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What Is Heaven?

Heaven is a generic term for the higher dimensional Afterlife where the hardship of physical 3-D biological life is left behind. Some religious texts portray Heaven as a simplistic realm of bliss where nothing much goes on.  However those of … Continue reading

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What Is Dreaming?

What Happens Supernaturally When We Sleep? Sleep is a time for our biological bodies to rest, and concentrate on regeneration since other physical processes are at a minimum. This includes our physical brain, and it’s interface with our astral energy … Continue reading

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Do Vampires Have To Reveal Themselves To You?

Do Vampires Have To Truthfully Answer As To Their Supernatural Status? Most people know about the Global Invitation Spell that requires Vampires to be invited in ones home otherwise they are supernaturally denied access.  A lesser known paranormal requirement is … Continue reading

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Who Would Win In A Battle Of Dragon vs War Helicopter?

In the up coming battles of Armageddon fire breathing Dragons demonically released from the Underworld is almost a guarantee.  Certainly human military helicopters, and fighter jets going up against these supernatural flying flame blowing creatures is a very real scenario. … Continue reading

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Can A Werewolf Be Cured By Eradicating His Maker?

Legend has it that a Werewolf can return to being a human if they kill the Werewolf who cursed them with the Lycanthropy Virus.  Under the right circumstances it’s true that the Werewolf affliction can be cured.  However this does … Continue reading

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What Happens To A Werewolf On A Solar Eclipse?

Do Werewolves Transform During A Solar Eclipse? You’d think nothing would happen to a Werewolf since a solar eclipse can only take place during a New Moon rather than the transforming Full Moon.  During a New Moon Werewolves are in … Continue reading

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Why Are Haunted Houses So Cold?

Why Do I Feel A Chill Around Ghosts & Poltergeists? One of the signs of a haunting non-corporeal presence in our reality is the quintessential temperature drop, or even that momentary chill we feel. Certainly if you’re suddenly seeing your … Continue reading

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What Is A Tulpa?

A Tulpa, also called a Thoughtform, is the manifestation of any object through concentrated meditative thoughts, or magic. This can include metaphysical, or physical objects along with actual sapient beings at the extreme.  Large segments of the human populace believing … Continue reading

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What Is The Conexus & Shadow Mercs?

A number of clandestine soldiers for hire have called themselves Shadow Mercs, or Shadow Mercenaries if for no other reason to sound cool, and intimidating. However as of late those calling themselves Shadow Mercs who operate from the Astral Plane … Continue reading

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What Is A Neko?

Are Nekomimis Real?
Neko Feline GirlNekos, or Nekomimis, are best known as fictional Cat Girls from Japanese Anime.  However these Demi-Cats, aka Human-Feline Hybrids do actually exist.  In addition they aren’t only female but can be male as well.  Generally they appear more human than feline.  However this can vary depending on their origins.  The most common Neko appears human except for feline ears, eyes (complete with nocturnal glow), teeth, tail, and their hair may feel more fur like.  The average Nekos particular feline species is indeterminable but some can look anywhere from house cat like to Lion like.  Depending on the species integration they can have varying degrees of enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses.  Unlike Werecats they don’t have the ability to alter their appearance at will thereby disguising what they are.  Although some can change their eyes from human to feline at will, or when in a heightening emotional state.  Those who function in normal society will resort to body hiding forms of clothing, long hair, contact lenses, glasses, etc to conceal their true identities from the human public. In addition a great many magically cursed Nekos are damned to only eat mice, rats, and other unsavory vermin.  The lucky ones can subsist off of fish.

The first Nekos originated from magical curses placed upon humans in the early days of magic when witches, and warlocks were testing the bounds of their new found power. They usually required a caged cat to use at the origin species of the spell.  So most of the time it was smaller domesticated cats rather than large deadly carnivores such as a Tiger.  There is also evidence that early advanced civilizations such as Atlantis, and Lemuria tinkered with genetic engineering, and the mixing of animal, and human DNA.  Atlantis of course saved their civilization from perishing into the high seas by becoming Mermaids, aka supernatural human-fish hybrids.  Beginning in the late 20th century top secret private, and government laboratories began secretly creating the first animal-human hybrids including Nekos.  In general magical origin cat people are more powerful than laboratory science created ones.   Procreation is hit, and miss between Nekos, and never occurs with full humans.  This keeps the Neko populace at a minimum.  In the future it’s predicted that animal hybrids will become more mainstream, and common.  Especially as extraterrestrials from various planets enter our society.  Just as they would appear animal hybrid like to us so do we appear as ape hybrids to them.

