Who Are The Smartest People On Earth?

Albert-Einstein-Creative-IntelligenceIf we’re talking about who has the most knowledge then It’s not those with high IQ’s.  Genius IQ being 140 or over.  It’s those individuals who possess the unique telepathic power known as Parallel Hypertelepathy.  Telepathy is the power to read minds, and psychically send messages to people in the present. There are also powers beyond that which extend into the past, future, alternate realities, and beyond!

Telepathy With The Past, And Future

Hypertelepathy is the ability to read minds of those in the past, or the future.  Of course they would need to be with the actual person in the present, or in some cases a relative can be the conduit to the past or future persons mind.   Although any attempt to mentally communicate with the mind of a person in the past, or future usually ends up in a near identical parallel reality unless it’s destined to be.  This is the Universes way of preventing paradoxes, and is caused by our natural movement through the fifth dimension.  A movement somewhat similar to our movement through the fourth dimension into the future.  In addition the Hypertelepath can read their own mind in the past, and future to gain data along with talking to themselves.

Telepathy With Parallel Universes

This brings us to Parallel Hypertelepathy which is far more targeted, and clearly an intentional contact with parallel Universes, and the people within them.  Parallel Hypertelepath’s can stand before you, and speak to your parallel self in the mind boggling number of parallel realities that exist within our Multiverse (collection of parallel Universes).  They can also communicate with them at any point in those alternate timelines.  Not just the equivalent of our present there.  Now comes the intelligence angle.  A master of PHT can most expertly read their own parallel minds, and communicate with their parallel selves to such an extent that they gain an amazing storehouse of knowledge.  Our parallel selves collectively encompasses every piece of knowledge, and skill set through our varied lives in the other realities.  Those with PHT powers can access that knowledge at will, and even begin to form powerful 5-D brain interface networks with their parallel selves creating an instant mental internet with everything known in this Multiverse.  An added benefit is the ability to expertly strategize any potential situation by mapping out the probabilities in parallel Universes thereby often being several steps ahead of anyone in this reality.

The super warehouse of knowledge allows a PHT master to be the master of any situation.  Say they’re faced with someone dying of serious multiple injuries, and cannot get to a hospital in time they focus their mind of a reality where they are a gifted surgeon.  Without any prior medical knowledge they begin emergency surgery with whatever make shift tools are around them.  In some cases their parallel self even communicates with them to further guide them through intricate processes.  Especially if they have PHT power as well.  Some people even communicate with their parallel selves to create breakthroughs in major areas such as science.  There are those in the paranormal community who say that Albert Einstein had a latent PHT ability that existed only at the sub-conscious level.  It’s believed he was not in fact a purely human genius.  He may have been unknowingly reading the minds of his parallel selves who were geniuses, or possessed certain knowledge he craved to know in his imagination. Currently, the Super Villain known as The Parallel Pretender has the same ability.

In fact most cases of PHT are confined to the sub-conscious, and all of us may have experienced brief PHT episodes in our lives during times of extreme need, or even just randomly for no reason.  Think of those moments you came up with information you didn’t know you had.  It’s theorized that all humans have the potential to develop psychokinetic powers since our souls are virtually God like in nature.  It’s the programmed illusion of our physical facade that prevents us from easily accessing the power of said soul.  Those born with certain genes are able to more easily access certain aspects of these untapped powers.

Having advanced Parallel Hypertelepathy is sometimes prone to giving one a God complex since it’s some what duplicating what happens to us after death, or actually how our soul exists now in our five dimensional Angelic form in the higher dimensional Heavens above.  Our super soul self that is a melding of all our selves in the parallel Universes.  In actuality we also exist in even higher dimensional forms to the level of a God.   One known extreme case of PHT is held by that of the evil Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo who may have used PHT, and magic in unison to achieve his one time acquisition of Hell itself when he temporarily ousted the Devil from power in June 2012.  This is one method by which he marshals power, and holds so much knowledge that it gives him an extreme case of megalomania with delusions of omnipotent grandeur.  He regularly speaks of taking over the entire Omniverse, the collection of all Multiverses, and the mind of the Omniverse God, by possessing God himself.  He even goes so far as to say he will someday possess the Macroverse, the mind of the first original eternal God.  Such threats are not taken lightly when one has the power of PHT.  It’s unknown if PHT can eventually be honed to communicate with other Multiverses throughout the entire Omniverse, or even throughout the Macroverse.  God help us all if anyone mastered such a knowledge collecting talent because the real power lies in the proverbial pen, and not the sword of brute force supernatural strength, or even magical powers.

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    • The obvious scientific magnetic explanation of Aurora’s, both borealis & australis, hides a mystical one beneath it. Aurora’s are a sign of a planet having a soul, aka a God or Goddess, such as Earth’s Goddess Gaia. The photonic emissions, which contain mystical energies, come from various locations around the Universe, and also connect to an invisible supernatural communications conduit. Sometimes Goddess Gaia is absorbing the incoming power, or releasing excess. Many high level practitioners of magic attempt to take those powers for themselves.

  2. I already answered that question by myself. sorry for bugging you but I have to tell you one thing I’m known for: I’m a big QUESTIONARE or whatever they call it.

  3. Does Dejavu have anything to do with it? Are you consciously aware that you’re doing PHT even though it could come through our subconscious?

    But reading this does make a lot of sense because I was able to tap so many versions of myself and was able to burrow the talents (arts, music, writing, crafts, research, careers, etc.) through meditation and when having visions. Now I find myself a ‘jack of all traits’ so to speak, using the left side of the brain more often than so and exploring the universe inside us all.

    • In the average person Déjà vu is caused by a random coincidental convergence of the vibrational frequencies that match our particular Universe, and another. Our minds briefly merge with the mind of our parallel selves in a near identical parallel Universe out of temporal sync with our own. All parallel Universes exist in the same 5-D space so it would stand to reason that we would pick up something from other Universes every so often. In fact part of this might be that we end up in the same exact equivalent point in space with our parallel self coupled with a random matching of vibrational frequencies at the energy level. We become aware of a past event in another reality that matches the moment of Déjà vu here. In some however it might be a manifestation of a latent PHT talent. They have no idea that they have PHT in a latent form that stealthy manifests itself through the sub-conscious.

    • Whatever you do, have FAITH in you and those who support you. Utilize your will power to achieve your goals. If you persevere, chances are you might be able to do PHT and achieve great things or be a Traveler and do things at free will.
      (*pss: i hope your imaginary world is not evil in nature and would at least bring happiness to yourself and those around you) Good LUCK! 🙂

  4. This is a completely random scenario that I came up with. If someone was fighting a martial arts Grandmaster, could they use parallel hyper telepathy to defeat him.

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