangerous since the silver cord of life runs the greatest risk of becoming tangled up when it interacts with your past or future self.¬† It takes trading places to a whole new level! That babbling old guy who just went mental could have been a baby moments earlier while he ends up as a baby who suddenly has uncontrollable crying fits of terror! This is probably another reason the astral plane keeps us apart from our other selves in any given Universe.¬† However it’s said that light taps with our past spirits may take place when we’re racking our brains to remember something.

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Most of us without the proper training, DNA, or natural diet experience dreams where we generally have no clue we’re even dreaming.¬† Despite the absurdity of the dream we accept the reality as is, and don’t question it.¬† Sometimes we suddenly become aware we’re dreaming but then it tends to end rather quickly as our sub-consciousness gives way to our consciousness causing us to awaken.¬† Becoming aware that we’re dreaming while in an REM dream state is Lucid Dreaming, or voluntary dreaming.¬† Those who practice at it eventually command Author Authority Powers over their dreams creating fantasy worlds with the ability of fully enjoying them by forgetting their waking self exists so they don’t awaken mid-dream.¬† Those aware of the existence of Astral Projection can then parlay that power into leaving their body to not only consciously explore the Astral Plane but also fly into the real world in their invisible astral energy body.¬† Astral Projection Masters can go anywhere, or anytime in this Universe, another Parallel Universe, and into the higher dimensions of realty to an extent. You can only stretch your silver cord of life so far before it snaps you back or snaps under the pull of your immense free will!¬† However this rarely happens, and is avoided by simply keeping your curiosity in your own dimension, or the astral plane. Professional Training Exercises To Experience True Supernatural Sleep Learn How To Lucid Dream | Learn How To Astral Project¬†| Dream Interpretation | Quantum Jumping On Ebay

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What Happens If You’re Dreaming When You Die?

Supernaturally What Happens If You Die While Sleeping?
Dream DeathWhen you’re Dreaming in REM sleep your metaphysical energy, or Astral body, is actually in the Astral Dream Plane. Also called the dimension between life, and death where reality & imagination meet.¬† More or less your physical body needs to rest, and recharge from the immense pressure of containing your supercharged spirit.¬† This is one reason why you leave.¬† The other is a sub-conscious drive to be free of your physical form, and allow your curious imagination to run wild! While in the Astral Plane your physical mind performs something like a computer disk defragmentation that organizes, and optimizes your memories.¬† In addition once your body is free of your soul it can rapidly heal any supernatural damage present.¬† Now of course if we had full conscious command, and control of our spirits we could easily heal our bodies.¬† Unfortunately that is not how this reality has been programmed.

Those who die in their sleep, and aren’t dreaming will find themselves suddenly looking down at their body in spirit form thinking they are having an odd dream.¬† The silver cord of life has been cut releasing you to freedom into the greater Multiverse.¬† Although most people don’t really understand what has happened so they don’t realize the power they have at that moment.¬† The power to be a free spirit, and go to any place, time, parallel Universe, or dimension.¬† The average person becomes a ghost until they realize they died.¬† Usually when they attend their own funeral ceremony.¬† Once they have closure, and say farewell to all they knew an inter-dimensional porthole appears usually as white light.

This porthole can be thought of as an astral wormhole created by the connection with your higher dimensional souls.¬† The moment you’re ready to move on your mind aligns with your higher dimensional selves, and the bright porthole opens.¬† When you enter the light all mathematical probabilities within the 5th dimension are realized, and they burst into a Big Bang of first dimensional level Afterlives.¬† In essence your soul is born anew into an unimaginable plethora of higher dimensional scenarios that range from amazing physical four dimensional realities where you’re re-born as a baby with no past memories all the way to full memory recall Heavenly worlds that include your perfect afterlife fantasies along with those of the various religions.

Death Within An REM Dream State
The nightly sub-conscious jaunt into the Astral Plane is different from conscious Astral Projection into the dream plane for those with that ability.¬† When entering via normal dreaming you are in your own spiritual dimension in the Astral realm so it’s somewhat like being within your own mind. However that personal dimension is only slightly out of phase with the rest of the Astral dream dimensions, and interactions with others do occur.

While in your own dream dimension your physical body dies, and the silver cord of life is
cut.¬† At that moment your dream will grow ever more vivid, and far more real than any dream you’ve ever experienced.¬† Naturally now that you are no longer alive your dream state is your reality.¬† The dream will quickly turn lucid even if you’ve never lucid dreamed before.¬† Once aware that you’re dreaming, along with everything seeming much too real, you will start to feel something is very wrong.¬† Generally a calm follows as everything either turns bright white, or pitch black around you effectively ending the dream.¬† Your astral dimensional bubble will lose cohesion, and burst throwing you into the greater astral plane.¬† Somewhat like an astronaut whose tether has been cut causing them to be hurled into outer space away from their space craft.

