The Patriot Woman Urban Legend

Out of the tragedy of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 came a glimmer of superhero hope! Of course, we know of the various special people who develop powers from gamma radiation such as the notorious Hulks. The Japanese Fukushima Disaster created an unprecedented amount of Incredible Hulks that required the government to set forth great effort to cover it up and suppress media coverage.  Most humans develop cancer from radiation but some with the right paranormal genetics develop psychokinetic powers. To a lesser extent various carcinogens and toxic material that aren’t necessarily radioactive can activate latent powers hidden within our junk DNA.

The One In A Billion Superpower Jackpot!

After the destruction of the World Trade Center, a toxic dust cloud blanketed New York City with perilous particulate. The ruble of the Twin Towers continued to burn perplexing pollutants into the air for months afterward. There were numerous cases of various illnesses and cancer from those near ground zero of the dastardly disaster.  This was especially true when it came to First Responders and heroes who selflessly risked their own lives to save others. In the case of one lucky woman, breathing in the potentially deadly debris netted her some totally titanic powers!

Patriot Woman Is Born From Ashes Of Destructive Despair

We don’t know her real name due to her secretive nature. We only know that she calls herself Patriot Woman in honor of September 11th Patriot Day. Humans with powers and sapient supernatural creatures generally strive to keep a low profile. Naturally, they want to avoid being the subject of capture and experimentation by the government, or private rogue organizations. Those who are aware of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact are also quite vigilant to avoid mass public exposure of their abilities for fear of incurring the higher dimensional consequences of their actions. If they aren’t aware it’s not uncommon for someone in the paranormal community to pay them a visit!

On September 11th, 2001 Patriot Woman was actually a wheelchair bound 82 year old born in 1919.  She had bravely served as a nurse in the European battles of World War II against Hitler’s Germany.  Unfortunately, some stray bullets of cowardice paralyzed her from the waist down while she attempted to single-handedly save a soldiers life.  She was never able to walk again until 2001. Read The Rest Of This Urban Legend On Our Halloween Blog…

What Is A Faeriemancer?

A Faeriemancer, sometimes called a Fairy Master, is someone who has the paranormal power to manipulate Fairies to varying degrees. Fairies being low-level nature deities who are tied to this corporeal plane. The control of these tiny enchanted entities is accomplished via natural psychokinetic psi power or magical ability. The rarest of these unique individuals are those with active psi Faeriemancer powers in their DNA. Sometimes this is a fluke of evolution while other times there has been an interaction with a Fairy while the Mancer was still in the womb. Most often the Mother accidentally breathed in some Fairy Dust from a Fairy flying about nearby. The most common Faeriemancer is the one who learns to practice Faerie Magic. Generally, witches calling upon these low-level physical nature deities for power. Although granting far less power than a true God or Goddess, Fairies are more accessible by those with less than stellar magical ability.

The Dark Damnation Of The Faeriemancer

Most being-based Mancers tend to be evil in nature as they specialize in controlling another sentient entity against their will. The dark to becoming a Faeriemancer starts with the frustration of Fairies not sharing the magical power they require. This is when they realize they can siphon the power against the Fairy’s wishes. Even controlling them like a puppet or worse caging them like an animal. This is always a nefarious activity but it is even more so when it involves nature deities. The mad Mancer runs the risk of incurring the wrath of higher Gods who have the sole right to dictate what their subjects do.  This can include banishment to the Underworld for all eternity! The Faeriemancer’s activities are almost always considered blasphemy by everyone in the supernatural world who doesn’t fall to the dark side!

The Paranormal Powers Of The Faeriemancer

The Faeriemancer can hypnotize, and control a Faerie like a puppet. They’re able to capture them for their own amusement, for use as a weapon against enemies, or to extract Fairy Dust which is useful in many spells and potions. Ultimately, the number one purpose is to acquire more power. Often by feeding off the magical energies of the Fairy like a psychic vampire. These malevolent Mancers are notorious Fairy serial killers who will not only turn them into trophies but also eat them as well!  It’s said that eating a Faery alive grants the Faeriemancer exceptional powers on a temporary basis allowing them to act as a weapon themselves. Usually, they only eat them once they can’t extract any more metaphysical energy out of them. If a Faeriemancer is already practicing magic then those powers increase several fold.

Do Faeriemancer’s Have Power Over The Dead?

Ironically the most talented of these misguided individuals also have the power to heal and resurrect Fairies. Powers they rarely use since their unsanctioned resurrection wouldn’t cause the Fairy’s power to recharge. This leads them into the world of Necromancy, or power over the dead. Luckily, Fairy spirits turn into higher-level deities known as Nymphs which the Faeriemancer has no control over. Nymphs spend quite a bit of time slightly out of phase with our reality living their Afterlife in the Paradise Plane. If they resurrect a dead Fairy the Nymph version still exists in the same way humans currently exist in Heaven because it’s in a higher dimension outside our time. If a Fairy isn’t deemed ready for Nymphood then they are reincarnated as a new Fairy in another time and place.

