A Most Enchanted Easter Fool’s Day

On April 1st, 2018 we were cautious while enjoying Easter Sunday festivities as it was also April Fool’s Day. Especially after we had issued an April Fools Easter Alert the day before! On April 1st we generally garner the honor of a visit from The April Fool himself. He’s a prolific paranormal prankster who enjoys embarrassing people whether they simply be supernaturally relevant or pompous asses. In our case hopefully, it’s Mystic Investigations legendary status in the supernatural community. Usually, the Fool mildly vandalizes our website with his goofy content along with personally pranking us. I remember that time he literally turned me into a helium balloon and I floated out the window! It was a shocking and surreal experience! On the lower end of the joke scale, he enjoys teleporting people into crowded area’s completely naked! Our resident demi-mermaid witch Rebecca Abernathy once stepped out of the shower and she was suddenly on Main Street devoid of even a towel!

Since Easter and April Fool’s converged this year both the Easter Bunny and the farcical Fool decided to mystically meld their holidays into one. The Easter Bunny would distribute eggs that weren’t quite what they seemed beside the normal with candy and small gifts. This meant rotten eggs weren’t just for those on the beautiful bunnies naughty list! Hopefully, there would still be eggs containing powers, wishes, and magical objects as well. In unison, the April Fool would work to employ an Easter theme into many of his alarming exploits. Thankfully that meant more bearable pranks for us!

In the morning we attended Easter services at our associate Father Tom’s Church Of Holy Light. He is our exorcist and source of top-flight holy water. Naturally, as usual, we fell asleep in the pews but bolted awake as the Easter Egg Hunt began outside. It was a mild sunny early spring day as we cheered the kids on. Suddenly the Werehare Easter Bunny showed up in his 6 foot tall humanoid furry white rabbit form to give us gifts as a reward for a fine fight against the frightening forces of darkness. Other than us nobody knew his true identity and merely assumed it was a guy dressed up in an ultra-realistic rabbit suit. One way to tell he’s the real deal is the fact that there’s always a group of baby chicks and bunnies following him around. You can also clearly see the sparkling reality in his large eyes that can range from blue to green in color.

The Bunny was far more jovial than usual as he kept giggling like a school girl. He gave everyone at Mystic Investigations an Easter gift basket. My basket exploded leaving confetti and silly string all over me. However, there was some sweet chocolaty goodness at the bottom of the basket. Luckily I wasn’t the person got chocolate cream and pink glitter spattered all over them! The Easter Bunny chuckled and said,”Sorry guys but it’s April Fools Day!” I asked where the April Fool was but he had no idea.

Later the enchanted Bunny invited us back to Easterville, his cloaked village in the Black Forest of Germany. We eagerly agreed since we assumed we might avoid the April Fool. The only way to get to his village instantly was to follow him through his global network of rabbit holes that are in actuality wormholes courtesy of Mother Earth Goddess Gaia. The Easter Bunny transformed to his normal small rabbit form and hopped in. His chicks and bunny helpers jumped in after him. Rebecca conjured up a spell to miniaturize her Mystic Sphere while inside so it would fit into the Easter Bunny’s rabbit holes. So some of us instantly took a trip to his village in the Black Forest of Germany. Nothing new for us here! Rebecca made a point of saying we could only be miniaturized a couple of times a year before it caused bodily damage. So we couldn’t just visit the bunny on a whim!

The village was a fun-filled community of medieval buildings splashed into a kaleidoscope of colors. At the center was a giant egg-shaped castle that was the Easter Bunny’s home and the Capitol Of Easter. The streets were glittering surfaces of varying bright colors that almost resembled linoleum flooring. Even the skies were mystical with pink fluffy clouds courtesy of a magical illusion. Bunnies of all colors, yellow chicks, and kids ran about cheering with glee as their parents looked on. Obviously, these were all people in the paranormal know like us. We enjoyed all manner of amusement rides located about the village including the egg roller coaster. An egg-shaped car rolled on tracks that winded in and around the entire village including underground. Eventually, we retired to Egg Castle for Easter dinner. Amazingly the Demi-Angel Santa Claus, his wife Holly, and their kids made an appearance to pay homage to their good friend Eggbert, the Bunnies real name. As darkness covered the happy village a spectacular fireworks show lit the sky with ecstatic Easter imagery. We then bid the Easter Bunny farewell before popping back through the bunny hole to our home in Woodland Springs, Colorado.