You will start to drift randomly through other people’s dreams from all manner of realities.¬† You may even briefly take on a role in their dream as you temporarily forget who you are until that persons dreams end, and you are hurled out of their burst dream bubble into another.¬† With each new experience you gain a bit of knowledge from the persons mind, and eventually you realize you died in your sleep.¬† At that point whatever your strongest wish or instinct is will guide you to your eternal future.¬† The white light might appear to whisk you away to the Afterlife, or you may return to the living.¬† Not in this world where you died unless you could by some fluke channel your spiritual powers to self-resurrect yourself.

The usual occurrence according to top flight psychics, seers, and mystics is that you inhabit yourself in a parallel Universe. An incarnation of you that just died of something without fatal bodily damage.¬† Such as your heart or lungs stopping.¬† Something that could be solved by CPR, other medical assistance, or the jolt of your spirit resuscitating your parallel body. Often times it’s a near identical parallel Universe.¬† Those with deep regrets in life may find themselves in a reality where all went well.¬† The spiritual memory of what happened will fade quickly just as a dream does.¬† Of course you can fight to remember, and write it down if you are awake. Those who remember often don’t recall everything including the fact they’re in a different reality.¬† They simply remember what happened to them as a near death experience.

In cases where a soul is confused or unsure what to do they can end up in their body in any parallel Universe, or even reincarnate into the past, or future of these various realities entering bodies that match their soul frequency.  Thankfully almost 100% of the time souls are tethered to their humanity so entering an Extraterrestrial on another planet is a remote possibility.

Dreamy NightsIn an extremely small number of cases does a person have complete clarity of their situation, and it’s potential.¬† These are the ones who trained in lucid dreaming, and astral projection despite the sarcastic disbelieving eye rolling others gave them.¬† This is their monumental metaphysical moment where they are vindicated in their rise to power! They realize that their training had a very important purpose in their immortal destiny. These people embrace their astral spirit directly, and become Travelers who eventually return to the physical Universe as beings of pure solid light made of condensed Photons molded by the sheer will of their minds.¬† From that point on they are truly free spirits who explore all places, times, Universes, dimensions, and beyond!

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What Is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection GirlAstral Projection is a psychic power that allows one to project their consciousness forth in an invisible non-corporeal form.  Advanced Astral Projectors may also appear in visible form, or even attain temporary corporeal status free of their physical body.  In such a form they would be composed of dense pure psychic light energy, and would be similar to a conscious hologram.  Despite the rarity of having that particular power, simple astral projection is actually one of the most common psionic powers within humans beings whether they are aware of it or not.  The ability is at least latent in just about every human on Earth minus those with genetic defects.  Although even the few who have such defects can overcome this with intense mental training exercises.

Astral Projection can occur at the conscious controlled level while awake, or the sub-conscious controlled level in our REM dream state.¬† In most individuals it happens sub-consciously at an involuntary¬†level in our dreams.¬† Specifically the powerful dreams that are lucid in nature. Lucid Dreaming, or being consciously aware you’re dreaming while in progress, can be the first step to astral projection. However those partaking in it don’t usually know they’re projecting themselves anywhere. Far less frequently there are rare occurrences of uncontrolled sub-conscious projections during intense day dreaming.¬† Generally those occurrences are a sign that one has deep abilities waiting to be developed.¬† Astral Projection is also known as an Out Of Body Experience, and occurs to some who have Near Death Experiences.¬† NDE’s occur when one is near death, or temporarily dies, and ends up watching themselves from a third person vantage point outside their body. All Astral Projections occur under the same basic process but the catalysts can differ.¬† In the dream state an uncontrolled subconscious projection event can occur due to deep emotional trauma making one want to be separate from their body, and away from their conflict ridden life.¬† On the other end of the spectrum natural astral events can occur in a person who is an extremely happy free spirit of a curious nature with a lust for adventure who wants to explore all that life has to offer.

