Is The Incredible Hulk Real?

Yes Hulks are real rare supernatural creatures.  However stories specific to the comic book, television, and motion picture versions of the Incredible Hulk are fictional.  Hulks form when a human with a certain unique set of genes comes into contact with massive doses of Gamma Radiation.  Generally incidents at nuclear power plants, and scientific research facilities bring about the metamorphosis into a monstrous giant green Hulk which is the most common form.  They can also be various other colors including gray, red, gold, blue, purple, and black.  Naturally most humans would get radiation sickness, and die when exposed to gamma rays.

Once a subject’s DNA has been altered by gamma rays they will then transform into the Hulk upon being angered or deeply frightened.  An average Hulk can be anywhere between seven to nine feet tall with weight up to one ton.  They have amazing strength, speed, agility, and enhanced senses.  They are also almost virtually indestructible, and withstand an almost complete destruction of their super regenerative body.  Although their intelligence is that of an uneducated small child even if their human form is an Einstein.  They have no powers of speech, and emit hellish roars that make a lion sound like a sissy.  They generally maintain general aspects of their human personality, and are driven by pure instinct, and the last thoughts of their human self before the anger induced transformation.  This is rather convenient for people who hulk out since their missions can be easily completed by the Hulk.

Like Werewolves, and other Therianthropes Hulks can learn to control their transformations over time so that they may instantly hulk out at will.  Some may even be able to maintain some level of human consciousness instead of being pushed into their minds in an unconscious state with no memory of their hulkishness.  Yeah we know that’s not a real word.  Deal with it grammar punk! :)  After many years of practice they may be able to have a complete memory of what happened as an observer similar to split personalities not active at the moment.  Other might achieve real control over their Hulk, and utter simple words, and phrases such as “Hulk Smash!”

Hulks are not immortal despite the cellular regenerations of their transformations.  The deteriorated telomere, the hallmark of aging, is not regenerated.  However general cell damage, and toxins are remedied during hulk outs.  Due to this they can live an extremely long time, look young, and remain active at a very old age.  The Hulks physical age is based on the humans age, and the Hulk itself never ages.  However when not the Hulk the human subject still ages.  A higher frequency of transformations equals a slower aging process.  There are not enough records available to compute an average life expectancy of a Hulk but it’s surely in the hundreds of years.  Due to the gamma radiation factor it’s thought that Hulks were virtually unheard of before the Nuclear Age of the 20th century.

The first recorded Hulk was a scientist in a US government lab studying gamma rays in 1927.   The scientist, whose name has been censored from records, apparently destroyed the lab, and escaped never to be seen again.  The US, and various other governments have tried to duplicate the Hulk for military applications but the exact genetic combination, and gamma radiation dose elude them thus far.  Lucky for us since an army of Hulks could be a menace to society in general.

Many Hulks end up living a nomadic life moving from town to town taking up odd jobs, and helping out the weak in a quest to find a purposes in life.  They’re also on the run from the government, paranormal investigators, and supernatural hunters who wish to unlock their genetic secrets, or simply eradicate them.  They fear hurting innocent people, and are reluctant to forge close relationships.  Some who truly gain control over their alter ego might settle down, and raise a family.  At least one of their children is likely to possess the Hulk gene but all will be well so as long as they steer clear of those pesky gamma rays.

If you spot a Hulk we recommend staying calm, and still to prevent further rage filled rampages of death, and destruction.  Dropping to the fetal position, and playing dead is the best defense.  Do not make eye contact!  Do not run away!  Do not wield a weapon, and certainly do not shoot a gun!  You will only anger it further which fuels more strength within.  Currently there is no known method of repellant, or extermination for a Hulk.  Although it is theorized that those possessing the rare power of Radiokinesis, aka the manipulation of radiation, might be able to absorb the gamma rays infused within the Hulk, and de-transform him into human form.  It’s not known if this is temporary or an actual cure for a Hulk.

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