The lifespan of science created, and some magical origin Nekos is usually about 120 years. Although imperfect science creations might only live a few years.  The average cat lifespan of 12-15 years usually doesn’t factor into the equation. Many of the early magical cursed feline people were given the quintessential nine lives. The “Nine Lives Curse” is an immortality curse that means they can die by any means except the aging process.  If they use up 9 deaths then they’re permanently dead.  Legend has it that the ninth death would in fact simply turn them into an immortal cat forced to roam the Earth as an animal forever.

What Is Heaven?

Multi Dimensional HeavenHeaven is a generic term for the higher dimensional Afterlife where the hardship of physical 3-D biological life is left behind. Some religious texts portray Heaven as a simplistic realm of bliss where nothing much goes on.  However those of us in the supernatural community know that Heaven is an infinite multi-dimensional ladder of ever challenging dimensions of personal growth into our own Godhood.  Just as we grow from children to adults here so do we grow into Gods in the great here after. The eternal acquisition of knowledge, and enlightenment that starts off with every experience we’ve had in the parallel Universes of this Multiverse, and every other Multiverse within this Omniverse (Collection Of Multiverses), and beyond.  Each dimension of reality in the Heavenly dimensions above has parallel dimensions where we lead simultaneous Afterlives encompassing all manner of mathematical probabilities to add to our portfolio of knowledge through personal experience.  This could include the Afterlives of the various religions as well.

In most cases we exist as metaphysical energy entities gradually transitioning in each
dimension to the ultimate goal of complete non-corporeal pure thought beings.  However some Afterlife dimensions may find us as multi-dimensional physical entities.  Such as a 4-D being in a 5-D Universe well beyond our laws of physics.  The ultimate goal of our existence is acquiring, and sharing knowledge along with our own unique creations as we eventually serve in the capacity of Gods on various planes of existence.  Along the way we meet with the Gods who created various levels of our reality. It’s thought there is one eternal God that is the very Macroverse (Everything To Infinity & Beyond!) itself inside whose mind we all exist.  Plausibly this being is a collective of us all, and we were first born on this base level of reality.  We chose to exist here along with our other infinite incarnations in parallel Universes, Multiverses, and Omniverses.

Can We Die In The Afterlife?

Death in a Non-Physical Afterlife can take place when our metaphysical energy on a given dimensional level runs out.  We then awaken on the next higher dimensional level. The amount of energy we’re born with on each Heavenly level might depend on how well we did in the previous life.  Perhaps Karma plays a role in this. Some parallel Heavens might give us unlimited energy, and it would be up to us to stay there forever or move on.  Certainly as we grow closer to pure consciousness rather than pure energy we have more control over whether we move on or not.

One Known Aspect Of The Afterlife Is Our Role As Our Own Guardian Angels. Who Better To Look After Us Then Ourselves?

Various Earthly Deities Enjoy Their Afterlife Here On Earth In The Paradise Plane

Are Gargoyles Supernatural?

Paranormal GargoyleGargoyles can be traced back to ancient Egypt over 4000 years ago along with prominent use in ancient Greece, and Rome.  They were grotesque looking statues attached to buildings depicting real animals, sometimes human like figures, and mostly Chimera’s, or hybrid creatures with wings.  Gargoyles were often used as rain spouts where the water run off from roofs exited the statues mouth.  Their generally grotesque appearance was also meant to scare off entities of evil along with possibly purifying the rainwater that drained through them.  In some cases they were merely ornamental elements of buildings.  Gargoyles gained prominence in the middle ages as protections against evil spirits for churches, and other buildings.  In some cases they were merely carved decorative figures, or rain drains with no supernatural significance. In other instances they were very real magical repellants of evil, or paranormal creatures frozen in stone.