Some of us went to the office to deal with recent pressing paranormal perplexities while others headed home. What we all found was everywhere loaded with crazy bunnies hopping about while rotten eggs rained from the ceiling! The April Fool teleported to each location in his jester costume laughing like a loon while bellowing,”Happy April Fool’s Day! Believe it or not, this wasn’t as bad as what he did to us other years! Thankfully he didn’t touch our website. As usual, everything disappeared and went back to normal at the stroke of Midnight! Well except for when our resident vampire Drake Alexander was teleported buck naked into Times Square New York one second before the Witching Hour! Being transported places doesn’t reverse on April 2nd for some reason? He sped into a subway tunnel at super speed and hypnotized some guy to give him his clothing. Then Drake arrived back home the next day after he caught the first available flight. At least now we have another year before being pranked again! | Twitter |

Apocalyptic Abominable Snow Savage

The Monstrous Abominable Snowman YetiThe recent round of snow storms brought another Abominable Snowman into our midst. The Snowmen, aka Yeti, often travel with storms to wherever they take them. A couple had parked their car on the shores of Luminary Lake to enjoy the nocturnal scenery which includes the lakes unique iridescent lights derived from unknown mystical properties. It was near the home of my colleagues Xavier Remington & Rebecca Abernathy.  It was some time after Midnight as the blizzard came about suddenly, and the couple was unable to drive their car away from the lake due to misjudgement of the amount of snow which had rapidly accumulated.  They had called tried to call for help but cell phone reception was unstable.  So they accepted spending the night in their car which at least had a full tank of gas.  It didn’t seem like a big deal since they could hike to the nearby homes in the morning for help.  However as they began to doze off they were shocking awakened from their slumber by a hellish other worldly growl. It was an Abominable Snowman who immediately lifted the car, and began shaking it violently. He tossed in down, and began breaking the glass as he clawed at the terrified couple. All hope seemed to be lost as the white furry beast of at least nine feet tall, and 800 pounds was hell bent on killing the helpless couple who knew nothing of the world of the supernatural.

Rebecca Abernathy, a demi-mermaid white witch, had been at a meeting with her coven who ended their sacred ceremony with a Midnight prayer to the Goddesses. The weather was too bad to take her pink Porsche home so she took the Mystic Sphere instead. As she flew though the heavy snow, and strong winds in her transparent pink energy sphere her Mermaid sense picked up on danger afoot.  Soon she heard the screams of terror amid the roars of an unholy beast. She began her descent from the clouds above, and through the snow she could make out the form of a Yeti, aka an Abominable Snowman.  She landed nearby, and began shooting glittering green, and blue volleys of magical energies toward the great white furry abomination. Unfortunately it didn’t do much but push him back a bit since the Yeti have an immunity to magic like their cousins the Sasquatch. Rebecca got around that by using objects as weapons. She used her magic to send a tree hurling at the pile of albino fur thrusting him into the lake crashing through the ice. However he leaped out with a roar that makes a lion sound like a sissy. He then picked up the car, and threw it into the lake with a sinister look on his face. Unfortunately before that the couple couldn’t get out because the doors were damaged by the Yeti. The broken jagged glass was unpassable as well. She launched another tree at him but he bolted toward her at lightening speed knocking her to the ground as he clawed at her. The couple’s cries for help could be heard while they sank into the dark ice ridden murky depths Rebecca struggled with the angry Snowman using every ounce of her Mermaid strength to fend him off. Her eyes then glowed bright blue as she tapped into her Mermaid powers of hydrokinesis, and caused a huge tidal wave to engulf them in a torrent of icy cold water washing them both into the lake. As she sunk, now weakened by the use of so much magic, the albino abomination swam toward her making use of his infrared night vision. Rebecca could see quite well in the nearly dark waters as well.  Luckily the mystical luminosity of the lake would show itself in the distant waters thereby providing some measure of dim light.  Although the disturbed waters bore no light.  In the unique underwater language of Atlantean, which almost sounded like a series of Dolphin clicks, and whistles, she called upon Skaldi, the Norse Goddess of winter, to strengthen a power she’s never really used before. The power of Hydro-Cryokinesis. She began freezing the water in front of her trapping the Snowman in an ice cube but it kept growing engulfing her, and the car with the drowning couple. A whole region of the lake was frozen solid, and all was silent except for the raging snow storm above the water.