The Frighteningly Fiendish Faeriemancer Frankfurter Finkelstein

The most prolific serial killer of Fairies is the Faeriemancer Frankfurter Finkelstein who was last seen in the Scottish Galloway Forest Park. The diabolical Faeriemancer is proud to show off his macabre, and blasphemous collection of dead Fairies to those seeking him out for dark guidance. This sick puppy stuffs and hangs them around his creepy castle! Apparently, Finkelstein was born with a psychokinetic talent to control, and hypnotize Fairies as opposed to learning the Faeriemancing Magical Arts which he is now a master of. During his later formative years, he noticed his powers increase when he ate the Fairies alive. How he started eating them is anyone’s despicable guess! Although, it is rumored Fairies taste rather sweet like a mystical candy. Thankfully, the power boost is beyond immense and he can only withstand eating one a week!

Help Us Find This Blasphemous Bastard Now!

The filthy Finkelstein is the most wanted person in the worldwide Faerie Community. Despite the differences between various Fairy Factions, they all agree that Finkelstein must die! Finkelstein is a known associate of the Sorcerer Supreme and King Of Hell Dimitri Diablo along with his former apprentice the Sorcerer Brimstone. Anyone knowing the current whereabouts of the fiendish Finkelstein is encouraged to contact Mystic Investigations or the nearest paranormal crime-fighting firm at your earliest convenience. If you don’t want to do that then just scream that you know where he is in the middle of a remote forest or field. The Fairies will hear you! Finkelstein is considered Fairy magic armed, and dangerous! Do not attempt to apprehend him yourself unless you are an experienced practitioner of magic, or immune to magic!🧚‍♀️

🗒️Rarely Used Spelling: Fairymancer

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Is Stephen King’s Carrie White Real And What Is She?

The Stephen King novel Carrie, and the subsequent films based on said book, are the result of a true supernatural story! King, like some sci-fi writers, happen to know one or more persons in the government. Those who wish the secret supernatural truth of our reality to be released to the public in the guise of fiction. This is the case with quite a few novels and movies. Some want the truth to come out while others think the so-called fictional stories, in fact, nullify any evidence that might be leaked. Either way, it is the only mutually acceptable method of release for top-secret information to the public. In general, these stories are altered by the writer so as not to be an exact account of the truth.

A Psychotic Parent Not Equipped To Raise A Psychokinetic Daughter

Stephen King was made privy to the “Carrie Incident” otherwise known as the “Black Prom” via a government file passed to him under the radar. He then wrote his fictional version of the real events which took place in May 1963. Since Carrie White was a common name there was no reason to change it. So it was the real name of a teenager with prolific psychokinetic powers! She was born and raised in a small town in Maine by her single mother. Her mother, Margaret White, was a psychotic religious zealot with warped puritanical views. She raised Carrie to be ashamed and scared of all that was considered normal to the majority of society. She taught Carrie that the world was full of evil sinners who could not be trusted as they all fell under the influence of the Devil. Carrie was kept isolated under the continuous watch of her overprotective Mom due to being home schooled. That was until her mid-teens when the State government demanded she attend public high school. Naturally, Carrie was a shy awkward loner weary of strangers, including her classmates. Still, she yearned to be a normal girl with friends and a boyfriend. Unfortunately, her timid demeanor, plain appearance, and gossip about her crazy mother made her the but of jokes and bullying.

A Child With Natural Born Telekinetic Powers

From a young age, Carrie showed signs of possessing telekinetic and even telepathic powers. However, she knew not what to make of it. It was only in the unpredictable chaos of high school’s emotion-inducing environment that the true potential of her power began to manifest. This caused her to research such powers and focus on controlling them. Certainly, anger and fear would cause uncontrollable bouts of launching objects or breaking things with the sheer force of her mind! On the occasions, her horrified mother noticed she began an abusive prayer and exorcism ritual. She assumed the Devil was trying to corrupt her child! Carrie was routinely spanked and locked in a closet for long lengths of time as punishment for things that weren’t her fault. Being able to attend school at least freed her from her mom’s non-stop smothering. Amazingly Carrie still unconditionally loved her and assumed all she did was for her own good.

Paranormal Powers Sourced From A Nature Deity

We now know that her long-absent father, Ralph White, was the genetic donor of her ever-growing powers. Evidence now indicates he was some manner of higher dimensional God. Ralph was banished to Earth and imprisoned within a human form for offenses against his supernatural species. So Carrie was technically a Demigoddess or human-god hybrid. Unfortunately, she had nobody to guide her along her sometimes terrifying journey of self-discovery. Her mother refused to inform her about such things as puberty and human reproduction. This, of course, resulted in the infamous girl’s locker room bullying incident. This one experience launched a series of events that eventually caused Carrie to attend the Black Prom that became a blood bath by her own hand!