Ancient Priests, and practitioners of magic blessed various gargoyles with the power to repel all manner of evil.  Their grotesque appearance meant to warn demonic forces, and other nefarious entities of the power they held.  Evil tends to fear greater evil rather then goodness hence the lack of gargoyle Angels.  Early gargoyles that appeared as winged Lions were mostly Manticores that escaped the Underworld, and were turned to stone by supernatural Sorcerers.  These creatures were not easily destroyed so transforming them to stone was a better option.  Especially considering that these vicious beasts were displayed as a warning to those who dare tread their paranormal darkness upon key strongholds of the human world.  Other cultures used magic to petrify a variety of dark Underworld creatures for the same purpose.  It was also implied that secret supernatural specialists called Gargoylmancers, a combination of Necromancers, and those with psychic stone manipulation powers, could awaken these beasts sending them off to do their bidding.  Another deterrent to the forces of evil.  However sometimes these Gargoylmancers would use their powers to perform evil deeds. Some Gargoyles were cursed humans damned to stone by Gargoylmancers, or other practitioners of magic.  Humans that may have been innocent or evil in nature.

In the middle ages some winged gargoyles that appeared somewhat like small dragons were in fact a race of sapient supernatural creatures from another dimension who called themselves the Alterumundum.  They were thought to be a sub-race of the Jinn, aka Genies. Perhaps with some demonic lineage as well along with an unknown race of metaphysical energy entities. This trans-dimensional menace sought to cleanse the planet of humankind, devour the energy of souls upon death, and have the power to open their dimension upon our Earth.  They could only possess Dragons who were nearly extinct at that time on Earth.  Most Alterumundum only had the power to possess Dragon Eggs that hatched baby dragons in whose bodies they became self aware.  These sapient dragons were somewhat misshapen by the birth possession.  Thankfully the brave men, and women of the metaphysical magical world tamed these beasts, and damned them to be gargoyles for all eternity.  For reasons not fully understood they could not be destroyed even by Gargoylmancers.  They could be initially pounded to dust but they always reformed.  Instead they were magically bound to buildings, and forced to protect them from evil.  Those who obeyed of their own free will were allowed to fly free at night to protect cities from evil. Others however willed themselves free at the Witching & Devil’s Hours of certain nights where celestial powers were aligned.  Then they would wreak havoc until turned to stone by the holy sunlight at dawn, or held at bay by the forces of goodness.

There is an elite group of Gargoyle Guards led by the handful of Gargoylmancers left on Earth.  Their job is to insure that the supernatural Gargoyles never have the power to free themselves, and reign terror upon our paranormal planet.  Certainly this will be a real threat during the war of Armageddon when the forces of darkness will be seeking out any, and all allies to wipe the light of justice from the Earth forever!  In addition the Gargoyle Guards investigate any report of a human, animal, or other entity cursed to stone by a practitioner of magic. A Gargoylmancer may be sent forth to free any innocents cursed to stone.

Personal Protection Micro Gargoyles

Sorcerers, Wizards, Warlocks, Witches, Stone Manipulators, and Gargoylmancers have been known to create small mystical gargoyles to keep in ones home, yard, or on ones person for protection against the forces of evil.  Some examples can be bought below.  Although it’s unknown if any of these were touched by magic.  However the spirit of the Gargoyle is intended, and a proper blessing could give them some limited protection abilities.

What Is Dreaming?

What Happens Supernaturally When We Sleep?

Mystical Dreaming SleepSleep is a time for our biological bodies to rest, and concentrate on regeneration since other physical processes are at a minimum. This includes our physical brain, and it’s interface with our astral energy spirit intertwined with our parallel, and higher dimensional souls. In essence we are not alone as we enter a silent slumber.  We are apart of an infinite network of souls that vibrates at one basic frequency. That sapient frequency is you in all it’s infinite incarnations. Dreaming is the organization of our memories in our bodies that is akin to disk defragmentation on a computer.  It’s also a cooperative distribution, and organization of our memories with our higher dimensional selves.  Even with other humans in the greater human collective consciousness that creates a unique sentient spirit as well. It’s believed our true origins as sapient beings lie at the apex of the higher dimensional pyramid as Gods rather than being born as biological entities.  We most likely choose to be here in order to have unique experiences, and collect knowledge to increase our collective wisdom. If we didn’t choose to be here then we’ve been imprisoned against our will!