Xavier sensed something was wrong nearby at Remington Manor, and he ran to the lake with his magical sword he acquired at the Mctavish Academy Of Magical Sciences in Scotland last year. I was strolling about the warm spring like parts of the Mystical Forest when I sensed a vibe coming from the Earth which happens when near the Heart Of The Mystical Forest. I then had a vision of Rebecca, and ran to Luminary Lake. Julia, our resident psychic, had a vision that woke her from a sound sleep but the phone lines were down, and cell reception was bad. I leaped on to the lake and began pounding into the ice with my bare fists but they were to deeply embedded to reach them quickly.  Xavier was thrashing away at the ice with his sword but I told him to try, and tap into the hidden powers that we had sensed lied within. Unfortunately I didn’t have my sword with me but I knew not how to tap into his dark demonic powers nor would I want to. I then remembered the mystical egg the Easter Bunny had left me with which I was carrying in my pocket as a good luck charm. It was a sparkling golden egg about the size of a small Robin egg with emerald glittering trees, and pink flowers on it. I sensed it had power, and I threw the egg into the hole I had pounded in the ice, and focused on warm happy spring thoughts as the egg glowed, and the ice began to melt. However it wasn’t enough for such a huge ice expance. I then retrieved the egg, and Xavier plunged his sword in the ice as I placed the egg directly on the crystal embedded in his sword which then lit a holy bright light that burned me as the egg began glowing a soothing gold light which lessened the pain. A massive energy surge then melted a good swath of the lake, and shore causing the ice to collapse beneath us. Both of us swam down into the now pleasantly warm waters amid the falling snow, and gusting winds. Xavier got to Rebecca who was barely conscious as the supernatural Snowman swam toward them not phased by his freezing episode. I intervened, and punched the Yeti with such force that he was launched from the water on to the shore. I then helped Xavier get Rebecca to the surface. Once there she muttered that a couple was drowning in a car. I dove back down, found the car, and single handedly lifted it to the surface. I then proceeded to drag it through the water as I swam toward shore. Once there I ripped off one of the doors, and realized that the couple was dead. I couldn’t hear a pulse nor breathing. Their blood smelled of fresh death. Suddenly the Yeti grabbed me from behind, and tossed me over the tree line into the forest.  I crashed through several layers of the canopy cracking wood violently before I hit the soil with a loud thud.

Xavier had lost his sword in the water, and was taunting the furry furious figure who was looking to eat the corpses of the couple. Rebecca lie weak nearby as the Snowman charged Xavier who exposed his belt laden with silver Ninja Stars which he launched at the Abominable Snowman causing him to shriek in pain. However he pulled them out, and was about to swipe Xavier to rest in peace but I ran back in the nick of time to hop upon the Yeti, and sink my teeth into his neck to suck away the life energy of his blood. He struggled madly as his rage filled roar deafened us all. He threw me off but I now had his rage filled strength surging through my bloodstream as I pummeled the ever loving hell out of him causing blood to splatter about wildly. I finally snapped his neck, and he lay motionless. As I growled madly doing a muscular pose toward Rebecca, and Xavier ready to mindlessly attack under the physical, and mental effects of the Abominable Snowman blood, Xavier saw the oval bulge in my pocket. The Easter Egg that I placed back in my pocket as we had sunk in the water after the ice melted. Xavier bolted toward me, did a front roll, and sprung up to punch me with some blessed silver knuckles with holy crosses on it. I hit the side of the car due to his surprise power punch, and Xavier ripped the egg from my pocket. Xavier wasn’t sure what to do with it so he charged me again, punched me in the neck, and then crammed it into my mouth. I naturally bit down on it causing it to burst into a explosion of bright yellow light that thew Xavier away from me as I hit the ground with golden energy rays surging forth from all over my body.

My rage was gone.  Now replaced by a sense of serenity I never felt before.  In fact I never felt more alive as dark green shrubs, and a rainbow array of flowers sprung forth along with the cold snow turning into refreshing rain amid the drastically warm air. Rebecca immediately got up smiling, and the couple was resurrected by the spirit of Easter it seems. Regrettably the Yeti was resurrected as well but he was oddly silent, and just stared at everyone for a bit before running away into the night. Amazingly enough the couples car was even repaired to perfect working order. I never seen magic do that before. So everyone went home happy, and healed.

