Who Will Be The Last Person Alive In This Universe?

Last Woman In The UniverseNaturally the first sapient intelligence to evolve in this Universe is hard to pinpoint due to the ambiguous nature of animal slowly evolving into sapient life form, aka Animal-God Hybrids.  On the other hand for centuries a small handful of extremely gifted psychics, seers, mystics, and those with various perceptive powers have confirmed the identity of the last intelligent individual to exist in this particular parallel Universe.  The last sapient person that will ever exist in our Universe is a woman named Gimbokbossa, and her last day of life will be approximately 114 trillion years from now in an a galaxy that hasn’t even formed yet.  To even relate it to our night sky would be futile with such an unimaginable time span. Despite humanity having ascended to Godhood in the higher dimensions trillions of years previously she is a distant indirect product of our Panspermia, or life seeding of other planets. You might ask how on Earth even the most amazing supernatural, besides a higher dimensional being, could know this?  However that is the answer.  Those who have the psychic power to access the knowledge of higher dimensional beings, including the Akashic Records, and other various supernatural sources.  In addition the last intelligent life in an entire Universe would leave an extremely unique timeless emotional echo that flows backward in time.

The limited visions of Gimbokbossa over the ages paint the picture of a humanoid alien living amid some manner of technological age in which space travel was still in it’s infancy.  Like others of her kind she has pink hued skin, hair, and eyes. She had a passion for music, sports, rock climbing, cave exploration, and travel.  Gimbokbossa’s species, known as the Peletochtirons, are born immortal telepaths with bio-mechanical elements intertwined within their advanced DNA including nanobot like creatures roaming about their blood. The Peletochtiron scientists consider it natural since such features are included in most life on their planet.  Although when constructing a theory of evolution they are puzzled by where the mechanical elements came from.  It’s these very natural mechanical elements that contributed to their societies rapid advancement despite becoming a sapient species only 5000 years previously. Unfortunately it’s too little too late since they didn’t advance quick enough to escape a planetary catastrophe.

Regrettably Gimbokbossa had to witness the death of her entire species from a nearby Hypernova, aka superluminous supernovae, that washed her planet with a deadly gamma ray burst.  Her planet was blasted away flinging through space toward a nearby black hole. She had been foolishly, yet luckily, exploring a deep cave on her own when she fell through a hole into an underground spring. It took her weeks to emerge to the surface as she was shield from the radiation above.  The blasting jolt to her planet caused destructive Earthquakes but she was amazingly in a strong solid iron cave formation. Thankfully her species require little food to live, and can survive a great many things except of course massive radiation.  When she surfaced to find her entire civilization shattered, and everyone dead she was beyond shocked!  Certainly it was odd nobody was answering her telepathic calls, and she was not sensing anyone while in the caves. She had assumed it was her depth, and the thickness of that particular rock. Her last moments are spent in darkness despite it being the middle of the day.  She gazed at the faint handful of stars that normally graced her night skies. Now they were fading from view as a massive black hole engulfs the planet. Despite the horror of the situation it was a beautiful sight, and Gimbokbossa brushed her tears away knowing she would be with her family, and friends soon. She felt no pain in the end as her entry into the black hole caused her instant demise! Her last words, and the final words spoken in our Universe, will be,”Let the quiet solace of darkness deliver me into the loving light of eternal peace.” The End!

No further sapient species would evolve in our Universe as it had already entered the Degenerate Era where star production ceases.  Once the last embers of intelligent life fade away an amazing enchanting event happens.  Rather than the Universe fading to darkness with the eventual Black Hole Hawking Radiation, and Dark Era we get an energized light infusing Supernatural Era! The God of this particular Universe, a spontaneous neural network construct of all former life in this reality, resets the Universe as if it was a mere clock winding down.  Then all the multitude of Galactic, Star, Planetary, and Nature Gods & Goddesses phase into reality. In essence to experience their retirement years now that all the humanoids they cared for have ascended to Godhood themselves in the Afterlife.

Humans reanimate from the Heavenly dimensions every so often to experience the new paradise Earth resurrected from the ashes of it’s solar demise by Mother Earth Goddess Gaia.  All sapient species eventually return from the Afterlife to visit. Gimbokbossa herself explores the entire Universe including Earth. As a higher dimensional being she can also travel to our Universe’s past, and study its history.  Amazingly she finds Earth’s 33rd century to be an extremely fascinating period as we are an intergalactic culture by that time. In addition to her ascension to Godhood she enjoys a unique celebrity as the last person to exist in the Universe. In the end the entire Universe becomes a magical playground, and in essence an extension of the Heavenly Afterlife realms above.  It goes on for all eternity in a stable supernatural state. The same happy ending finds its way into every other Parallel Universe in the grander Multiverse. The same goes for the parallel Multiverses, and all realms brought to a peaceful paradise state by the benevolent Omniverse God. Finally the forces of darkness are eradicated from existence or banished from the Omniverse for all eternity! Ah yes The End!