As we enter REM sleep, and slink into the dream state our mind organizes the memories collected throughout the day both biologically, and spiritually.  They are imprinted upon our 4-D astral energy body who then sub-consciously has an urge to leave our physical body while still psychically connected to it.  That’s why biological brain activity is still observed when dreaming.  All our bodies everywhere are quantum entangled to some degree.  So some portion of our dreams are actually what is called Involuntary Astral Projection.  We all leave our bodies to enter the astral dream plane between life, and death every night in the fifth dimension.  Most of us don’t have a clue, and think Astral Projection is impossible for us.

That urge to leave our body isn’t just a need to deliver information but mostly derives from our free will as sentient creatures.  We always yearn to be free.  Even from our supposedly self-imposed biological cages.  The convenient need to leave also gives our physical animal body a rest from our powerful god like paranormal energy body since humans are technically Animal-God Hybrids.  A supernatural spiritual energy that wears out our weak animal forms.  To some extent this is one factor in the aging process.  In essence our spirits are possessing our bodies which is a draining process for both parties. Our metaphysical astral form heals, and regenerates in the astral plane before returning to our biological body.  This is why sleep deprived people eventually go crazy as in the case of the ill fated Russian Sleep Experiment. Our spirit weakens as it feels locked in it’s physical prison while the animal takes over, and causes insanity.

In the Astral Plane we are mainly attracted to our parallel Universe souls where we lead various infinite lives.  Often we briefly get extra entangled with our parallel souls, and experience 5-D dreams.  Especially in realities closest to this one.  In rare cases involuntary parallel possession may take place, and you could wake up in that reality while your counterpart awakens here.  Usually this is remembered as a very vivid dream once you snap back into your own body.  The smartest people in the world are usually sub-consciously or astrally interacting with their various parallel selves without even knowing it.  Gaining the insights, and wisdom of a parallel soul network.  You can access this power through a method called Quantum Jumping.

While in the dream plane you can also interact with other people since all Supernatural Sleepconsciousnesses are intertwined in the human collective consciousness.  At least half the time you dream about someone it’s actually their spirit you’re interacting with.  In reality you’re playing out mathematical probabilities that could only occur in a dream state rather than in a parallel reality.  Dreams can be quite nutty after all!  In addition random people in your dreams you thought you’ve never seen before are simply people you’re sub-consciously meeting by accident in the astral plane or those you did spot in real life but only your sub-consciousness remembers.  Since people are dreaming about each other at the same time, and interacting with their spirits it’s convenient that we forget 90% of our dreams.  Otherwise the world would put the coincidental pieces together about our higher dimensional supernatural state. Clearly the Powers That Be want humans to evolve at a certain rate, and not have immediate knowledge about the extra-dimensional paranormal world.

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All our parallel 4-D astral spirits from around the entire Multiverse converge in the Astral Plane crossing the bridge from life to death while still tethered to their bodies by the silver cord of life.  Here we touch each of our 4-D spirits living out a vast variety of parallel Afterlives.  The Universe is about collecting knowledge, experiencing all, and sharing this with other sapient beings.  No one person’s paradise Afterlife is the same as another so we experience them all.  When our silver cord of life is cut at death it creates a spiritual Big Bang of infinite probabilities, and paths.  We split into a plethora of identical souls to experience many afterlives.  Our afterlife incarnations in turn pass on information to our parallel five dimensional souls in the parallel 6-D Heavens. Our parallel Multiverse selves in turn join the knowledge gathering mission on up the higher dimensional ladder sharing with all sapient beings including the Omniverse God (Collection of all mathematical probabilities within a unique sapient spirit frequency).  All of us are have an Omniverse of our own, and at the same time exist within everyone’s parallel Omniverses.  Together we create the grand infinite Macroverse.