Once back at my house I began walking up to my bed chamber when I felt an odd tingling as I walked past the magical crystal in which the spirit of Meistiensos was stored. He was my dark vampire grandfather who I was forced to kill.  A vampire who seemed to redeem himself in the dark void of the spirit realm, and now wished to become a Merman as he was an Atlantean who missed the Mermaid transformation as Atlantis sank into the ocean so many thousands of years ago.  I felt oddly drawn to the mystical crystal which I had previously passed everyday without thought.  In inexplicably picked up the crystal, and it began emitting a kaleidoscope of lights as I felt all my new found Easter energy being sucked away. My hand was frozen on to the crystal, and I couldn’t let it go. It suddenly exploded in my hand, and a ball of light floated above me as I hit the floor weakened. That light then formed into Meistiensos who appeared happy, and surprised as he said,”I’m back! Thank you so much Drake my son!” I was quite shocked by this turn of events.  He then clenched his stomach in agony as he fell to his knees, and screamed he was starving. Tarkington, my Butler, ran up from his room in the basement to witness the chaos. I told him to get some food that I keep for human guests. Tarkington handed Meistiensos a protein bar.  He started to eat it but instead spit it out as I witnessed fangs extend from his mouth.  I had no idea what manner of being he could be manifested from nothing but his spirit form. It never occurred to me he could be a vampire again. He then violently pulled Tarkington to him as he growled, and bit into the Butler’s neck draining him of blood so fast that I couldn’t stop him. Tarkington lied dead as Meistiensos rose up, and declared,”Yes indeed my Grandson I’m back!” He laughed heartily, and crashed through an outside wall at light speed disappearing in to the night.

I quickly went to Tarkington, bit into my wrist, and let my blood flow into his mouth hoping it wasn’t to late to heal him.  I was hoping not only the vampire properties would heal but also any of the Easter resurrection powers that might be left within me.  Luckily minutes later his heart began to beat, and he coughed as his lungs became operational again.  Within an hour he was thankfully good as new.  I now had to tell the others, including my vampire Mother Duanna away in Turkey, that Meistiensos was back.  The real question was whether he had turned to the dark side again, or if he was simply under the influence of the all consuming hunger of being born again?

Electrifying Evil Easter Engagement

Easter 2013 Battle Between The Easter Bunny And The Anti-Claus!
Easter BunnyI’m Drake Alexander, Senior Vice-President Of Mystic Investigations, and 700 something vampire.  We had our annual Mystic Investigations Easter Egg hunt on the grounds of our paranormal crime fighting offices.  It was open to the public, and many kids, their parents, and little bunnies from a local farm were hopping about the festive Easter event.  I hunted in the Mystical Forest for three days non-stop just to find a gnome so I could be in the sun courtesy of their protective blood!  Duanna Sargon, my vampire mother, was there as well.  All was well as children giggled with glee while parents snapped photos, and shot video to preserve the memories of the delightful day.  Suddenly out of the blue a large anthropomorphic bipedal bunny ran out of the woods screaming for help in a comically high pitched voice.  The children were laughing thinking it was entertainment but I could tell immediately it wasn’t a guy in a rabbit suit.  My enhanced vision, and supernatural sense of smell told me otherwise.  I told everyone it was real, and Xavier Remington, Mystic Investigations President, said,”OMG you don’t think it’s the…”  I then said,”Oh yeah it has to be the Easter Bunny!”  We’ve met Santa Claus who is friends with the worlds only known Werehare,or Werebunny, but we still couldn’t believe he was real despite sparse entries in the secret supernatural record.  We did see a strange looking rabbit near Rebecca Abernathy, our resident Demi-Mermaid witch, when she died and was resurrected on Easter 2011.  We suspected the Easter Bunny had a hand in that miracle.  However you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a rabbit humanoid running toward you.  I’ve supposedly seen everything existing for over 7 centuries, and it even shocked me!

What was even more shocking was the hellish vision of the Anti-Claus running after him with a bloody hatchet as kids started screaming, and scattering.! He was hollering,”I’m going to slaughter you bunny man, and eat the very essence of Easter!”  We found out later that the blood on the hatchet was from some sick Satanic sacrifice.  The large bunny man, 7 feet tall with the ears, ran up to Rebecca, and changed into a small normal sized furry bunny form before hopping into her arms.  I told her to get the poor little bastard the hell out of here!  We couldn’t let the Dark Claus absorb the marvelous magic of Easter.  Metaphysical energy accumulated by channeling the innocent magic of children all around the world celebrating Easter.  Enchanted energies channeled through the Easter Bunny forming the Spirit Of Easter   Rebecca screamed, and activated her active witch power,”Mystic Sphere!” She flew away with the bunny in her transparent pink energy orb high in the sky.  Before I could make a move Ex-Navy Seal Hunter Jackson looked around quickly to make sure no innocents were in vicinity before pulling out his machine gun, and firing directly upon the Anti-Claus.  Regrettably he just stood there maniacally laughing as the bullets bounced off him. Not surprising considering he was the most powerful Demi-Demon on Earth!