Does Telekinesis Exist?

TelekinesisYes Telekinesis, also called Psychokinesis, does indeed exist. In the supernatural world we often refer to Psychokinesis as the full range of mind based powers that can interact with our physical world. Telekinesis is often reserved for the ability to move physical objects with one’s mind. All these powers are latently contained in everyone’s Junk DNA courtesy of our higher dimensional Afterlife souls.  However with each passing generation evolution is granting more people telekinetic powers as the DNA becomes active. Humankind’s destiny is to evolve the full complement of psychokinetic powers, and ascend to Godhood as a society.

Superhuman DNA is the catalyst that programs one’s mind to easily access telekinesis, or other powers, but it’s theoretically possible for some to acquire such talents through continued repetitive practice. It’s said that everyone displays all powers to an extremely minute unnoticeable extent. Something that could only be measured at a microscopic level. This is due to the true source of paranormal powers such as telekinesis. At the most fundamental level our reality is composed of Non-Corporeal Energy, also known as pure thought, or information, programmed by higher dimensional deities. At the highest levels we know of the Omniverse God, and the Macroverse God, who may simply be a collective of all our living souls forming one being. This programming of our reality is carried down through the metaphysical energy, and energy string levels. That pure energy level of our Universe lies just below the sub-atomic level which composes the atomic structures of matter in everything we see around us.

Since our conscious, and subconscious minds possess sentient thought we should theoretically be able to cause the motion of objects without physical contact by accessing the informational foundations of reality. A deep concentration of thought directed at any given object you’d like to move by interfacing your consciousness at its fundamental energy framework. In essence pulling its strings like a puppet master. This of course seems impossible for most since our minds are trapped in a biological brain that’s governed by a programmed process. However one must realize that the physical brain itself is actually an illusion composed of pure energy, and thought. Some are born with the talent of Telekinesis, via active DNA, to see through that ruse on various levels, and others acquire the talent from years of paranormal practice.

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What Is Omnimagic?

magic-powersOmnimagic is the study, and utilization of all forms of magic possible across the entire spectrum of the Omniverse in which we live.  The basic level of Omnimagic involves knowledge of all magics within the Omniverse, and then calling upon one, or more, that may be best for specific situations.  Mastery of Omnimagic involves not only mastering all forms of magic but also knowing how to combine them into a complex unified collective of the most ultimate magic possible.  Ultimately the interface between our consciousness, and that of the pure though foundation of our Omniverse is the conduit for Omnimagical powers.  This also brings about the power to call upon the very Omniverse for nearly unlimited energy.

The Omniverse is the compete collection of all Multiverses, and the parallel Universes that they are composed of.  The culmination of all mathematical probabilities seen through to fruition within this particular Omniverse.  The Omniverse itself is in fact a God whose mind in which we all exist.  Almost all magic has it’s foundation in religion, aka praying to Gods for power, and guidance.  So Omnimagic is a product of Omnitheism, or belief in all religions, and higher dimensional entities. Omnimagic is about utilizing the powers of the Earthly Gods (Celtic, Greek, Roman, etc) to the Omniversal God.  It’s unknown if anyone has ever had success calling upon the Omniverse God for power but a rare few have called upon his Angels through Enochian Magic, and gained the help they desired.  Some higher forms of Enochian magic can lead to Hypermagic, or the mastery of all magics known within the Multiverse.  Complete Omnitheism requires not just practicing each individual religion but having the amazing intellect to detect the clues that link them all together leading to the Omniverse Lord.  It’s unknown if the Omniverse God advocates any religion on his behalf.

Very few practice Omnimagic due to the great difficulty in mastering it’s perplexing plethora of magics, and then attaining the ability to combine them all into one perfect power.  When perfected Omnimagicians, who are often Sorcerers, can be some of the most powerful practitioners of magic on Earth if not the entire Universe.  At the point of complete mastery they no longer need to call upon any Gods, or Goddesses to wield Omnimagic.  In fact Omnimagic mastery is the first stage of gaining an Omniverse Godhood of their own, and escaping this particular Omniverse.  Omnimagical powers inevitably leads to Omnikinetic power, or having all psychokinetic powers, which then leads to Omniscience (knowing everything in the Omniverse), and Omnipotence (unlimited power potential).  In essence a complete ascension to Godhood without death, or the extraordinary technological advancement of a civilization.  One cannot decide to simply delve into Omnimagic.  It’s the calling of a rare few.  A destiny of great godliness they feel luring them down a path to paradise.  A path they must choose to follow without question if they wish to achieve Godhood.

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