There are times when we have had especially happy, and peaceful vivid magical dreams that are in fact Afterlife Possessions.  We briefly intertwine our Afterlife spirit, and experience that particular parallel Heaven.  When talking to the dead in your dreams many times you are indeed speaking with their spirits.  Whether you’ve astral projected to the afterlife, or a person has met you in the astral plane.  When it’s right after someone dies it’s usually their spirit interacting in the only way it can.  With your astral spirit.

Very rarely, if ever, do we interact directly with our 5-D soul which would be an almost godlike being with all the knowledge amassed from the vast array of parallel Universes in the Multiverse conglomerate.  It’s said those making some of the most amazing breakthroughs of science, and technology in human history may have had contact with their 5-D soul, or the Akashic Records while dreaming. Usually this type of specific journey happens during Lucid Dreaming, and voluntary Astral Projection.

Precognitive And Retrocognitive Dreaming?

Some people who don’t experience psychic powers while awake may have accurate visions of the future while sleeping known as Precognitive Dreaming.  More rarely some will have Retrocognitive dreams of past events they couldn’t possibly know about.  Many of these are interactions with souls from near identical parallel Universes or even ourselves from other 3-D temporal dimensions within our 4-D timeline we call our lives.  Since the Astral Plane is outside time as we know it every person in history from every time frame is dreaming there. Although for reasons not fully understood we rarely interact with anyone who isn’t from our own time frame.  Each 3-D frozen moment in time, or temporal dimension, has it’s own separate frequency in the same way each Parallel Universe has it’s own.  However Parallel Universes do overlap at the quantum level since they are deeply guided by our conscious thoughts.  Hence the infamous Double Slit Experiment.

On the other hand temporal dimensions never overlap, and truly are separate frozen Universes set in stone unchanged unlike the unfolding events of parallel Universes.  Clearly these time dimensions stream forth into the astral plane, and are quite difficult for us to identify, or cross so the risk of temporal interaction is reduced thereby preventing a time paradox via information exchange, or even more personal contact with our past selves or others.  Something protected in our physical reality by our 5-D movement through near identical realities.  Of course in some instances our interactions with the past or future might be apart of our timeline to begin with.  In many cases visions of the past, and future are from near identical parallel Universes.

Involuntary Parallel Temporal Self-Possessions are rare but have been recorded in the paranormal record. People who were dreaming, and briefly woke up in their childhood body in the past or their geriatric body in the future.  Their counterpart then took their place. This can be dangerous since the silver cord of life runs the greatest risk of becoming tangled up when it interacts with your past or future self.  It takes trading places to a whole new level! That babbling old guy who just went mental could have been a baby moments earlier while he ends up as a baby who suddenly has uncontrollable crying fits of terror! This is probably another reason the astral plane keeps us apart from our other selves in any given Universe.  However it’s said that light taps with our past spirits may take place when we’re racking our brains to remember something.

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Most of us without the proper training, DNA, or diet experience dreams where we generally have no clue we’re even dreaming.  Despite the absurdity of the dream we accept the reality as is, and don’t question it.  Sometimes we suddenly become aware we’re dreaming but then it tends to end rather quickly as our sub-consciousness gives way to our consciousness causing us to awaken.  Becoming aware that we’re dreaming while in an REM dream state is Lucid Dreaming, or voluntary dreaming.  Those who practice at it eventually command Author Authority Powers over their dreams creating fantasy worlds with the ability of fully enjoying them by forgetting their waking self exists so they don’t awaken mid-dream.  Those aware of the existence of Astral Projection can then parlay that power into leaving their body to not only consciously explore the Astral Plane but also fly into the real world in their invisible astral energy body.  Astral Projection Masters can go anywhere, or anytime in this Universe, another Parallel Universe, and into the higher dimensions of realty to an extent. You can only stretch your silver cord of life so far before it snaps you back or snaps under the pull of your immense free will!  However this rarely happens, and is avoided by simply keeping your curiosity in your own dimension, or the astral plane.

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