The kids were all hiding in the edge of the woods with their parents watching the surreal spectacle unfold.  Telekinetic Psychic Julia Hathaway, and bionic boy wonder Zack Powers stood nearby ready to protect them.  Duanna, and I tackled him as she screamed,”Die you sick bastard!”  I was so enraged as well that I bit into him, and forgot that not only would I gain temporary Anti-Claus strength but also be under his spell as well.  He whaled loudly, and finally pushed us off him sending us flying.  He then looked at me with a sinister stare, and hypnotically ordered me to kill Duanna along with the entire Mystic Investigations team!  I felt compelled to do so until Duanna grabbed me, and looked into my eyes saying,”I sired you my son!  You do my bidding!  Nobody else has power over you!”  I felt her sire bond power over me but the Anti-Claus still tugged at my very soul.  She then punched me in the face, and screamed,”I command you to kill the Anti-Claus, and not hurt the Mystic Investigations team!”  Her hypnotic vampiress ability, and sire bond, won the brain washing battle. With eyes glowing red, fangs extended, and other worldly growling flowing forth I attacked the Dark Claus with a vengeance.  It was a near equal fight since we both had demonic DNA coupled with his blood fueling me.  We fought for a minute before the sinister Claus began to overwhelm me.  Duanna then intervened, and got him in a head lock as she attempted to behead him the hard way!  I then attempted to force my fingers into his chest to extricate his dark dead demonic heart.  Suddenly I felt a stabbing pain through my chest as I saw a blade come out through me.

It was the Dark Drake, my evil doppelganger, and long time nemesis who is one of the Devil’s sons.  He impaled me with the fabled Sword Of Dagon.  Dark Drake then declared,”I found my Father a mate to sire the Dark Prince, and now the pathetic Drake will be the first to die along with everyone here!”  As revealed some time ago the Dark Drake, with the aid of the Anti-Claus, was to find the perfect mother for the Anti-Christ. I fell dead as the Anti-Claus sneered, and snickered over me.  He had freed himself from Duanna’s grip, and snapped her neck causing her to lie unconscious on the ground.  I began bursting into flames as Dark Drake said,”So long brother!”  Julia, and Zack ran up as Julia screamed,”Nooooooooooo Drake!”  She used her telekinetic powers to toss both nefarious figures aside but the Anti-Claus instantly recovered, and used his own power to choke both her, and Zack Darth Vader Force Style as he held his hand out.  While Dark Drake got up Xavier appeared with his mystical Sword Of Judgment to engage him in battle.  Xavier had run back to his office to get the sword when things started heating up.  Ghostbuster Rob Edmunds ran up, and shot the Dark Claus with his photonic disruption gun he uses on poltergeists.  The evil Claus was momentarily stunned but recovered, and added Rob to his choking spree.  I saw nothing but unholy violet flames around me as the holy sunlight began fading, and I knew it was time to meet my maker.  Would I end up in Heaven, Hell, the Underworld, the fabled Purgatory, or perhaps simply blink out of existence?

Out of nowhere the Mystic Sphere shot from the Heavens like a messenger from God.  I later learned it was at the request of the Easter Bunny who had a vision of my death, and that of several innocents in the vicinity.  Rebecca blasted the Anti-Claus with a magical power burst as the little Easter Bunny transformed into his large anthropomorphic form.  He landed on top of me causing the flames to immediately extinguish as he held his hands upon my heart causing a magical yellow glittering energy to bathe over me.  He resurrected me, and I was whole again.  At that point the Dark Drake had disarmed Xavier, and was about to behead him as the Anti-Claus blasted Rebecca into a tree trunk with his own deadly dark magics.  At that point Duanna’s neck snapped back into position, and she sprung forth to tackle Dark Drake.  The Easter Bunny, and I both wrestled the Anti-Claus to the ground as Rebecca recovered to join us.  She told us to keep the calamitous Claus down while she recited a spell.  Santa Claus had given her some of his blood for such a situation while we were at North Pole City this last Christmas.  She drew a cross upon his forehead in Saint Nicholas blood, and her magical words caused him to scream in agony as she called upon the Great Claus, Mother Earth Goddess Gaia, and even the Demigod Jesus Christ to let the Earth literally absorb him.  He began melting into the hallowed Earth while Dark Drake cast off Duanna, and rushed toward us with his deadly sword.  Xavier then threw me his sword just in time to begin mortal combat with my dark doppelganger of doom.