The Black Prom

Carrie finally felt normal with some happiness as she accompanied her date to the prom. A popular student on the football team. They even won the title of Prom King and Queen. While on stage a vile girl banned from the prom, due to her bullying of Carrie, lay in wait with her loser of a boyfriend. They dropped pig’s blood all over her! The heavy metal bucket carrying the blood bath hit her date in the head killing him instantly! Although she only knew he died due to her otherworldly senses. Most of the crowd thought he was just knocked out cold. This is why many of the students, and even a few teachers, were laughing at this huge embarrassment. The shock of all this caused the full brunt of her paranormal powers to be set off with a vengeance!

Anger Ignites Vengeful Flames Spilling The Blood Of Both The Guilty & Innocent!

The students, teachers, and parental chaperones found themselves facing the last moments of their lives amid a flurry of telekinetic mayhem! Carrie sealed the doors of the school gym shut while causing lights to fall and objects to fly so as to lethally belt everyone she could. Electrical wires burst from the ceiling and walls causing some to be electrocuted as a fire broke out!. Research indicates she may have inadvertently sparked her pyrokinetic powers thus making the fire spread far quicker than it should of. The blood ran red across the polished wooden floors as Carrie levitated out of the death trap with a blank stare on her face. The entire school burnt to the ground as the sirens of police and fire headed her way.

A Fire Worthy Of Hell On Earth!

The authorities racing toward the school barely noticing Carrie drenched in pig blood as she calmly walked home in the dark. The vile couple who sparked her rage had managed to escape the mayhem and then spotted her on the roadway. They saw her as a monster and attempted to run Carrie down with their car. At the last second, she launched the vehicle into a nearby gas station causing a massive explosion. The couple was killed instantly! This and the school fire spread to a number of other buildings causing other fire departments from adjacent communities to be called in.

A Mad Mother Finally Snaps With Murderous Intent!

Once at home, Carrie’s Mother hid in the shadows as she observed her daughter dripping with blood and tears. Carrie was in shock at what she had done and began to feel emotionally numb as she relaxed in a warm bath. There were news reports on the local TV and radio about what was going on. Her Mother crazily surmised the Devil had finally won and taken complete control of her daughter. She lovingly helped her from the bathtub of crimson water in a deceptive manner to catch Carrie off guard. When she was dressed for bed she hugged her Mom and that’s when Mrs. White stabbed Carrie in the back with a large kitchen knife! In a rage, Carrie burst every piece of glass in the house and flung it at her mother killing her instantly! In her heartbroken state, her powers went crazy and the entire house collapsed on top of her!  Carrie was dead…

A Classic Demigod Self-Resurrection Miracle!

An hour later Carrie sub-consciously performed a self-resurrection. A power of her higher dimensional heritage. She was about to use her telekinetic powers to remove the heavy rubble that was on top of her but the resurrection had granted her the full power of a Demigod. That of super strength, speed, and agility. She physically burst from the demolished home then disappeared into the cold dark night. In back of her the orange light of the town’s fires eventually faded on the horizon. Everyone in the town assumed she was dead.

Carrie Uses Her Powers To Help The Innocent

There were reports of someone mostly fitting her description helping out people over the decades. She doled out sweet justice for people wronged by those more powerful than them. This even included her going up against supernatural beings such as vampires and werewolves! Although this Carrie was described as being quite beautiful and extremely confident. It’s assumed she was looking to redeem herself and assuage her guilt in the slaying of so many innocent people. At least a handful of people spotted her carrying Stephen King’s Carrie novel. Witnesses at a movie theater in 1976 say a woman matching her description ran from the Carrie movie in tears.

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Ascension To Godhood And The Carrie Cult

Sometime in the early 1990’s she disappeared. Psychics, seers, and mystics indicate she found her Father, Ralph White. His prison sentence on Earth was over and together they ascended to higher dimensional godhood! Naturally, a Carrie Cult to worship her eventually took shape in the mid-1990’s. They claim they continue to commune with her spirit to this day! The Cult mainly draws the disenfranchised who have been mercilessly bullied throughout their lives. They pray to Carrie for guidance and the power to defeat their tormentors!

The US Government Covers Up Yet Another Supernatural Event

There were some surviving witnesses to the Black Prom who were outside looking through the windows. Gossip and rumors spread about the town quickly about the horrifying event. It was enough for the US Government to swoop in and cover up the incident. They also partook of a fruitless hunt for Carrie who was on the Top 10 US Paranormal Most Wanted List for several years! A secret closed-door Congressional hearing into the matter ended in records beings sealed and mouths ordered shut!

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