What Is The Astral Network, And The Astral Plane?
When astral projecting we are sending our consciousness out into the Universe free of our physical body.  This state is known as the astral body which
is composed of astral energy. Astral energy is the tether line between our physical body, aka three dimensional soul, and our higher dimensional four dimensional soul weaving together every time increment of our life in this particular Universe.¬† In essence we form a temporary ghost like soul while our physical body lies as a mentally dormant shell. This astral energy line forms an astral network that connects all our selves in the parallel Universes up to our five dimensional Angelic soul, and beyond into the higher dimensions.¬† Unfortunately mastering the ability to travel the complete astral network to all our personal souls is quite difficult.¬† The Astral Network also connects with every other living soul thereby coalescing within the Astral Plane where some of us go when in a deep REM dream state each night.¬† The Astral Plane is the world between life, and death (afterlife), where the souls of humans make the journey to birth, and back again after death if looked at from our perspective of time.¬† The Astral Plane is also where ghosts, poltergeists, demons, and other higher dimensional entities enter, and exit our world.¬† It’s also the first link to a person when a demon, or other being, is looking to paranormally possess a persons mind, body, and soul.¬† The paranormal plane is known to be a place where supernatural beings physically communicate with each other despite being worlds apart.¬† It’s also where human psychics tap into to predict future events, and see the past as well.

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Astral Projection most often sends a person to the Astral Plane where they engage in various fantasies, states of altered consciousness, receive¬†psychic visions, and interact with others on astral journeys.¬† When people speak of sharing a dream with another person it’s due to their astral energies intersecting in the paranormal plane.¬† Twins often share dreams because they¬†have the same person with the same soul, and once in the astral plane they become one as they are in the higher dimensions.¬† Vivid dreams involving dead relatives are communications between the living, and the dead temporarily descending from Heaven.¬† Since close relatives have similar soul frequencies contact is more easily made than between strangers.

Less frequently astral projection sends one into the real physical world whether it’s down the street, or across the planet.¬† If this occurs sub-consciously then it’s a sign of powerful projection powers lying in wait ripe for development.¬† This is even more so if you end up on other planets communicating with extraterrestrial beings, or in Universes so foreign that they might very well be other Multiverses (collections of parallel Universes), Omniverses (collections of Multiverses), and beyond!¬† Those who develop their astral projection abilities might be able to make themselves visible, and even corporeal through the sheer will of their mind.¬† Extremely rare cases have found astral masters actually shedding their biological body, and becoming a permanent astral being.¬† In essence supernatural beings known as Travelers.¬† Generally people with such powers have the greater power of Astrakinesis, or astral energy manipulation.¬† In addition those who work to develop their astral projection abilities may indeed ascend to acquiring Astrakinesis.

Some have said there are dangers to astral projection.  Namely being cut off from your biological body thereby causing death.  This perceived danger
is actually false.¬† Nobody can cut your soul, or astral energy, from your body.¬† It’s eternally connected to your higher dimensional souls permanently.¬† Nobody other than God himself could break that supernatural soul connection.¬† There’s also rumors of being susceptible to demonic, or higher dimensional being, possession while off on an astral journey.¬† Especially if you’re in the astral plane, and catch the attention of such beings who see that you’re not home in your biological brain.¬† Again unless your susceptible to such possessions in your waking life then this in all likelihood would not occur.¬† Mainly due to the fact that a possession attempt would cause a disruption in the frequency of your astral energy.¬† You would feel it, and immediately return to your body to repel the mental intruder.¬† Knowing this most non-corporeal beings won’t bother attempting it since they already have a world full of other victims to corrupt.¬† Lastly we also have the more mundane threat of everyday dangers that are an issue for anyone in a deep sleep.¬† Thankfully though most of the time a loud noise will still wake you up even if on an astral jaunt.¬† When conscious in astral form most people are subconsciously aware of your physical body in bed at home. If you have any other questions about Astral Projection consult the videos below, or post a question at the end of this page.

Other Common Questions About Astral Projection

How Can I Learn Astral Projection?
Astral Projection SecretsSo where can you turn to develop the power of astral projection, and begin your journey into wondrous fantasy worlds, or even invisibly into places within your real life?  There are countless books, audio training, and online videos pertaining to this subject.  However as with anything learning from an actual professional is key to acquiring any talent in life.  Thankfully Clinical Hypnotherapist and Astral Projection Expert Dr. Steve G Jones offers an astral projection online training course.  Registration is free, and no credit card is required to receive the 6 part introductory course on Astral Projection. Join the next phase in human evolution on the ascended road to higher states of consciousness. Sign up here now to follow your astral dreams!

Guided Astral Projection Journey


Another potential method of learning Astral Projection is to visualize yourself in a parallel Universe where you’re a master of Astral Projection. Programs that seek to access the success of your parallel Universe self include Quantum Jumping.

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