The Anti-Claus disappeared into the Earth as a car drove up nearby playing the theme to TV’s Highlander.  It was an odd coincidence as sparks flew between our swords.  Even with the Anti-Claus blood within me the Dark Drake was a son of the Devil yet still within a body genetically identical to my own.  It seemed I was losing until the Easter Bunny psychically sent me messages of hope to reinvigorate me but my sword was forced from my hand as I hit the ground.  Rebecca shot magical energy at the Devil’s son but he deflected it with his hand, and she was hit with it knocking her out cold. Duanna came from behind but he sensed it, and quickly spun around chopping both her legs off as she cried in agony.  While this was going on the Easter Bunny came to my side telling me to bite into his arm, and drink of his holy blood.  I said it would harm me to drink such innocent magical holy blood but he said his body was actually pagan in origin while his spirit was that of a holy, yet cursed, saint.  I partook of the essence of Easter surging through his blood, and a power force of good shot through me as I grabbed the sword to face Devilish Drake again.  I knew in the end there could be only one Drake!  The Dark One looked at the holy werehare, and said,”After I destroy Drake your next bunny bitch!”

We fought for what seemed like forever as we lunged metal against metal in a titanic battle of good versus evil.  With the power of Easter behind me I eventually beat him down.   I ended up chopping his hand off! He fell to his knees ready for the beheading he deserved for so many months now.  I then said,”Any last words you wretched bastard!”  He then started bellowing,”Unholy Father help me!”  An apparition of the Devil surrounded in roaring flames instantly appeared in broad daylight, ”Your mission is done my sickening son. You have shamed me in your lowly handling of your Earthly form. Once you die here I will deal with you back in Hell.”  Dark Drake then screamed like a baby declaring he didn’t want to go back yet.  The Devil shook his head in disappointment before disappearing. I then swung the sword beheading the dastardly doppelganger who cried ”Nooooooooooooooooooo!”

Luckily the Easter Bunny saw what was about to happen, and he didn’t want the kids nearby to be traumatized so he created a mass delusion of a paradise countryside full of cute furry animals, and Easter eggs.  Upon the beheading a mass of bright eerie red lights emanated from his body, and multi-colored lightening bolts shot everywhere.  Most of them absorbed into me. It was my first Highlander moment since nothing like that ever happened before.  Normally you kill a paranormal entity, and they either simply die with no fanfare, or they disappear into flames, ashes, sparkles, etc.  I felt a surge of dark energy, and tried to fight it’s mental effects.  I think holding Xavier’s mystical sword of the light prevented me from turning evil under the influence of such dark demonic power.  When it was over I was exhausted, and slumped to the ground.  I crawled over to Duanna to console her.  Her legs had been cut off near the hip but they had already grown back to the knee since vampires regenerate lost limbs.  Although she was turning red, and smoking as the Gnome blood had drained from her.  The holy sun was beginning to extinguish her living dead life.  I was too weak to lift her up but the Easter Bunny came over, and placed his furry paws upon her causing Duanna to be safe in the sun, and for her legs to grow back within seconds in an array of sparkling yellow, and pink lights.

The Easter Bunny went about healing everyone as the kids, and parents converged on us.  The Easter Bunny then announced,”Let us thank the fine folks here at Mystic Investigations for a first class Easter special effects spectacular!”  Everyone clapped, and cheered with glee at this most unusual Easter show. Xavier chimed in,”And let us thank..ah…Bob here for having such a cool Easter Bunny costume!”  More cheering as the Easter Bunny took a bow, and winked at Xavier. The Easter Bunny frolicked with the kids, and hid his own magical eggs for them to find.  The mystical Werehare also sent forth the energy of Easter, and deleted the video evidence, mostly shot on smart phones, of our supernatural battle so we wouldn’t all be in violation of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. It turned out to be an Easter Sunday we would never forget!  Unfortunately we are now facing a Halloween which may hold the physical manifestation of the Devil as he looks to father the Anti-Christ.

As the fun ended later that afternoon the Easter Bunny bid us farewell, and promised to visit his new friends at Mystic Investigations again soon.  He thanked us for saving his life, and we reciprocated for saving us.  The bunny left me with a special golden Easter egg which he said would come in handy very soon.  Then the peaceful being of joy transmuted into a small brown bunny, and hopped away at light speed leaving a trail of pink glitter in his path.  God bless the Easter Bunny, and we hope everyone on Earth had a happy Easter!

Update: Anti-Christ Was Born April 2015!