How Much Does Magic School Cost?

JK RowlingJ.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter book series, recently tweeted that a magical education at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry was tuition-free. She was prompted to reveal this when an article estimated the cost of an education at her supposedly fictional school would probably cost $43,000 a year!  Of course, Hogwarts does exist in a Parallel Universe where the education is funded by the Ministry Of Magic. Realistically, only a small number of the 7 billion people on Earth would have magical abilities nor even know of Hogwarts. Therefore it would be crazy to deny future talent an education due to mortal monetary restraints!

Real Magic Schools In Our World

In our reality, there are a number of secret magical institutions of higher education.  The most prestigious of these is McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences presided by Headmaster Ian McTavish. Ian is the world’s most renowned immortal Sorcerer. Like Hogwarts, McTavish Academy, along with most magic schools, are indeed free of charge to students. Although, those with wealth are expected to make generous donations to the school. If there was tuition it would be astronomical. That financial roadblock would deny 99% of the supernaturally gifted from around the world from flourishing. Unlike the world of Harry Potter, there is no magical government or Ministry Of Magic. There are secret mystical organizations around the world that attempt to keep order but there’s no official entity that presides over the world of the supernatural. The higher dimensional powers that be did enact a Supernatural Secrecy Pact in 33 AD that sends forth general guidelines enforceable by Angels, Demons, Nature Deities, and others. This ensured the paranormal world would remain a secret from most of humankind and keep magical interference to a minimum until the grander battles of Armageddon!

The Economics Of Magic

Since we’re talking about real magic clearly these schools are run by powerful magical practitioners who could conjure up buildings, supplies, etc. Professors who teach and perform research work aren’t generally paid. They volunteer to keep their craft alive and support the cause of fighting the forces of darkness, or in some cases the forces of righteousness. Those with true magical talent can come by wealth easily enough and more or less the schools provide anything necessary for their comfortable survival. However, some do demand pay that is usually in the form of gold created through alchemy or culled from ancient treasure storage’s collected by those magicians who happen to be immortal. Such treasure reserves of gold and silver collected over the centuries cover any expenses when magical resources have been temporarily depleted. After all, if someone had unlimited magical power they’d, in essence, be a God or a Genie! Also, they’d rather use those magick’s for enchanted emergencies rather than property and employee maintenance.

Free Education For All!

JK Rowling also made mention that Muggles, aka non-magical humans, should get their act together to offer free college as well. If human society was truly about bettering our species, and civilization as quickly as possible then we would seek to educate everyone who wanted to learn. Certainly, there are thousands of people around the world with untapped potential. Those who could contribute to propelling humankind to the stars before an extinction level event occurs on Earth! In fact, there is evidence that humankind rose to advanced heights a handful of times over the past 100,000 years only to fall into total ruin! Our world rose from the post-apocalypse!

Ultimately, what future do we have if only the wealthy are able to attain top-flight educations? It’s just another mechanism to keep people within the economic class they were born into. Perhaps all those tax dollars that seem to disappear into a black hole in so many nations could be better spent educating the populace! Thankfully, quite a few ultra gifted at least gain scholarships and grants to propel themselves to greater heights! [September 1st Is #BackToHogwarts]

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