What Does Santa Claus Do On Easter?

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Santa and The Easter Bunny in the Spring Flower Fields.

Santa Claus and his wife Holly Claus began Easter morning by welcoming approximately 100 lucky children to an Easter egg hunt at North Pole City.  These kids were chosen by raffle from a pool of thousands. Those whose parents are members of the paranormal community from all around the world.  Many of us in that secret community have the privilege of getting glorious gifts from Santa at Christmas, and sometimes being invited to special North Pole events hosted by the Holy Father Christmas. This is a reward to the unsung heroes who battle the forces of supernatural evil in the shadows just out of view of the average human. They don’t do it for glory, recognition, or riches. Only to help humankind. Although they do enjoy the enchanted side of the supernatural to recuperate from their terrifying trials.

The North Pole City Easter Egg Hunt


The exciting egg hunt is a part of the Enchanted Easter Festival which includes a variety of rides, games, and refreshments not seen anywhere on Earth! The apex is the Sunday night Easter banquet where the Easter Bunny himself is invited as the guest of honor. The top 3 winners of the Easter Egg Hunt get to spend a week at Claus Manor as Santa’s personal guests along with a special late afternoon Easter luncheon with the Easter Bunny. There’s also a sleigh ride to the Easter Bunny’s hidden Easter Village in the Black Forest of Germany.  No matter who wins all children get an elegant Easter basket full of toys made by Elves and treats directly from the Easter Bunny.  Among the festivities, the Easter bunnies baby chicks, and baby bunny helpers hop happily about playing with the kids.

At Noon Santa hosted a luncheon amid a green spring garden full of iridescent flowers magically produced in the middle of the Arctic by his Leprechaun friends with aid of the Easter Bunny emissaries. Cups ran over with Easter eggnog, and plates piled high with mystical non-meat ham, Cadbury Eggs, chocolate Easter Bunnies, jelly beans, marshmallow Peeps, and a plethora of other tasty treats. The kids were allowed to eat as much as they wanted because nobody gets sick or injured within the sacred walls of Santa’s magical North Pole City.  Children with chocolate smeared on their faces went on a feeding frenzy as they screamed with glee over the tons of candy they went crazy for! Santa and the Easter Bunny stood nearby laughing heartily! It was a delightful day of fantastical fun!

Easters Capital

The Easter Bunny and Santa Claus pose for a photo at the Easter Village hidden in the Black Forest of Germany.

Although Santa was always present the Easter Bunny would pop into one of his wondrous rabbit holes to instantly appear somewhere on Earth to hide eggs, attend to important Easter business, and also hold his own holiday festivities at Easter Village in Germany. This little furry fella really gets around. Thankfully he finished most of his egg hiding that morning. Easter Monday would be another round of Easter celebrations at the Bunny’s village. Santa Claus and his family would be in attendance.

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Jesus Christ Makes An Appearance!

The 3 PM hour is known as The Christ Hour in opposition to the unholy 3 AM Devil’s Hour. The 3 PM hour has a holy aura due to the Firstborn Son of the Omniverse God known in this reality as the Demigod Jesus Christ. This is when he died on the cross and three days later he self-resurrected during the three o’clock hour as well. Interestingly enough, the Easter Bunny traveled back in time many centuries ago in an attempt to save Jesus. The Bunny actually acquired resurrection powers as he rested in the tomb with Christ for the entire three days!

At 3 PM the entire City falls silent as everyone looks toward the sainted skies. The sun lying low as the Easter season brings an abundance of daylight in contrast to the 24 hours of darkness during winter. At this point, an impossible miracle happens as the sun rises to the very top of the sky as if it was the Equator. This is the most daylight North Pole City sees all year! From the sun a figure descends ablaze in holy white light. Suddenly before all Jesus Christ himself stands before everyone in a visible metaphysical energy form. All in attendance, including Santa and The Easter Bunny, respectfully fall to their knees. Indeed, the Bunny transforms into a human within the holy grace of Christ. The Son Of God blesses all and gives a brief rousing speech before ascending upward. As the sun returns to the horizon the Bunny returns to his furry form. Everyone remains silent as they shed tears of joy for several minutes.

Christ also stops in at the Easter Bunny’s village in Germany to hide special eggs for him to find. Just as Jesus leaves a gift under Santa’s tree on Christmas Eve. It is also said he first comes to Earth on Easter at Midnight with less showmanship to personally thank the Easter Bunny for his fine work. This is due to the bond they share when the Bunny stayed with Jesus in the tomb during the three days he was dead. He had the option to go to Heaven but the rabbit decided he wanted to fulfill his Easter destiny here on Earth!

The Final Festivities

As nightfall approached a dazzling fireworks display lit the Arctic skies amid an amazing magically induced Aurora. Santa then gave an Easter speech that always starts with a joke about how following Jesus is a hard act to follow. Once he’s done Santa introduces the Bunny Man himself to instill the Easter Spirit within everyone in amazing attendance.  A number of people would be staying the week while others got into their private planes, sleighs, or magical portals to go to the Easter Bunny’s Village, or head home to continue their quest to aid humankind, and halt the nefarious forces of darkness!

The Story Of The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is named Saint Egbert, and he is the world’s only known Werehare. His human form is limited to special occasions but he may take a normal bunny form of any color or size. He can also transform into a 6-foot tall anthropomorphic bipedal rabbit form at will.  Although certain factors may force him into various bunny forms just as the Full Moon turns some humans into Werewolves.  Egbert always fought against the forces of darkness until he met his match in Santa Claus’s evil twin brother, aka The Anti-Claus, and his dark coven of Witches. They eradicated him with extreme prejudice but through a cruel twist of fate resurrected him as an immortal bunny so they could torment him for daring to take them on!

Santa Claus intervened and used his Heavenly influence to make Egbert a Saint thereby granting him extra special powers. This unusual set of circumstances transformed him into a werehare. The conditions of his Sainthood were that he must live out the rest of his life with the supposed hardship of the spell cast upon him. Fortunately, he loves being a little or sometimes a big bunny man. So, it ended up all good in the end! Happy Easter To All And To All An Excellent Egg Hunt! | Read More About The Enchanted Story Of Easter |🐇

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